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Chapter 12

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 12 **Playtime**

**Edward Cullen**

Isabella stood wide-eyed near the entrance to my playroom in a pair of tiny shorts and a tank top - it wasn't ideal clothing for a Sub to wear in the playroom, but she still looked sexy as fuck - so I had no complaints.

I studied her surprised expression with trepidation. I might have been worried had I not noticed the small smile playing on her lips.

Fuck… this girl made me crazy.

"While we are in the playroom, you are to continue calling me 'Sir' at this point. If you decide that you want to continue this aspect of our relationship, I will eventually want to collar you. When that happens, you are to call me 'Master.'" Isabella's widened but she didn't speak, so I continued. "So you understand - in the playroom, and in my bed, I am 'Sir' - for now. Outside, unless specified, you may call me Edward, or if you want to give me a special nick name - 'Your-Royal-Hotness' or 'Sir-Spanks-A-Lot' are acceptable," I mentioned, feigning a casual tone in an effort to break the tension. She gaped at me for a second before bursting out into a fit of giggles. She obviously hadn't expected me to joke around like that. Honestly, I shocked myself. I was usually all business in the playroom. Isabella, as always, seemed to bring out a silly, sweet side I rarely ever showed.

"Okay, all kidding aside, I want us to enjoy our time in here. As long as you follow my commands, there will be no punishment. Believe me, I don't want the memory of our first visit in here to be marred by something unpleasant - it wouldn't be enjoyable for either of us," I explained gently.

"Yes, Sir," she whispered anxiously. I could tell by the look in Isabella's eyes that she was nervous about my expectations.

"We won't be doing anything too advanced tonight. In fact, I'll let you know what I have planned before we begin, so you feel comfortable. In future sessions, I will keep my plans to myself, but by then you'll have a better idea of your limits and mine, and I'll be able to plan scenes knowing that I won't be pushing you beyond what you're comfortable with. Does that sound good?"

"Yes, Sir," she agreed, smiling shyly.

"First we'll take a quick tour of the room and talk about a few of the toys and equipment. Then we'll begin the scene. Come." Isabella took my hand and allowed me to lead her around the room. I could tell she had a ton of questions.

When I showed her the bed in my playroom, her eyes went wide as she caught sight of the suspension system that hung from the ceiling above and the sex swing in the corner. The thing that really caught her attention was the Tantra chair I had pushed against the wall. I'd bought it when I decided to bring Tanya in the playroom, but we never got around to using it.

Looking at it had made me feel bitter in the past, but now when I thought about all the ways Isabella and I could make love on it, I saw it in a new light. Fuck… I was already so fucking hard. I knew I was gonna have to hurry the tour up before my dick burst the zipper on my slacks.

"Are you ready to begin, Isabella?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied without hesitation. Good.

"Stand right there. I'm going to undress you."

"Yes, Sir."

Slowly, I pulled Isabella's tank top off, exposing her creamy breasts. Even in the warm air, her nipples immediately tightened. I gave them a firm tug, knowing she'd love it. I was thankful I had sense enough to pay attention when Isabella played with herself for me last night, or I might not have known her nipples ached for a rough touch. She rewarded me with a moan, and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"Fuck, if you liked that, baby girl, you're going to love it when I use the clamps on those pretty pink nipples."

Oh yeah… she liked that. Her eyes rolled back before closing as she bit her plump bottom lip.

Fuck… she was driving me wild. I ran my palm over my aching dick before sliding her shorts down her creamy thighs, and then circled her as though I was a hungry predator and she was my juicy snack.

Her tight little pussy was just begging to be tasted - devoured.

"You look so good, baby girl. Do you want to know what I plan on doing to you tonight?" I asked seductively, loving the way she visibly shivered. The way she responded to my voice was such a turn on and gave me the confidence to continue.

"Yes, Sir," she whispered.

"Mmm… first I'm gonna have you lay down on that bench over there, and I'm gonna tie your hands together with my silky blue scarf, then you're gonna spread your legs as wide as they'll go, because I'm going to spank your pussy with a leather crop until you are about to come, and after that, I'm gonna fuck that sweet slit with my tongue." Her breathing turned faster, and soon she was panting. "After you've come all over my mouth, I'm gonna work you over with a soft flogger and then play with your ass a little - nothing too intense - I just want to get you comfortable with trying more things. When I'm done - I'll let you thank me by sucking my cock. Does that sound good, baby girl?"

"Y-yeah, uhh… yes, sir," she practically whimpered.

"Good," I replied simply before guiding her over to the bench.

The leather whipping bench had several places I could utilize to tie Isabella down, but I wanted her to feel like she could easily get out of her bindings if she needed to. Always prepared, I had a long, midnight blue scarf on the bench waiting to bind Isabella's hands together.

I had her lie down on the bench and hold her arms as if she were saying a prayer. Once her hands were correctly positioned, I wrapped the scarf around a few times to give the effect that she was bound when in fact she could easily shake it off - if necessary.

"Are we green, baby girl?" I asked seriously looking into her deep chocolate eyes.

"Y-yes, Sir." She agreed, so trusting.

"Spread those sexy legs for me, baby…" She did. "Oh, fuck, your pussy looks so wet and delicious… you dirty girl, I should spank you for making me want you so much," I nearly growled. Isabella thighs were positively soaked.

If there were any doubts she'd been enjoying herself before, they were gone the moment I saw how turned on she actually was.

Fuck… it felt like all my dreams were coming true.

I needed to calm down, though. There was so much left to discover - I'd only just begun.

I grabbed my English riding crop from the corner, and Isabella's eyes seemed to dance with excitement. I almost breathed a sigh of relief, but I knew I had to contain myself.

"I'm gonna spank that naughty little pussy…" I announced - my voice tight with need.

My cock felt like it was going to explode all over my slacks if it didn't get some attention soon.

Swiftly but gently, I brought the flat end of the crop down on Isabella's wet lips, near her entrance. She fucking gasped, and arousal gushed from her in response.

"Fuck… you like that, baby? You like when I spank your pussy with this fucking crop?" I groaned.

"Yes… S-sir," she whimpered.

"I told you I was gonna work you, and I fucking meant it. I'm gonna keep going. Keep those legs wide open… yeah… just like that, baby girl."

I slapped her pussy lips lightly a few more times, enjoying the way she squirmed. When her hips started subtly rising off the table searching for friction against her swollen clit, I knew I needed to step it up. I waiting till the next time she arched up to strike her against that swollen nub a little more firmly than I had before.

"Ohh… fuck," she half-yelped, half-moaned.

"What color, baby girl?"

"Green… oh so green," she cried out.

"Fuck," I grunted before slapping her pussy a few more times, until her legs started shaking with the effort to remain open. Arousal was leaking all over my bench, and I wanted to collect it and rub it all over my cock.

Jesus, was I fucking sick or what?

Isabella was about to come all over my crop, so I removed it and quickly buried my tongue deep in her sweet little pussy.

Jesus… fuck. Why the hell had I waited so long to taste her glorious flesh?

She was fucking sweet as honey - pure ambrosia. I moaned against her wet lips, making her thrash wildly.

I licked all over her pussy, and sucked her clit before alternating licks and swirls against the tip. She cried out, and just as she was about to come, I darted my tongue into her pussy again and started fucking it like I would with my cock or fingers.

"Gonna come, Sir," she whimpered, and her legs kept shaking.

"Yes… Isabella… come for me, baby girl," I commanded pulling away briefly, only to return and attack her clit eagerly, eating her like a starving man.

She started coming - so fucking hard.

"Ohhh…. Fuck… Edwar…. Sir," she cried out. I could have punished her for her slip, but I felt a little smug that I'd made her forget herself so much that she almost shouted my name. I hadn't even used my fingers on her, and she came wildly.

Hell yeah, I felt fucking smug.

"Good girl," I cooed as Isabella came down from her orgasm. She was practically trembling when I scooped her up into an embrace and began placing wet kisses on her neck.

"Are you ready to play a little more, baby? Are we still green?" I asked, burying my nose in her soft hair as I unraveled the scarf from around her hands. She smelled so good.

"Uhh huh, please, Sir," she whispered, her breathing ragged.

I let her down but still kept her steady. She wobbled a little, reminding me a bit of a baby deer just learning to walk. It was fucking adorable.

"Get on all-fours on the bench, Isabella," I commanded softly.

She complied without hesitation. Perfect.

I went over to my cabinet to return the crop and grab my soft fur flogger. Isabella's eyes were a little wide when she noticed it in my hand.

"It's okay, baby. You're gonna like this. I won't even hit as hard as I did with my hand earlier," I promised. "Here, watch me." I held an arm out to Isabella and swiftly struck the soft part, making sure just to hit with ends so it didn't wrap around and sting the underside of my arm. Not bad, though I did hit myself a little hard for my taste. I wouldn't hit Isabella that hard. I just needed her to see me hit myself without flinching, to ease her anxiety.

When she seemed to relax, I made my way behind her to check out her assets.

"Don't try to look back at me, Isabella. Look straight ahead." I had to make sure she didn't try to watch. If she tensed on impact or flinched, I could strike her in a different spot than I intended, and it could hurt.

To further ease her nerves, I ran my hands all over her hot little ass, enjoying the smooth pale skin and her soft round curves. She was so fucking perfect for me.

Once I had her practically purring from my massaging hands, I pulled away and struck her with the flogger. She yelped more in shock than pain, then gasped as if she was surprised.

"What color, Isabella?" I asked hesitantly.

"Green, Sir," she replied, sounding surprised.

"More?" I asked.

"Please," she moaned.

Yeah… she was enjoying this.

Fuck… it felt good knowing that.

Slowly but surely, my confidence was picking up. Isabella was doing so well.

I struck her again and again - across the back, on each ass cheek, the backs of her thighs - she was moaning and was so turned on that arousal was slowly running down her legs.

"Good girl," I whispered against the shell of her ear and massaged her warm, pink ass.

I returned to my place behind her and adjusted my cock again, so she wouldn't notice. I really thought I was gonna blow my load soon, and she hadn't even touched me yet. I would probably end up cumming all over Isabella's face before she could even get me in her mouth, if I wasn't careful.

"Have you ever touched yourself here before?" I asked punctuating my statement by running my finger over her tight, pink ass. She tensed a bit.

"Not much, Sir," she replied, almost a whisper.

"We're going to start very slow, baby girl. I'm not going to push you too much, okay? Are we still green?"

"I think so," she said nervously.

I pulled my hand away. "Do you need to say yellow or red? You can, baby. We can stop here if you want to, and I won't be upset. I promise," I soothed gently.

"No, Sir. I'm ready. I'm just really nervous that it's going to hurt." She explained.

"I won't hurt you. Just say the word if it gets uncomfortable, and I'll stop, okay?"


From a nearby table, I grabbed a bottle of lube and coated my fingers. Normally I would have coated my fingers in a sub's juices, but that lube was made just for anal beginners. It had a slight numbing agent in it. It would make the intrusion much more comfortable, but I still had to be careful not to hurt her.

Running my fingers all over Isabella's puckered hole, she clenched her cheeks a few times until she began to relax more and more, and then she was moaning. She was really getting into it.

I squirted a little more lube onto my fingers and slowly began to press against her hole with my index finger. She tensed a little again, but I slowly kept pumping, working in the lube.

Fuck, her ass was tight and fucking soft inside. I could hardly wait to get my cock in there, but I knew it would be a while - maybe a few weeks or more.

As soon as she relaxed again, I picked up the pace a little. I then pulled out and inserted my middle finger, so I could more comfortably rub her clit with my thumb and reach around with my other hand to play with her nipples.

She was soon flushed and panting and her long, sexy legs started shaking again.

I increased the speed that I fucked her and tugged harder on her nipples. She was about to come.

"Hold it, baby girl, hold it as long as you can," I ordered gruffly, pumping her faster and harder.

"Yes… holy fuck, Sir. I need to come… oh please, I need to come," she cried.

"Hold it," I ordered sternly, thrusting my fingers inside her more quickly.

"Oh… please I… I need… I n-need," she whimpered almost incoherently.

"Come, baby."

Her shaking increased until she was actually thrusting her hips - hard. I thought she was going to break my fucking finger with the intensity of her orgasm.

I kept her steady until I couldn't hold on any more. The moment I pulled my fingers out of her ass and pussy, she cried out my name and arousal gushed out of her, soaking my fucking bench.

Holy shit.

Her lower body continued jerking forward in a way that looked almost involuntary, until she finally seemed to come down from one of the most intense looking orgasms I'd ever seen.

As she came down, she began to slump forward from exhaustion.

I knew if she fell asleep, I'd end up having to jack-off.

Hell, yeah, I'd be disappointed, but fuck… after what we'd done tonight, I'd probably cum in two seconds anyway.

"Jesus, baby. Are you alright?" I asked, astonished by the intensity of her climax.

She whimpered a little but didn't answer.

I walked around so I could see her face. She looked like she was about to cry, and her face was so red.

"Baby… Bella, what's wrong?" I asked, taking her face in my hands.

She burst into tears and looked away from me.

Shit… No, this can't be happening. Not again - not her.

"Did I hurt you? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," I nearly choked in fear.

Her eyes met mine, horrified.

"No… no - you didn't hurt me… I… I was just… umm… embarrassed," she whispered, averting her eyes again.

I let out a shaky breath, but I felt only a little relief.

"Why, baby? I don't understand. Are you sure I didn't hurt you?" I asked nervously.

"I… you must think I'm so gross… I mean, I think… I think I peed, Edward" she whispered, sounding ashamed.

"What?" I blurted incredulously.

Her brows furrowed, and she looked at me like I was an idiot, cutting her eyes to the puddle on the bench. Finally the meaning of her words dawned on me. Isabella had never squirted like that before, and she didn't understand what happened.

"Oh, baby… you didn't pee. I swear." I assured her. "You ejaculated. It's actually very common for women to do that during an intense orgasm."

She looked a little skeptical.

"It's okay that you didn't recognize it. I doubt that it's something you would have been taught in sex education or by a parent, so it's understandable that you didn't know." I reassured her, wanting to make sure she didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed.

"Okay, but it still seems kind of weird, though," she said, still sounding a little down, so I kissed her hard, controlling her mouth with my tongue - making her moan and forget her insecurities.

"It's not weird, baby. Seeing you come like that was incredibly sexy and erotic," I mentioned seductively.

Her breathing hitched.

"Really," she replied with a hopeful smile.

"You don't know how much it turns me on to know that I can make you come so hard. It's never happened with anyone else I've been with, so I'm very glad it was with you. You make me so hard, baby girl." I knew I was rambling, but I needed her to know that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

Thankfully, the kiss and talk of how much she turned me on actually got me hard again after I'd gone soft from thinking I hurt her.

"Are you feeling better, baby? Are we still green, or do you want to stop for tonight?" I asked gently. I didn't want her to feel guilty or like she had to keep going if she wasn't up for it.

"We're green, Sir. I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel," she replied.

"Good. Grab a pillow from the bed - you better be on your knees with my cock in your mouth in ten seconds," I directed.

Isabella was getting better and better. I knew it wouldn't be long, and she would able to take me into her throat. After I fucked her mouth nice and proper, I invited her to join me for a shower.

On the way back to the bedroom, I could tell she was too tired to stand, so I drew a bath for us instead. I let Isabella get in first, and then I got in behind her, so I could have easy access to wash her and get her nice and clean. She whimpered and moaned as I coaxed another orgasm out of her, then sighed and laid her head against my chest.

"You did so good, baby, I'm really proud of you." I whispered before pressing my lips against her damp hair. "Did you enjoy yourself? I mean… do you think you would want to do it again, maybe try some different things?"

"That was…" she yawned "…amazing," she said with a little chuckle. "Well, except for the fact that I don't know my own body enough to know that I didn't piss on your furniture. I was so embarrassed. You can't imagine how bad I felt. I thought you were going to punish me or make me leave."

"Baby, even if you had… peed… I wouldn't do that. The worst thing that would have happened would have been me making you clean it up, but that's part of being a sub. You would have been required to clean up after our scene anyway. I know you would have been too tired tonight, and there will be times that aftercare will come first, but if you become my sub, I'm going to expect the play room to be cleaned within a few hours of the scene or at least first thing the next day. Tomorrow, though, I'll show you how I prefer things done."

"What other things would I need to do, if I was your sub?" she asked sleepily.

"I plan on giving you a list of my rules and limits to look over tomorrow, but just to give you an idea - there are a few important things I need you to know. First, I want you to be healthy and happy. I want you to make sure the meals you are preparing are balanced. I would prefer that you exercise a few times a week. I usually go for a jog in the morning and work out a couple times a week. I also want to make sure that you are… hmm, I don't want to sound insensitive when I say this..." I looked in to my baby girl's droopy eyes. She was half asleep. I needed to get this out though. "I need to make sure that when I spank you, it doesn't remind you… of any painful… memories…"

Isabella looked at me blankly for a moment. I wasn't sure she understood what I was getting at.

"Isabella, don't take this the wrong way. I just need to be sure before we start… did your parents ever… hit you?" I asked nervously. Isabella still looked at me blankly. A feeling of dread coursed through me in response to her silence. "Isabella, if you don't answer, I'm going to assume the worst, and I don't think you want me to be responsible for murdering your father."

"Once, he… he slapped me one time," she said, barely a whisper.

"Oh, baby. I'm so sorry. You don't have to tell me, but if you want to talk about it… I care about you, so I'm here for you, even if it's just to listen," I replied remorsefully. I hated that he'd even laid a finger on her, but I was relieved to know she hadn't been repeatedly abused.

"Umm… it was a little while after my mom died. He had been drinking heavily. I umm… I needed a dress to wear for my art show, and umm… I couldn't afford a new one. I had to borrow one of mom's. He - he saw me in it and got really mad. I know he didn't mean it. He wouldn't have done it if he wasn't drunk, but yeah…" she admitted quietly, trailing off. I wanted to ask about her mother, but since she wasn't offering any more information, I thought I'd let her be tonight. It was well after one in the morning, and we'd already stayed up too late the night before.

"I hate that happened to you, baby girl. There is no excuse for what he did, though I can attest that grief and alcohol don't mix. I am glad you told me - it means a lot that you would open up to me like that."

"Thank you," she whispered before shivering lightly. The bathwater was beginning to cool, so I helped Isabella out of the tub so we could get some sleep.

"Alice is going to want you up early for shopping tomorrow, you know?" I mentioned as we were getting into bed.

She pouted a little - it was adorable.

"Would you mind setting an alarm for me?"

"Sure thing, baby... Goodnight," I said before giving her a sweet, chaste kiss, setting an alarm on my blackberry, and flipping off the lights.

Isabella curled up against me as she had the night before. It was a strange thing for me to bring a sub into my bed after a session, but with Isabella it all felt right - natural. She would be more than just a sub - she was the girl I was going to fall for, and she belonged by my side.


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