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Chapter 6

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 6 **Beginnings**

**Edward Cullen**

It was nearly eight a.m. when I checked my alarm, noticing that the heavenly smell of bacon cooking had my stomach rumbling. Unable to contain my sudden hunger, I quickly stumbled out of bed and took the world's fasted shower.

Knowing, I'd be taking a quick jog after breakfast, I slipped on a black t-shirt, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and my trainers. I was downstairs and ready to face Isabella in record time.

She was standing at the stove, dressed similarly to myself in a t-shirt and a pair shorts. I couldn't help but notice her dark hair was wet from her own shower and pulled into a messy ponytail. Isabella seemed so at home standing there humming a tune while she hovered over a pan of scrambled eggs. Standing in the doorway, I simply watched her, all the while loving how comfortable she looked. Absentmindedly, she lifted one Converse-clad foot and used it to scratch the back of her bare calf - this only emphasized the length of her legs and put me into an Isabella-induced haze of yearning and lust. My thoughts were so focused on the stunning girl in my kitchen that I was shocked when I heard my name being called loudly from the breakfast nook.

"Morning Edward," Alice chirped from where she was curled up in a chair and sipping at a mug of coffee. Isabella startled a little from Alice's shrill tone.

"Oh… good morning, Sir," Isabella replied cheerfully before turning toward me. Her eyes seemed to drink me in, and I caught her looking me up and down. She gawked openly at me a bit longer than was appropriate. I might have laughed at the obviousness of her perusal, had I not felt so smug. By the time her eyes reached mine, a knowing smirk had spread across my face - it wasn't hard to figure out that she was eye-fucking me.

A blushing Isabella huffed as though she were almost offended by the implication of my gaze, but there was no denying it. I cocked a challenging brow at her, daring her to deny that she hadn't molested me with her dark eyes.

As much as she tried to frown, I couldn't help but notice the repressed smile tugging at her lips.

If that was the reaction I got for dressing casually, I decided I was definitely dressing this way more often.

After our silent debate, she licked her lips then shook her head admitting defeat and went back to stirring the eggs. When the oven timer and toast finished at the same time, I was worried Isabella might become overwhelmed.

"Alice… put the magazine down, and get up and help Isabella with breakfast," I commanded sternly. Isabella's eyebrows shot up to her forehead, and she pulled her lower lip between her teeth. Was it wishful thinking, or did she look aroused?

No way - I was sure I was mistaken.

Alice huffed petulantly before going over to the counter to take the pan of hot biscuits from the oven.

Minutes later, Isabella had a feast sitting in front of the three of us - bacon, eggs, biscuits, toast and sliced fruit, with coffee and juice.

"I know it's a lot, but I wanted our first breakfast to be special. Unless you both want a big breakfast every day, I'll just do something simple," Isabella commented sweetly.

"This is fantastic, but I think on most mornings a small breakfast will suffice," I agreed.

"Mmm, this is fucking delicious, Bella," Alice moaned appreciatively. I fought the urge to scowl at Alice's use of Isabella's preferred nickname. I had no right to be angry about it, but it was something I needed to speak to Isabella about later.

The supplies Isabella requested weren't going to be delivered until around noon, so after breakfast I encouraged her to go for a swim or check out the stables while she waited. The horny perv in me hoped she'd slip into a skimpy swimsuit and take advantage of the nice weather and warm water.

Unfortunately, Alice insisted they see the horses, denying me the opportunity to add to my little bank of Isabella fantasies.

Once we'd cleaned up the kitchen, Alice dragged Isabella away, wanting to show off Jasper's new horse, Little Darlin'. She was one of many retired race horses our family had rescued. Some had been abused, and neglected so we made sure to give them special care so they could enjoy the rest of their days.

Before deciding on a jog, I knew I needed to check on Dad. It turned out he was doing well, and that he would need some surgery, but it wasn't cancer or anything life-threatening. I honestly didn't know how we would have gotten through if things hadn't turned out so well.

I sat for a moment just simply thinking about everything - Isabella, Dad, Alice and Jasper's wedding, my postponed visit to Onyx with Emmett and Rose, but mostly I thought about Isabella. I hoped I'd done the right thing in putting those two together. Alice could be a bit overwhelming at times, so I hoped she didn't put Isabella off with her feisty personality.

In the distance, I saw Alice helping Isabella onto 'Late Bloomer,' Esme's horse. She was a good beginner horse, very calm and sweet, but images of Isabella flying off and being trampled kept flashing through my mind. The thoughts were probably irrational, especially with Late Bloomer, but I couldn't help but worry.

By the time I'd run down to the stables, Isabella was already saddled up and had Late Bloomer trotting around. My sister came out from the stables, riding on her horse, Jem, without a care in the world.

I checked to make sure Isabella wasn't in earshot before I told Alice off.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I asked, whispering angrily.

"Riding my fucking horse, asshole," she quipped indignantly.

"You didn't ask me if you could take Isabella riding," I pointed out.

"I told you I was taking Bella to the stables. What did you think we were going to do?" she replied as if I were the biggest idiot on the planet. Fuck her - she was pissing me off, mostly because of the way she emphasized Isabella's nickname - rubbing it my face.

"Are you coming too, Sir?" I heard Isabella question from behind me. My face softened before I turned to look at her. I was about to say no until I saw the hopeful look in her eyes.

You want to ride with me, pretty girl?

"I suppose I can spare an hour or two. You girls go on, but wait for me at the head of the trail, so we can take it together," I conceded, loving the bright smile my words brought to my sweet girls face.

My own horse, 'Magnum,' was a beast. As tall as I am, I almost needed a step ladder to climb up top. Several minutes later, I had him saddled up and ready to ride.

Thankfully, Isabella and Alice had listened to my instructions and were waiting for me to accompany them.

The trail was several miles long, and I didn't want to be out in the heat too much, so once we reached the half mile marker, I insisted that we head on back. Isabella agreed easily, mentioning that she was hungry again, but Alice was annoyed. She wanted Isabella to see a few of the special places on the trail - the wildflower meadow and the waterfall that emptied into a grotto-like swimming hole. Both were worth the trip, but more than two miles ahead of where we were. Besides, I'd have rather shown those things to Isabella while we were alone than with Alice in tow.

By the time we got back, we were all sweaty and hungry. We each went off to take showers, and while the girls finished up, I made us a few sandwiches and some chips for lunch. Once they returned, I could help but notice the flush on Isabella's face. She was glowing, like she'd just been freshly fucked. What were you doing in that shower, pretty girl?

While we were eating, Isabella's supplies were delivered. I had them brought to my now-empty office. Eyeing the wall that would serve as Isabella's canvas, I tried to imagine what it might look like when she finished. Of course, I was no artist, so I was certain anything I imagined wouldn't do Isabella's work justice.

Assuming she'd be eager to get started, I headed mentioned that she'd need to begin by prepping the room, so once lunch was finished, she and Alice thanked me and went off in different directions - Alice to her room and Isabella to my office.

Wanting to give her privacy to work, I went and tried to keep myself busy. After I'd waited nearly four hours, she finally popped out for a break and some fresh air. At that point, it was almost time for dinner. Thankfully, Isabella noticed the hour and didn't return to the office, opting to make her own way to the kitchen to begin looking through the fridge and pantry for something to cook.

Alice was nowhere to be found, so I assumed she was probably off somewhere private, on the phone with Jasper or something. Thankful to have Isabella alone, I was ready to begin phase one of my seduction plan. This step was important because I needed to regard Isabella carefully - gauge her reactions to my slightest touch and every subtle suggestion or insinuation. As much as I wanted to just drag her to my playroom, or even just to my bed, I knew I couldn't, I had to be patient.

Patience - it was something I had to teach myself in the last few years. I'd waited this long, I could wait a few more weeks… and if I played my cards right, maybe days.

She was still standing there trying to decide what to cook when I quietly came up close behind her. My mouth was mere inches from her delicate neck. "After that fantastic breakfast, I'm excited to see what you come up with for dinner," I complimented in a low, seductive tone. Isabella seemed to shiver a bit. The temperature wasn't the slightest bit chilly, so I could only assume her reaction was based on my proximity.

"I'm… s-so glad you liked it, Sir, and I appreciate you letting me do this for you. It makes me feel a lot better to be able to make myself useful," she replied, sounding a bit breathless.

"Well, Isabella, the pleasure is all mine - I assure you," I replied coyly. Since I was still behind her where she couldn't see me, I studied her openly and without reservation. As soon as I noticed her bare arms were covered in goose bumps, I couldn't help myself - with a feather-light touch, I trailed the tips of my fingers over the pale flesh of her smooth arms. Isabella froze. Quickly, I recovered.

"Are you cold, Isabella?" I purred.

"Uhh… n-no, Sir... I… umm…," she stuttered anxiously, trailing off. Am I making you nervous, pretty girl?

"What's for dinner? I'm starved," Alice interrupted excitedly as she sauntered into the kitchen.

Isabella cleared her throat and moved away from me toward the fridge. Quickly, she began pulling out various items.

"Umm… I was thinking of making some kind of Mediterranean pasta dish with chicken and vegetables. Does that sound okay?" she asked hesitantly, still looking flushed.

"That sounds perfect," I agreed, looking at Isabella hungrily, wishing that she was the meal. I couldn't wait to feast on her pussy. I knew it would be so sweet.

"I'm not picky," Alice chimed in, voicing her mutual agreement.

"Okay, well, I guess dinner will take about forty-five minutes," Isabella announced before focusing on the task at hand.

It didn't take long to realize that Isabella was a gifted cook. Her grilled, honey-balsamic chicken with asparagus and farfalle pasta was to die for. After eating way more than we intended, Alice and I both insisted that Isabella make it again sometime. She blushed lightly at our praise, only making me want her more.

Once we'd cleaned up after dinner, Alice bid Isabella and me goodnight before heading up to bed. Happy to have some alone time with her again, I hoped she'd stick around for a while before going to sleep.

I invited Isabella to join me for a chat. She seemed a bit nervous but agreed, following me into the den.

I turned on a little music in the background, and then joined Isabella on the couch. As much as I'd preferred to have my body pressed against hers, I resisted, choosing to sit on the opposite end.

"So, how did you enjoy your first day here?" I asked curiously.

"You have no idea how much I've enjoyed myself," she replied, beaming at me.

"It's been nice to have guests, I must admit. The house has been mostly empty this year - after my senate term ended, I had no need for most of my live-in help. So now, I only have a couple of housekeepers who come in twice a week to clean up, a landscaping company to maintain the grounds, and a horse trainer who comes by four or five times a week to care for the horses."

"Wow, so you live alone in this huge place?" Isabella questioned, sounding surprised.

"Not anymore," I replied coyly with a smirk. "Would you like a drink?" I questioned, heading over to the wet bar.

Before she went to open her mouth to protest, reminding me of her age, I clarified, "soda or juice?"

"Umm… a Coke, if you have it, please," she requested, sounding relieved by my offer. Isabella it seemed had an aversion to alcohol. Rather than call her out on it, I simply stored it away as something I could talk to her about when we were a bit more comfortable with each other.

As I was pouring our drinks, it dawned on me that Isabella had stopped referring to me as 'Sir' every time she opened her mouth. As much as I loved the respectful way she spoke, I could only hope that this meant she was becoming more at ease with me. Thinking of names, though, brought up the fact that Isabella still hadn't given me permission to call her Bella. The thought darkened my mood slightly, but I didn't want Isabella to notice, so I gave her my best smile.

Isabella stood to accept the drink I offered thanking me politely, before positioning her plump lips against the glass to sip at the dark liquid. Wanting to have composure, I forced the thoughts of Isabella's lips wrapped around my cock to the back of my mind. I would need them tonight for when I would lube up and fuck my hand. That was when my fantasies of Isabella would run rampant.

Fuck, my cock twitched in my shorts and I had to force the naked thoughts away again. I mean, it was one thing for me to slowly seduce my sweet girl, and a whole other to gallivant around my house with lust in my eyes and a tent in my pants.

"I have a few ideas for the painting already," Isabella announced positively. Thankfully her words redirected my train of thought and helped me will my cock to soften.

"Wonderful and I'm sure I'll love anything you do," I complemented sincerely.

"Thank you. It's easy to be inspired in a place like this. You already have some much beautiful artwork." She sounded so reverent, as though her stay here was a gift from the heavens. It was certainly my dream come true.

"I'm glad I could inspire you, Isabella," I admitted. Having no words the sweet thing simply nodded and finished the rest of her soda.

"May I be frank with you, Isabella?" I asked, trying hard not to sound as nervous as I felt.

"Of course, Sir." She replied.

I'm 'Sir' again. My request must have caught her off guard.

"I couldn't help but notice you asked Alice to call you Bella, and I…" I began before trailing off. I realized that anything I was about to say was going to come off making me sound like a petulant child. I certainly didn't want to give that impression. Isabella must have sensed my inner turmoil, because she recovered for me quickly.

"You can call me Bella if you want, but… I umm… I like it when you call me Isabella," she admitted, anxiously before biting her lower lip. I smiled, and she continued, "I mean, you umm… you treat me like an adult, and ask my opinion, and stuff. Everyone else acts like I'm this fragile little human. When you call me Isabella, I guess it makes me feel like… like… I don't know."

She looked away from me, embarrassed and blushing beautifully. Even though I was wishing that she'd finished her sentence, I'd never wanted to kiss a woman more than I did in that moment. Briefly, I closed my eyes to gain my composure.

"Isabella it is," I agreed, my voice sounding tight with desire. Our eyes met at the same time, full of curiosity, questions, and definitely a bit of lust.

If this innocent girl knew how I wanted her, would she run?

I stepped closer to her, wanting to touch the delicate, pale skin of her cheek bones, but before my hand could even close the distance between us, the tall grandfather clock in my den struck midnight. Isabella and I both startled at the sound.

"I guess I should get some sleep," Isabella suggested, glancing at the clock.

I knew what I was about to do was cheesy as fuck, but I just couldn't resist. "Goodnight, Isabella," I purred. Grasping her hand gently, I leaned forward and kissed the back while gazing into her eyes.

Her breathing quickened and her chest was heaving, but she wasn't the only one affected. Luckily, I was still wearing those thick cargo shorts, or my cock would have burst through to get to Isabella hours ago.

"G-goodnight, s-sir" she stammered and turned when I let go of her hand.

She was but a few feet ahead of me when I added mischievously, "One more thing, Isabella-"

"Yes, Sir?" she whispered softly, looking so nervous and innocent, biting her lip.

Inwardly, I crossed my fingers, hoping I didn't get slapped for what I was about to do. I took a step forward and reached up to smooth my thumb over her plump bottom lip until she released it from the confines of her teeth. A small sound escaped her throat - like a whimper. Leaning forward until my lips were almost touching her ear, I whispered, "Please call me Edward."

"Edward," she replied breathily, looking as if she'd just tasted a new flavor on her tongue.

"Good girl. Now go to bed," I commanded softly, resisting the urge to smack her pert little ass on the way out.


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