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Chapter 23

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 23 **Open**

**Edward Cullen**

"You don't have a brother, so you couldn't possibly understand the effect that seeing his lily white ass is going to have on have on my psyche," Alice told Isabella, pouting petulantly.

Hours had passed since she'd caught me and my baby girl in the throes of passion, and she was still griping about it.

"Well, maybe you should try picking up a phone if you're planning to come home early," I suggested. By now I'd become tired of apologizing - her complaining was starting to piss me off.

She prattled on saying she was going to move back to her penthouse apartment in Seattle, but then changed her tune when she remembered my offer to let her and Jasper use the estate for the wedding.

"I walked in on my parents… doing it… when I was about twelve," Bella admitted trying to show some empathy for my sister's feelings. "It was pretty shocking, and things were awkward between us for the next few days, but I got over it."

I knew it was hard for Isabella to mention her parents, so I smiled proudly at her for sharing, then cast a quick glance in Alice's direction.

She looked like she was about say something, but I set her straight fast, I was getting sick of her attitude. "Just drop it, Alice. It won't happen again," I told her, though the words hung heavily on my lips, causing my mood to sour even more. It probably wouldn't happen again. We wouldn't have much opportunity since Isabella would be leaving for school in just a few short weeks, spending the majority of her time taking classes, doing homework.

Maybe I could find excuses to be with her more than just for the occasional sleepover or dinner date. Maybe I could convince her to stay at my apartment in the city with me…

"Edward?" she asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry… what?" I asked feeling bad that I hadn't been giving her my full attention.

"I asked if you wanted more manicotti," Isabella offered politely, holding the casserole dish ready to offer me more if I was still hungry.

"Please," I told her, affectionately caressing her lower back as she served me more of her delicious baked pasta.

"I saw Dad and Esme today," Alice mentioned conversationally, not meeting my eyes. Oh well, maybe her awkwardness around me would be cause for her to leave me alone more often. "Dad wanted to make sure you were bringing Bella to the barbecue Friday." She looked over at Isabella, smiling, "They're both excited to meet you."

"I'd planned on it. Unless there are other things you'd prefer to be doing?" I answered before posing my own question to Isabella.

"I'd love to meet the rest of your family," she replied with a nervous smile.

"Jasper's coming home for a few days. He looks forward to eating Esme's shrimp etouffee and her creole black eyed peas every year - well we all do really. Esme makes the best Cajun food," Alice gushed excitedly.

"Isabella enjoys spicy food, don't you, baby girl?" I asked smiling, remembering when I took her to the Thai restaurant in Seattle before her first day with me at the estate.

Alice groaned, snapping me out of my memories before clattering her dishes in the sink and leaving in the room without excusing herself.

Rude little…

"Gosh, she's cranky," Isabella observed "She must be really stressed out."

"I suppose… she's pretty much been planning this wedding since she was a little girl, and with the fashion show and Jasper out of the country so often, she's probably starting to feel the pressure. Don't worry about her, though. She'll manage… she always does."


"Is it too short?" Isabella asked worriedly, fiddling with the hem of her sun dress. It was the same dress she wore a few days earlier when I fingered her in the music room.

That day… fuck I would never forget how fucking hot that was. It wasn't even a scene in the playroom, but as hot and kinky as it was, it sure felt like one. I'd been wanting to try that ever since I saw Isabella's cello propped up in her room. That was the whole reason I'd asked her to leave it in the music room in the first place - just so I could tease her and play with her pussy while she tried to play something that was at least intelligible.

We were definitely trying that again.

I looked down at Isabella's long legs thinking about how good they felt wrapped around me or thrown over my shoulders.

"Not to me," I replied with a playful smirk. She swatted at me, waiting for a serious response to her question. "It's perfect, baby. You're perfect."

Yeah… that fucking dress wasn't nearly as short as I would have liked at the moment, but I knew I'd be grateful later. I didn't want anyone looking at my baby girl but me. She sighed, and continued fidgeting with her dress. Apparently, my response had done little to soothe her worries.

"They're going to love you. I swear," I told her, knowing she was really worried about the dress.

She was afraid of meeting my parents. It was obvious she was still nervous, worried that my family was going to dislike her or find our relationship inappropriate. I knew they wouldn't, but no matter how much I tried to reassure her, it didn't seem to ease her stress. I supposed that she just have to see for herself.



The ferry to Bainbridge Island never seemed to last as long as it had when I was a child spending summers on the pebbled beaches. Even as a young adult, I made the trip whenever I flew home from college and Mom or Dad would head into the city to pick me up from the airport.

But now, as an adult, the ride always seemed to go by in a flash. Briefly, I wondered if it felt that way for Isabella.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her protectively as we watched the island begin to come in to view. A gentle ocean breeze blew a loose strand of her hair back, tickling my ear. Smiling, I reached up and tucked it back in its place.

"I can't believe you grew up here," she told me, her voice a bit calmer and full of wonder.

"Just during the summer, but sometimes those summers felt like a lifetime…" I trailed off, not elaborating. In my head I remembered the summer I came home from college and found that my mother had been diagnosed with cancer a month earlier. She and my dad had made the decision not to tell me until I finished that semester out of fear that I would drop everything and return home. They were correct in that assumption, but I was still pissed.

It was my choice to make, well… it should have been.

The resentment that followed mom's death because of that lost time, and not to mention Carlisle's subsequent bout with alcoholism had all been factors that pushed me away those few years that I left. After Mom died, I struggled to forgive them for depriving me of that month - I could have spent it with her, had more time to say goodbye.

So in-tuned to my emotions, Isabella turned in my arms and began hugging me.

"Is this painful for you - coming back here?" she asked.

"It was, but now it feels good… like it brings me closer to her."


By the time we arrived, most of the family was already present. Emmett brought Rose and his parents - Uncle Liam and Aunt Maggie McCarty. While Alice and Jasper, thankfully, did not bring Peter, there were still a few cousins that I hadn't seen in a while and several little ones that I'd never seen before.

We all tried to get together as often as we could but with careers and other family obligations, we didn't always find the time.

As I went around proudly introducing Isabella as my girlfriend, I could feel the anxiety practically radiating off of her. It seemed as if she'd been so worried about meeting my Dad and Esme that she hadn't even realized she be meeting the entire Cullen/Masen/McCarty clan as well.

Several of my uncles and older cousins flirted with her calling her lovely and pretty young thing and others asked her why she was wasting her time on an old fart like me.

I knew the comments were all in good fun, but I couldn't help but worry that Isabella was becoming upset by them. I was taking it all in stride, knowing my family meant no harm, but Isabella just seemed to tense up more and more.

"Let's go find my Dad and Esme, okay?" I told her pulling her toward the patio where I spotted them both chatting, setting up plates, and serving various sodas, and iced tea, from the outdoor kitchen.

Her hand tightened on mine, eyes wide and panicked. I stopped short realizing her anxiety had finally gotten the best of her.

In an effort to help her calm down, I pulled her toward the trees where we could have a minute of privacy.

"What color are we Isabella?" I asked her once we were finally out of sight, trying to take control of the situation, testing her to see if maybe she needed me to be 'Master' right now.

"Umm," she hesitated. She almost never hesitated in the playroom. Obviously I knew this was different, but maybe it would help her to be in that mindset.

I tugged on her platinum collar reminding her who she belonged to - who she trusted.

"You trust me, baby girl?" I asked her firmly.

"Yes, Master," she replied certainly, gazing into my eyes so I could see the truth in her words.

"Then believe me when I say that everything is going to be fine. I made a promise to you that I would take care of you and protect you. Please don't doubt that," I reminded before gripping her waist and pulling her hard against me.

"What color?" I asked again, my lips inches from hers.

"Green, Master," she replied relaxing in my arms as my tongue roughly invaded her sweet mouth.

Fuck yes.

I kissed her thoroughly for about a minute before I came to my senses, realizing where we were.

"Come on." My hand found its place on the small of her back, letting me guide her to the patio where my family stood, still preparing dinner.

Dad's eyes lit up as soon as he saw me approaching, and then flickered over to Isabella and back to me. He nodded with a smile, having noticed my girl's obvious beauty.

"Good to see you again so soon, son," Dad greeted warmly, shaking my hand. "And you must be the lovely Bella." His eyes crinkled when he grinned at my baby girl, probably catching her off-guard by how much we looked alike.

"Yes, Sir, it's nice to meet you, Mr. Cullen," she replied shyly, but she didn't tense or squirm as she had before.

"Now, none of that Sir or Mr. Cullen nonsense, you call me Carlisle, okay?" he told her.

"Is that your Bella? What a beautiful girl," I heard Esme gush as soon as she spotted us.

Isabella's eyes went wide, taking in my stepmother - I knew exactly what she was thinking too.

Esme looked young.

She wasn't much older than me, but she looked as if she was about ten years younger than she actually was - instead of forty, she looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties. Emmett had started calling her Step-M.I.L.F. several years ago when she and my father first got married. I knew Emmett did it to mess with me because he knew Esme was closer to my age than my father's. Obviously I had no problem with the age difference, nor did I harbor any secret attraction for my step mother, but he still ribbed me about nonetheless.

Unable to quell her maternal instincts, Esme immediately enveloped Isabella in one of her strong, motherly hugs. Much to my surprise, my girl didn't even flinch. In fact, she seemed to relax even more.


After introducing Isabella, she and Esme seemed to just click. It was strange watching them together, talking like they were long-time best friends. She always made me happy, but today I was even more happy than usual seeing her connecting that way with another person, especially since she hadn't quite taken to Alice and her bratty, shopaholic personality.

Esme seemed like she could be a good motherly influence on Isabella, someone my girl could talk to when she couldn't come to me, or if she needed someone to talk to about me.

I made a mental note to be sure to get them together in the future.

Before I knew it, we'd spent the day eating and talking, sipping southern style sweet iced tea, and enjoying the spectacular fireworks show that Dad put together as he did every year.

Isabella sighed happily leaning back in my arms as we watched the sky explode into colorful stars that crashed like thunder. I could feel the happiness radiating from her entire being and I couldn't help but smile. I'd never felt so content.

"I love you," Isabella whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

"Love you too, baby."

Time seemed to almost stand still, though it moved too fast for me. Always on my mind was the fact that soon my baby girl was going to head out on her own and grow into an amazing, independent woman.

I only hoped that she'd want me around to share that with her.

The breeze picked up again, filling the air with the scent of summer. Isabella's hair was loose again and another strand got caught in the breeze, blowing up to tickle my ear just as it had on the ferry - this time I let it fly freely.



"Is there something bothering you?" Isabella asked from across the table. I almost didn't realize she was talking to me, as I'd been lost in my thoughts for several minutes.

"What?" I replied not expecting her to call me out on my abnormally quiet behavior.

"I asked if there was something bothering you. You just seem… I don't know… distant the last few days," she replied sadly.

"I'm sorry, baby. I guess I've got a lot on my mind," I told her, hoping she wouldn't press further. I wasn't eager to have this conversation - for Isabella to confirm my fears that she would in fact be moving out as planned in just a few short weeks.

"Talk to me. What's wrong?" she asked climbing over to sit in my lap. Wrapped in my arms, and with her fingers in my hair, rubbing soothingly against my scalp, I felt so much calmer.

"I'm worried about you… what's going to happen at the end of the summer… to us?" I asked her, biting the bullet. She stiffened slightly, looking up into my eyes for a moment before looking away, a faint blush coloring her cheeks.

"What?" I asked when she didn't immediately reply.

"It's just… I probably won't be able to get an apartment now," she said nervously. Before I could ask her what she was talking about, she began explaining "I called around to some places near the school looking for a small studio to rent. There weren't any - at least none that I could afford. So then I called to see if I could possibly get into one of the dorms. Apparently the Art Institute shares it's dorms with the University and there is a mile-long waitlist now. The only other option would be for me to try to find a house with a room I can share with other people, but I'll have to look on Craigslist or something and then make appointments for interviews and wait to be picked from probably dozens of applicants."

It took me a minute to really comprehend what she was telling me.

"That's not your only other option, baby girl," I told her, trying to force the hopeful excitement out of my voice. I could tell how disappointed she was and I didn't want to make her upset.

She turned toward me quickly, her eyes filled with the same hope I felt bubbling inside me.

"It's not?" she asked with a shy grin.

"You know I love you, right? So of course I don't want us to be separated."

"You don't?"

"Hell no, We'll figure something out. You know... I should spank you for doubting me," I growled playfully.

"Maybe you should," she retorted before turning around in my lap till she was straddling me, her long legs sliding across my thighs as she moved to bring her heated sex against the straining bulge in my pants. I groaned, my reactions completely out of control as she grinded against my hard cock, making me want to rip the thin black yoga pants she was wearing right off her tight little body "I can be bad girl, sir… a very bad girl."

Before I could react to her words, she climbed off my lap and ran out of the kitchen giggling.

By the time I was up she was nowhere to be seen. Playing into her little game, I looked around downstairs for several minutes wondering where she might have been hiding.

"Hiding will only prolong the inevitable, Isabella. You know I will find you, and when I do I will bend you over my knee and spank your bare ass till it's nice and pink," I shouted so she could hear me.

I heard her giggling from somewhere upstairs and the sound went straight to my cock. Quickly, I took the stairs two at a time, getting an odd sense of Déjà vu as I caught sight of Isabella's discarded clothing scattered around the floor near the hallway by my room.

Suddenly I was reminded of my dream - the first one that I had of Isabella joining me in the playroom and how she begged me to work her over with the rabbit fur flogger, but instead I gave her a few good swats with the riding crop.

We hadn't planned to use the playroom again today, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew I needed it.

Having felt so out of control over the last few days, worrying about what Isabella was going to do when school started - I needed to regain my confidence again. I needed something that only my girl could give me.

I had to find her first, though.

"Come out come out wherever you are," I called in a gleefully evil tone, before unbuckling my belt and releasing the fastenings on my slacks. With a low groan, I reached into my underwear, grabbing firmly onto my pulsing cock and stroking the pierced head with the pad of my thumb.

Probably, looking like some kind of perverted maniac, I proceeded to stalk up and down the hallway stroking myself, waiting for Isabella to come to me.

"I am willing to bet that my naughty girl's pussy has thoroughly soaked those tiny little scraps of fabric she calls panties," I growled just imaging how wet Isabella could get when she was really turned on.

I thought I heard her moan from somewhere nearby, but I still didn't seek her out. I needed her to come to me this time.

"Why don't you come out and let Master provide some relief from that deep, deep ache between your sticky thighs," I said seductively, deciding to try a different approach, needing her to know that I wanted her in the playroom again.

"Master?" she said breathily. Before she could come out and see me playing with myself, I tucked my cock back in my pants, not wanting to put too much pressure on her in case she wasn't in the mood to scene.

"Come out Isabella. I have a few things I'd like to show you in the playroom if your interested."

She came out of my bedroom, completely naked except for her collar and an excited gleam in her eyes. It was obvious she was just as eager as I was to get back to the playroom, but just to be sure I asked her permission.

"Would you like to join me in the playroom, Isabella?"

"Please, Master," she replied adamantly before falling in line behind me so she could follow me to the playroom.

"Good, we're going to try something new tonight," I told her softly, stroking her hair once she made her way to her floor pillow and positioned herself in the inspection pose to wait for my instruction. "But first you're going to take care of my cock and then I plan on spanking you for teasing me the way you did in the kitchen."

Like a good girl, she sat still, listening to my words attentatively.

"Do you think that's fair?" I asked her, wanting an answer.

"More than fair, Master - I'm happy to serve you and take the punishment I deserve," she replied with a shy smile.

"Perfect," I breathed stroking her cheek affectionately before removing my shirt and taking my cock out again.

"Taste," I commanded positioning my cock in front her moist pink lips. Her tongue flicked out, brushing against the tip, eliciting a low groan of pleasure and frustration.

"Show me how good you can make me feel," I told her, basically giving her permission to use her mouth on me the way she pleased, knowing that I'd guide her if wanted her to do something else or continue the way she was.

Without hesitation, her mouth descended on my cock, quickly taking me so far that her nose was buried in my trimmed pubic hair. Oh God…. Oh God…

Too fucking good.

Too much.

"Jesus fuck," I shouted, seriously losing it for a second.

Don't… don't… fuck.

Not yet.

I had to pull out of her mouth for a second, shocked that I nearly shot my load down her throat with just that one fucking thrust in her mouth. How fucking pathetic would that have been?

"Take it slow, Isabella," I warned, feeling slightly dazed.

With my fists clenched at my side, I waited for her to begin again.

As I directed, this time she started slowly, sliding her tongue along the underside of my cock from my sack to my adorned tip before swirling it along the barbell like a fucking pro. Her small feminine hands grasped me firmly at the base, not even able to wrap completely around it, before her mouth descended on me again, this time sliding halfway in before she pulled back with a small pop.

Unashamedly, I groaned at the trail of saliva that was left connecting that glistening tip to her open lips. The sight of that combined with the unadulterated need shining in her dark eyes made me ache - for release, for her mouth, her pussy, her heart and soul.

I wanted it all.

"More," I demanded, pushing my cock between her lips. She continued to stroke me in time with her mouth as she took me inside over and over again till I felt like I was going to explode.

"Just your mouth, baby… fuck yes."

"Take it... swallow everything I give you," I ordered, placing my hands in her hair to urge her to take me into her throat again.

"Yes…" I gritted between clenched teeth as the weight of my resistance suddenly became too much to bear and I climaxed, cumming hard down Isabella's throat as she swallowed around me eagerly.

"Thank you for that gift, baby girl." My tone was low, seductive. Isabella smiled proudly, leaning into my touch as I stroked her cheek, grazing her swollen red lips with my thumb.

A moment later, Isabella yawned a little, surprising me.

"I hope you aren't getting too sleepy, because we're just getting started here," I warned, my brow arched expectantly.

Of course if Isabella was too tired to play, I knew I'd be able to pick up on it and we'd stop if necessary, but I really hoped she wasn't. I had plans for her lily white ass - plans to turn it nice and pink.

Walking over to the whipping bench, I took a seat and told her to come and bend over my lap.

In that position her bare ass was on display and I had full access to that soaked little pussy. I could easily slip my fingers in and have her fucking them in seconds till she came all over my hand, soaking us both.


Very fucking tempting.

"I told you I was going to spank you. Didn't I, Isabella?"

"Yes, Master," she agreed, the excitement and anticipation in her voice was obvious.

"How many spankings do you think you deserve?" I asked, testing her. I rarely played those mind games with her outside of the playroom, but inside, she knew I loved do it, just to set her on edge - keep her mind sharp and in her sub space.

"As many as you desire, Master," she replied, sounding slightly unsure of herself.

"Hmm… as many as I desire. Twenty it is," I told her, chuckling darkly enjoying the little whimper that escaped her lips in response.

Slowly, I trailed my hand over her pert little rump, giving her soft curves a firm squeeze, spreading her cheeks, so I could see how wet her pussy was.

She squirmed slightly in my arms as I spread her open for my perusal and gasped when I dipped a single finger between her pussy lips so I could gather a little of her slick arousal to taste.

I groaned as that now familiar sweet flavor exploded on my tongue, making my cock as hard as ever.

"Fucking delicious, as usual," I complemented before letting her cheeks move back into place, leaving a slight impression on her pale skin from where my hands had held her open.

"Taste," I demanded, placing my finger in front of her mouth. As soon as I she'd flicked her tongue out to enjoy that amazing flavor, I raised my hand to land a firm slap across the center of her ass cheeks.

She gasped, the muscles clenching and unclenching, anticipating the next blow.

This one was not as hard and came down against the curve of her ass.

"Mmmm," she whined and squirmed in my lap, trying not to seek friction for her aching clit.

Over and over I struck her pretty little butt till it was nice and pink, just as I said it would be. A few times in between, I checked on her, making sure she didn't need her safe word, feeling thankful that the dominant emotion in her voice continued to be lust and excitement.

"Hop up, go to your pillow, and stay quiet until I tell you to speak again," I told her once I'd finished rubbing her tender cheeks, checking for any sign of physical distress or injury.

She did as I asked and I went over to the get the swing ready.

"Have you given this swing any thought before, Isabella?" I asked rhetorically as I straightened out all the straps. A quick glance in her direction revealed her wide, excited eyes. She was really getting into this scene "Have you thought about what it would be like to be suspended, completely in my control as I fucked you senseless?"

"Yes, I believe you have," I answered my own question, with a dark chuckle.

When I finally got the fucking thing ready, I went over to my cabinet and grabbed some lube, Isabella's biggest plug and the new Hitachi massager I ordered a few days earlier. When I had everything set up, I called her over to join me.

"Let me help you, baby girl. The last thing I want to see is the purple bruise you'll get on that perfect pink ass if I let you fall," I said, but before I moved to assist her I reached out to tug her chin to get her to look at me instead of the swing.

"What color?" I asked her. "You may speak."

"Green, Master," she replied, her voice almost giddy.

"Good. I want this to be fun for both of us… come over here and bend over. I'm going to put your big plug in again," I told her, waiting to see if she looked as worried as she had a couple days earlier.

Thankfully last time she'd been pleasantly surprised that she'd taken it without much difficulty, so this time she didn't seem to be nervous at all as I lubed up the plug, stroking her puckered hole with my fingers, stretching her, helping her relax till I could comfortably fit the plug inside her.

The way she was moaning and thrusting her hips, I didn't even have to ask if she was enjoying herself as I slid in a third finger, working her good. Much to my excitement, she didn't even flinch as I began to press the slick plug against her hole, slipping it in past that tight muscular ring. She gasped slightly, but it still sounded pleasurable.

"How does that feel, baby?"

"God… so full, Master. So good," she moaned.

"Now climb up here… good girl," I told her as I helped her into the swing. She struggled for a moment but finally got in place, letting me slip the stirrup over her ankles and up to her thighs. I then pulled the straps tight so her legs were forced completely open to me.

Fuck, I had never seen anything more erotic than that.

"Oh… baby. You can't imagine how amazing you look right now - how fucking bad I want you," I told her, my voice full of unrestrained lust and need. My cock was already hard as a fucking stone, ready to push my way inside her and fuck her over and over till my legs gave out. "How do you feel? You comfortable?"

"Yes, Master," she replied, though it sounded more like a breathy moan as I positioned myself in front of her, my cock bobbing almost comically between us, ready to take pleasure from her willing body.

Without any warning, I plunged my cock inside her, clenching my teeth as her wet heat enveloped me, loving the way she screamed out from the sudden intrusion.

"Fuck, Isabella," I grunted. "That's it… I wanna hear you… I need to hear you tell me how good it feels to be fucked by your master - how much you love my fucking cock."

"Yes," she hissed as I pounded into her, making her throw her head back "I love it, Master - so fucking good… your plug in my ass and your thick cock inside me."

I grabbed onto the straps and began thrusting relentlessly, every dirty word that spilled from her innocent lips making me harder and harder by the second. I thought my cock might fucking explode if I couldn't cum inside her welcoming body.

I could tell Isabella was struggling not to come, but I didn't feel like denying her. In fact I wanted her to come so hard she soaked both our thighs.

God... I wanted to hear the sloppy wet sounds her pussy made as I fucked her.

Grabbing the Hitachi, I turned it on the lowest setting which was still pretty fucking intense, and placed the head of it against her clit, loving the way she cried out in pleasure.

"You better fucking come all over me, baby girl. I want to feel that perfect little pussy gripping my cock like a vice," I shouted, pushing into her till she began gushing down my legs, screaming out in ecstasy.

Her climax pushed me over the edge and before I knew it I was cumming again, dropping the Hitachi on the floor with a loud clutter. I probably broke the fucking thing, but I couldn't have cared less at that moment.

"That was… fucking amazing," I said slightly dazed as I pulled out of her.

"Mmhmm," she mumbled almost incoherently.




I could tell Isabella was just as exhausted as I was, so we showered quickly and then came back to clean up the playroom together as Edward and Bella instead of dom and sub.

"Are you going to umm… are we gonna do anal soon?" she asked nervously as she placed the lube back in the cabinet.

"If you're ready, then yeah… I mean I'd like to," I replied glancing at her, curious to see what emotions might be playing on her face.

"Yeah… I'd like that," she said with a shy smile and then bent over to pick up the discarded vibrator, giving me a glimpse of the tapered base of the dark blue plug that was firmly stuffed inside her.


Best fucking girlfriend ever.

I laughed and kissed her sweetly, pulling her behind me as we left the playroom to go to bed.

As Isabella curled up against me, slowing drifting off, I remembered the conversation from hours earlier and what was left unsaid.

"I'm taking you to see my apartment in Seattle tomorrow…"


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