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Chapter 15

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 15 Fire and Ice

**Edward Cullen**

On the way home from Tiffany and Co., I was positively ecstatic about collaring Isabella.

I couldn't wait to see her face when she saw the beautiful platinum choker. The chain was made from dozens of thin platinum strands woven into a delicate rope, with a small heart-shaped knot over the back closure. I just knew she was going to love it. I had a feeling she would also enjoy the short, midnight blue silk robe I bought her to wear in the playroom. It would barely cover her bitable ass - she'd look magnificent.

When I arrived at the estate, Isabella was finishing up in the office. She looked so fucking hot, all mussed up and sweaty from painting, that I wanted to pull her into the playroom and ravage her, but we had a party to plan and dinner to make.

"Hey, baby girl. How was your day?" I asked after hiding Isabella's collar in my room.

"Boring without you," she admitted.

I gave her a quick kiss and a slap on the ass and sent her to her room to clean herself up.

Isabella and I spent the next few hours cooking and sharing little things about our lives, opening up to each other and learning about likes and dislikes.

I loved how intelligent she was. She had a lot of political knowledge from following my Senatorial career, her art and history classes, as well as all the reading she did gave her a wealth of information on all kinds of interesting subjects. I could tell she would never fail to challenge me, nor would she leave me bored. I didn't think it was possible, but I fell for her a bit more.

Cooking side by side next to Isabella continued to be an enjoyable experience. We worked well together.

While she made the appetizers and dessert, I prepared the entrees and side dishes. By the time my roast was almost done, it was time for her to get ready for the party.

"Go on ahead, baby girl. I can take it from here," I mentioned, sending her up to her room.

Emmett called to say he and Rosalie were on their way from Seattle, and according to Alice, Jasper had gotten in from his flight and was picking up his cousin Peter on the way here. I was a bit surprised that Peter would be joining us, as I assumed he was still in rehab. Not wanting to let anything sour my good mood, I finished everything up and set the dining room table.

With forty-five minutes to spare, I made my way up to my room and enjoyed a nice hot shower.

I dressed in black slacks, a grey button up, and a black suit jacket and spritzed on a little cologne, then casually made my way downstairs. It was only when the doorbell rang that I started to feel anxious.

Emmett and Rosalie were the first to arrive, and I was immediately pulled into a big bear hug. I leaned forward and kissed Rosalie lightly on the cheek in greeting before welcoming them inside. They followed me into the den where I played bartender for a few minutes.

I could hear Isabella and Alice's hushed voices as they walked down the hall.

Isabella had been beautiful to me since the minute I saw her, but I did not expect her to take my breath away. She was perfect.

Her hair was impeccably styled - curled and swept to one side, and the lacy, black baby-doll dress she wore was the perfect mix of sexy and demure - just like her. The dress made her legs look a mile long, and thoughts of pounding into her while said legs were wrapped around my waist filled my head, making me dizzy with lust.

A throat clearing beside me broke me from the Isabella-induced stupor that had taken hold and alerted me to the attention I was drawing to myself.

"Emmett, Rose, this is Isabella. She is staying with me for the next couple months while she paints a mural in my office. She is also the amazing artist who won Mom's scholarship. Isabella, this is my cousin Emmett, and his wife Rosalie."

Isabella's face faltered a bit at my formal introduction. I knew she was expecting me to introduce her as my girlfriend, but I wanted to wait until everyone was here to announce it. When everyone turned toward Isabella, talking to her and asking questions, I caught her disappointed gaze and gave her a reassuring smile and mouthed the words "trust me." She nodded subtly as Emmett talked to her about some art he recently purchased. I knew that nod was meant for me. It felt good knowing we understood each other.

After a few more minutes, Alice got a text on her phone. I assumed it was from Jasper because not two seconds later, she rushed off. As if confirming my suspicions, the doorbell rang immediately after.

Once I had a few drinks prepared - a Coke Zero for Isabella and me, Jack and Coke for Emmett, and an amaretto sour for Rose - I had everyone join me at the bar.

Isabella grinned shyly when she saw I was drinking soda with her. I would have been happy to enjoy a Jack and Coke myself, but outside the bedroom and the playroom, I wanted Isabella to feel like my equal. Sometimes that would mean treating her like an adult, and other times that would mean limiting myself in some way. Give and take, be partners - it was what my mother taught me, and so far it was working nicely with my girl.

In a flash, Alice bounded into the room excitedly arm in arm with Jasper, while Peter trailed behind.

Honestly, I was pretty shocked to see Peter - especially looking so healthy. The last time I saw him was about a year ago when Jasper, Emmett and I were pulling him out of a crack den after Emmett used his police contacts to track him using the GPS on his cellphone. After that, he went straight into recovery.

I walked from behind the bar to greet Jasper and Peter.

"You look good, man, really good," I admitted honestly, shaking Peter's hand.

"Yeah, things are much better, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you did for me -I'm sorry I haven't told you sooner."

"Hey, no hard feelings, as long as you're better," I replied, patting him on the back. He grinned at me and nodded before his eyes scanned the room. He practically did a double-take when those eyes landed on Isabella.

Before I could even open my mouth to introduce her, Peter swooped in and took my baby girl's hand in his.

A growl threatened to erupt in my chest as he pressed his lips to her hand. No fucking way.

I was about to start fucking pounding his ass when I felt Emmett's restraining arm holding me back. I had never felt such a jealous rage boiling inside me before. My reactions made me wonder how Emmett had managed to share Rosalie with other men and had not become a murderer. I couldn't stand the sight of another man touching my baby girl, especially after Peter looked at her the way he had.

"I'm fucking starving. Let's eat," Emmett shouted abruptly.

For a moment, Isabella looked like she was going to walk toward me, but then she quickly turned and began walking with Alice and Jasper. It wouldn't have been that big a deal, but then Peter caught up and began talking art with Isabella.

"You look like you want to murder someone - calm the fuck down." Emmett ordered firmly, using a hushed tone. "You fucking scared your girlfriend, asshole."

"What?" I hissed incredulously.

"Did you totally miss that whole exchange, cuz? Your girl was coming to walk with you, until she saw how pissed you looked. She probably thinks you're mad at her or something."

The anger dissipated from my body, leaving behind a load of remorse. I knew I'd have to make it right.

"How old are you, Bella?" Peter asked as we entered the dining room. Using her nickname made my blood boil again, and I had to fight to contain myself.

"I'll be nineteen in a few weeks," she admitted quietly.

"Are you going to start college soon?"

"Actually… I won Edward's art scholarship and am going to the Art Institute in Seattle next semester. That's actually how I got the job painting for him," she admitted, sounding much more animated than she had initially.

"I'd love to see your work. In fact, I have a few friends at the AI, so I could put in a good word - help you get into the best classes and seminars…" Peter started.

I became so disgusted with my feelings of jealousy that I left the room and headed toward the kitchen.

It was fantastic that Peter had connections in the art world and could help Isabella out, but the fact that he was using those connections as a means to flirt was fucking pissing me off. I just hoped Isabella wouldn't fall for it.

If it wasn't for his history with drug addiction, part of me wondered if Peter might be better for Isabella than I was. He was twenty-four - closer to Isabella's age - good looking, an amazing artist, and when he wasn't trying to weasel in on my woman, he was a genuinely nice guy.

My head felt like it was going to explode. How had this day turned to shit so fast?

I barely noticed footsteps approaching from behind me until I heard the accompanying voice. "Get in there, Edward. She's yours, so claim her."

I felt like I should have been more shocked by Alice's words of wisdom than I was. The little brat was intuitive, and she knew me very well. Her words were just what I needed to push forward. I nodded and returned to the dining room where everyone had already been seated. Alice followed not far behind me.

Isabella was talking to Rosalie, but it looked like Peter was still vying for her attention, trying to force his way into the conversation.

"So, I have an announcement to make," I interrupted, drawing everyone's attention.

"You running for president or something?" Peter shouted humorously. I fought the urge to scowl at him by using one of my patented fake, politician smiles.

"Isabella," I called gently, holding out my hand. She smiled and stood to walk toward me.

Once she had taken my hand, I looked down at her, and all the anger and jealousy evaporated.

She's mine.

"I invited you all here to introduce Isabella as my girlfriend. She came here to paint for me, but there was just this connection that neither of us could deny," I admitted wistfully.

I only heard one gasp of surprise at the table, and there was no way it came from anyone other than Peter. By now, this couldn't have been a shock to anyone else. I already told Emmett, and he, of course, would have told Rosalie, and since my suspicions were confirmed that Alice knew, I assumed she'd have spilled to Jasper as well. At this point, the whole formal introduction thing has pretty been for Isabella's sake. She had to realize that I was serious about her - that I wasn't going to let her be a dirty little secret.

Everyone was smiling, and I knew I was grinning like an idiot myself. Peter was the only one who looked less than thrilled - in fact, he looked a little disgusted. I held back my irritation and looked toward Isabella again. I didn't give a shit if Peter's judgmental glances were aimed at us. He wasn't a particularly important part of my life, so his opinion didn't weigh very heavily with me. I only hoped, for Isabella's sake, that he wouldn't back out on his offer to help her get into the best classes.

Dinner went well for the most part. After our announcement, conversation was a bit stilted until Emmett started telling embarrassing stories about our college days. Peter mostly stayed quiet, only talking to Alice and Jasper. Isabella even asked him a question, which he practically ignored. If this was our first touch of how difficult things might be because of our age difference, then I knew I'd be able to handle it. I just hoped Isabella would as well. There was still the possibility that Peter didn't care about our ages, that he was just jealous that Isabella was mine. Either way, I couldn't have cared less.

Beyond Peter's sudden cold shoulder - dinner progressed nicely, and Isabella seemed to take a liking to Emmett and Rose. I even speculated whether Rose might be a good mentor for Isabella. Of course, I'd have to tell Isabella that Rose Subbed for me once, but since there was no actual penetration, I didn't think she'd be too worried about it, if at all. No matter what, that was a conversation I'd have to approach with care.

As we walked Emmett and Rosalie to the door, Jasper and Peter said goodnight, leaving Alice, Isabella and me standing in the foyer.

"I've been missing Jasper, so I was thinking I'd spend the next few days at his apartment. I mean, it's not as if you two need a chaperone, or anything."

"We'll be fine, Alice," I replied, cutting a sideways glance at Isabella. She smirked at me.

"We're going to the club tomorrow night. You guys wanna join?" Alice added hopefully.

"I think Isabella and I will be busy," I replied, giving my baby girl a sexy look and loving the way she fucking blushed.

"Eww… I don't wanna know…" Alice replied in a playfully disgusted tone.

"Get out of here," I huffed, jokingly pushing her out the front entrance.

"Bye, Ali," Isabella chirped before shutting the door quickly.

"God… that was fucking exhausting." I admitted.

"Aww," Isabella sighed in a disappointed tone.


"Well it's just… I was thinking… now that we're all alone… I could show you all my naughty little outfits…" she said with a pout. "…but you're too tired?"

My cock sprung to life in response to her words and the fact that we were finally alone - and for a few days.

"Fuck, no, but there's been a slight change of plans. I want you to save your fashion show for later. I have something else in mind…"

"Oh… and what would that be?" she replied coyly, playing along.

"I want to have one more playroom test before you decide if you want to be my Sub as well as my girlfriend."

"- but I thought…" she began but trailed off.

"You're my girlfriend, yes, but not my Sub. This test is for both of us. I want to try a few things that will help to determine your limits."

"What did you have in mind, Sir?"

"Hmm… I thought I might set a theme for our next session - fire and ice - temperature play. "

"Fire?" she squeaked.

"Shit… not literally," I replied, laughing a bit so she knew I wasn't planning to burn her. "I was thinking of using wax."

"Wax," she squeaked again.

Oh shit… she just had her pussy waxed. I bet that hurt.

"Yes, wax, but not the kind that pulls out hair. This will be a warm paraffin wax mixed with body oil. It has a low melting point… just slightly above 125 degrees, so it won't feel uncomfortable. Is that okay… are you comfortable trying that?"

"I trust you, Sir," she replied confidently.

"Thank you, baby girl. That means a lot to me." I ran my hand over her lips, wanting to kiss her, but if I started now, we'd never make to the playroom. "After our session, I want to go over my rules for you as my submissive and my limits. We'll also have you create a sheet with your limits."


After our conversation, Isabella and I separated so we could each get ready for the playroom. First, I went to my room and hung up my suit jacket, then untucked and unbuttoned my grey dress shirt, leaving my chest exposed.

I then went over to my safe and got out my list of limits. Several years had passed since I'd even looked at the things, and I wondered if any of my limits might have changed.

I scanned a copy of a blank limits sheet into my computer and quickly typed a short explanation next to each of the acts, so Isabella would have time to consider her thoughts on each before deciding what she was comfortable with. I ended up changing a few of the soft limits to hard limits, simply because they were things I'd tried while playing in Italy and knew I would never be interested in trying them again. As I was printing out our limits sheets, I realized nearly half an hour had passed and Isabella would be headed to the playroom.

Leaving the sheets sitting on my desk, I hurried to the playroom wanting to get there before she arrived. I could hardly wait to see her. Isabella was to wear nothing but the silk robe I bought her, which I had managed to sneak into her closet while she was painting this afternoon.

Once I was in the playroom, lit a few candles, to create a romantic atmosphere and got the wax heating in the warmer and a small tray of ice from the playroom mini-fridge. I noticed a few frozen toys inside and briefly thought of using those instead, but changed my mind since it wasn't what Isabella and I discussed.

I heard two quick raps at the door, just the way I told her to knock.

"Enter." I commanded. My cock was already hard, and my voice was filled with lust.

She opened the door, and my erection twitched in my slacks. She looked fucking gorgeous.

"Don't speak unless I ask you a direct question or you need to use your safe words."

Her hair, still in soft curls from the party, was pulled up into a high ponytail, and the silky robe seemed to make her pale skin look like the most perfect alabaster. She was ethereal - a work of art. I wanted a painting of her to hang in my bedroom - looking just like this.

"On your knees, my sweet little girl," I ordered, pointing to the pillow in front of me. She complied, sitting on her knees a bit more gracefully than I thought she was capable of. Her form was wrong, though.

"Straighten your back and let your head fall forward a bit… that's perfect," I complimented, running my fingers across her delicate collarbone until I circled around her. I bent forward to grab the tie from her robe and pulled it until it came undone. Her slender torso was exposed for me to appreciate, and I did.

I pinched Isabella's stiff nipples and fought a smile when she gasped and moaned in response.

Her robe, while beautiful, was getting in the way, so I slowly slipped it down her shoulders, caressing her bare arms on the way down. She shivered in response, and I couldn't help but breathe warmly against her neck so she'd do it again.

"Are you ready to be bound for me, baby?" I asked her darkly.

"Yes, Sir," she admitted softly, but firmly.

I wished I'd had time for the toys and ropes I ordered to have come in. I really wanted to see Isabella bound in the midnight blue ropes. Instead, I settled for some black ones.

"Stand," I commanded, taking out my rope. "Lie down on the bench we used last time."

She stood, leaving the robe to pool at her feet. I couldn't help but stare at her naked flesh in all its youthful perfection as she made her way to the bench.

"Lay flat and stretch your arms above your head… good… just like that."

"Are we green, baby girl?" I whispered softly as I approached her with the rope.

"Yes, Sir."

"Get comfortable. Your arms will be in that position for the next half hour," I warned.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, Sir."

Softly I caressed the delicate skin of her wrists before binding each one. It was when I bound them together that my cock really started to throb. Isabella was squirming and rubbing her thighs together. She was fucking enjoying this.

"Enough of that… hold still," I commanded. Her lack of control was pushing me to the edge. I needed to get a handle on myself before I shot a load into my two-thousand-dollar Armani slacks.

She whimpered but stilled herself, and it was obvious that her restraint took quite a bit of effort. Once she seemed to calm down a bit, I grabbed the other rope and set to tying her feet.

I was about to tie her feet together the way I had her hands, but then I wouldn't have access to play with her pretty little pussy. Instead, I reached under the bench and popped out the expandable stirrups. This way, I could tie her feet down but have her spread wide so I could feast on her silky, bare lips.

"Spread wide for me, baby girl," I ordered softly, resisting the urge to plunge my fingers into her hot center. Once she was open wide, I tied each angle down with a rope and made sure she was secure and comfortable. "Use your safe words if this becomes uncomfortable."

"I'm going to blindfold you… are we green?"

"Yes, Sir."

I grabbed a white silk scarf and tied it over her eyes. Her breathing hitched, and she began to pant.

"What color, Isabella?"

"Green, Sir… very green."

Pleased with her response, I grabbed the slowly melting cubes of ice, happy that they were no longer so cold that they'd stick to Isabella's skin. Taking a small piece, I started trailing it over her bottom lip, letting it melt a little into her mouth. Then I ran it down her chin and neck, and then slowly across her d├ęcolletage. The closer I came to her stiff nipples, the more she moaned.

"Does that feel good, baby girl?" I asked in a husky tone.

"Mmm… good… Sir."

She arched her chest a bit, wanting me to circle her nipples, but I passed them. The first cube was almost melted, so I grabbed another and started running it between her breasts and down her firm torso, all the way to circle her sexy little navel.

She whimpered and her hips bucked as I pulled the ice away and ran my cold fingertips over her hips and down across her bare mound. I avoided her clit and glistening lips, and I knew it was driving her insane. As I continued my exploration, alternating cold fingers and cubes of ice, I popped a piece into my mouth and began sucking on it.

After the cube was mostly melted, I leaned forward and took one of Isabella's hard nipples into my cold mouth and sucked - hard.

"Fuck," she screamed, arching her breasts out.

I pulled my mouth away. "Quiet, Isabella. Don't make me send you to your room with an aching clit and orders not to touch yourself," I warned seriously. Her mouth snapped shut, and she began breathing heavily.

I put another cube in my mouth and began slowly stroking her clit with my chilled fingers. She was squirming. Once my tongue was cold again, I returned to nibbling and sucking her nipples, loving the way she moaned and whimpered.

After a minute, my mouth couldn't take anymore ice, so I pulled away and began focusing on Isabella's pussy. If she continued to follow my orders, she'd come several times tonight.

Once I was standing in front of her, I could see she was positively dripping. Her naughty little pussy had soaked my bench again.

"How bad do you want to come, Isabella?"

"So… so bad, Sir," she whined.

Still cool from the ice I'd eaten, my mouth needed to warm up a bit, so I decided to taste Isabella's hot pussy.

"Fuck, baby girl. Your pussy looks so good. I have to taste it."

I pressed my cool lips against her hot flesh and began sucking her. I'd teased her plenty, so I went at it fast, sucking her clit nice and hard. She began thrusting her hips, and I knew she was about to come.

"Not yet, baby…" I inserted my cool fingers into her pussy and started thrusting fast. Her muscles were starting to contract "…come for me." She did with a cry of ecstasy.

"Taste yourself, Isabella," I ordered and then kissed her hard on the lips, slipping my tongue inside so she could taste the sweet honey that poured from her innocent flesh.

"Mmm, so sweet," I groaned into her mouth.

"I'm gonna warm you up now, Isabella."

I managed to extract myself from her proximity long enough to grab the warming pot of wax. So far, it had melted nicely. I dipped into the warm, blue liquid with a small dripping spoon, and ladled a small amount on my arm. Fuck… that was a little hot. I turned the heat down on the pot and got a bit more, this time dripping it from a higher point and allowing it to cool a bit more before it hit my skin. This time it just barely stung.

"I'm going to drip some wax on you, baby. What color are we?"

"Green… Sir."

"God this wax is gonna look so fucking good on your skin, Isabella."

Not wanting to make assumptions about Isabella's tolerance for pain, I held the spoon high above Isabella and began drizzling it onto her tight little tummy. She gasped once at the first contact and then squirmed a little, but she didn't make any sounds of discomfort.

"How does that feel? Too warm?" I asked, concerned.

"No, Sir. It feels nice."

It looked fucking nice too.


Working my way up and down her body drizzling on her legs and breasts, I loved the way the blue lines of wax looked like threads crisscrossing all over her body. She was fucking stunning.

Seeing her like that made me want to fuck her so bad, but I had to restrain myself.

I tested the wax on my skin again - it felt cooler, so I drizzled it closer to her skin, letting it pool in the concave spot between her breasts and then down to pool in her naval. She hissed a little in response to the slight increase in temperature.

"What color, Isabella?" I asked, needing reassurance that she was okay.

"Green, Sir," she replied breathily.

"Does it still feel 'nice'?" I replied, using her words.

"Mmm… more than nice… feels so good, Sir," she practically moaned. I hummed in response.

Finally, I dribbled a pool of warm wax on her taut nipples and bit back a groan as she moaned and arched, moving only as much as her restraints would allow.

I could only assume that my earlier jealous streak at dinner possessed me to do it, but with careful precision, I used the spoon to drizzle 'Edward' in cursive across her mound - marking her possessively.

"I'll be right back, baby. Then, I'm gonna make you come so fucking hard, you'll see stars," I promised before walking over to my toy cabinet and grabbing a small, finger-sized vibrator. I knew I could use it in Isabella's virgin pussy without causing any pain.

I turned the vibe on to make sure the batteries were still good, and it didn't work. Shit… I looked around for a minute until I found a pack of batteries, cursing myself for not being more organized. I glanced over at Isabella and saw her biting her lip. She looked nervous - that was fine, as long as she wasn't bored. I took a glance between her spread thighs and saw she was still sopping wet. The sight made me smirk. Honestly, I was feeling a little cocky.

Once I put the fresh batteries into the little vibe, I turned it on high speed. That little fucker was powerful and loud - Isabella startled in response to the sudden noise filling the room.

"You told me you've never tried a vibrator before - would you like to?" I asked curiously.

"Yes, please," she moaned.

Not wanting to overstimulate her, I turned the vibrator down to the lowest speed and touched it to one of her waxed nipples. I wasn't sure how the wax barrier would affect the sensation of the vibrator, but I knew it felt good because Isabella jerked her hips and cried out in response. I switched to her other nipple before following the path down her chest to her stomach and then circling it around her inner thighs. I brought it close to her bare pussy lips before pulling back again and again. She starting thrusting her hips and whimpering with need. I knew I could tease her all day, but I didn't want this to feel like a punishment, so I pressed the small toy to her pussy lips before pushing against her swollen clit.

It was obvious she wanted to cry out - to speak.

"I want to hear you Isabella. Let me know how good I'm making you feel," I demanded, no longer wanting her silence.

"Fuck… oh God… it feel so… uhh… fucking amazing," she moaned and panted.

"Tell me, Isabella - who makes you feel this way?" I questioned darkly, feeling a possessive need swell inside. Unable to stop myself, I pulled my weeping cock from my slacks and pushed the little toy inside her.

"You, Sir… oh fuck… only you," she cried. I fisted my hand over my cock and closed my eyes as I simultaneously thrust the vibrator into her pussy and fucked my hand. Needing a little extra something, I used my hand to collect a bit of her juices and started pumping my cock again.

"Come as many times as you can, baby girl," I shouted, not caring to make her hold it. I just wanted to see her fucking come. She came immediately after, shouting a quick "fuck."

My thrusts increased in speed, and I knew I was about to fucking jizz all over her.

She came again quickly after, and her little cries and whimpering noises pushed me over the edge.

Unable to stop myself, I leaned forward and shot cum above her mound where I'd written my name in blue wax, and shouted, "You're fucking mine, baby girl. Mine."

"Fuck," we both said simultaneously. I chuckled and then kissed her passionately.

After a minute, I caught my breath and began removing Isabella's blindfold and then the ropes. The ropes came off, leaving pink indentions of sensitive skin. I kissed each of her wrists and ankles, showing appreciation for her submission.

"Let's get a shower," I decided when I saw flecks of wax peeling off and my cum running down her leg. I felt a little embarrassed that I'd felt the need to mark her like that, but I didn't regret it. Being with Isabella awakened something primal, animalistic inside me.

"Goddamn, baby girl. You look fucking beautiful like that. It's a shame to wash it all off." I pulled her over to a tall mirror and let her see how perfect she looked. She smiled at her reflection before turning her head up to offer me a kiss. I wasn't about to turn her down.

Isabella and I enjoyed a nice, long shower where I used a nice body scrub to get the wax and jizz off her body. The body wash, combined with the oils in the wax, left her already smooth skin feeling unbelievably silky. I wanted to go back to the playroom and do it all again, but it was getting late, and we still hadn't gone over the limits sheets.

Once we were dried off and Isabella redressed in her blue robe, I grabbed the papers and had Bella hop in bed next to me, so we could go over them together.

"So these are blank limits sheets for you to fill out. I put a brief explanation next to all of them, but you can ask me anything, and I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can."

Isabella scanned over the sheets, and I saw her eyes widen a little every few seconds.

"I'm not trying to sound judgmental, but do people really do that?" she asked incredulously, pointing to a section containing acts of playing with one's body fluids - blood, urine, and feces. I scrunched my nose up at the thought.

"I don't find that particularly sexy either," I admitted with a laugh.

"That's an understatement… bleh," she replied, sticking her tongue out.

"Anything else you have questions about?"

"Hmm… this Suspension stuff. Is that one of your limits, because it kind of makes me nervous. I mean, what if I fall and, like, break my leg or something?" she replied, biting her lip. I had suspension listed as something I enjoyed.

"No it's not a limit for me, but if we tried it, I wouldn't let you fall. Though, if it makes you nervous, you can put it as a soft limit, or if you don't want to try it all, put it as a hard limit. It's okay if our lists don't match up perfectly, and you can always change your list later."

Isabella continued marking things. She had a lot of hard limits, but most of them matched my own. There was a lot we needed to discuss, but I felt pretty confident that we were an excellent match. She grinned widely when I compared our lists and only found a few mismatched areas.

She began to look a bit sleepy, so I quickly pulled out my list of rules. I hadn't had a chance to amend them all from my last sub, so I decided just to grab a pen and mark out the ones that were no longer applicable.

"Since we are only going to be entering into a part time D/S relationship, many of my rules aren't necessary. I don't want you to feel as though I'm controlling every aspect of your life. Nor do I remotely want to."

I let her scan the rules with me.

The first were in regards to body maintenance - I'd already encouraged her to find a nice workout regime, and I explained the benefits not only to her health but to her stamina and flexibility while in the playroom. I told her it was her choice. She was also given the choice to stay bare. I didn't expect a full body wax, but I encouraged her to maintain a bare pussy by either waxing or shaving and to continue to keep her legs and underarms shaved as well.

I marked out all the instructions on public behavior and public drinking. I didn't have to worry about Isabella embarrassing me. I did, however, leave the section on birth control but added that it was required until further discussion. I wasn't sure how much Isabella would read into that, but I didn't want her thinking that I would never be up for having kids, because with her, that wasn't the case.

I could just picture us years from now, Isabella swollen with my child. It caused a shiver to run down my spine. Yeah… that was something I would definitely want later.

"Are you on birth control?" I asked Isabella. "Oh shit… I forgot you're Catholic. Umm… what… how…?"

Shit… Catholics don't use condoms or pills or shots or implants… how the hell was I supposed to fuck her?

She started laughing at me, suddenly - then stifled her giggles when she saw the serious expression on my face.

"What's so funny? How are we supposed to… without you…" I started anxiously before trailing off.

"Edward… I'm not Catholic," she said with a giggle.

"You're not?"

"No… I umm… I only went to Sacred Heart because my… my mom was a teacher there," she replied with a sad smile. I wanted to ask about her mother, but she looked too sad just from the slightest mention of her. I decided to put that conversation off for another day.

"So… you're okay with using birth control?" I asked hopefully. I didn't want there to be any barriers between us when we could finally be together. I didn't think it would be an issue, since I knew I was clean, having been checked out a several weeks ago when I decided to start looking for a Sub.

"I'm already on the pill. My doctor prescribed them a couple years ago when I began having erratic periods. They also help my skin too," she said with a small chuckle.

I felt a rush of air leave my lungs in relief.

"Good… that's good. Because if you're ready, Isabella, I want to make love to you tomorrow."


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