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Chapter 8

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 8 **Awake**

**Edward Cullen**

"I can't… I need… need to come… please… please, Sir. I need you to touch me again," she gasped desperately, clutching the sheets and pulling at my hair.

With a low groan, I went back to her pouty lips, covered them with mine, plunging my tongue in at a forceful pace.

As my fingers pumped her wildly, a chant started to form in my overactive brain. Mine, baby girl, you're all mine, I repeated over and over in my head like some perverted mantra of possessiveness. My need for Isabella had reduced me to nothing but a few prehistoric cave-man instincts.

As I watched Isabella fall apart in my arms, a warring and entirely foreign thought entered my mind - I was her slave.

She owned me - PERIOD.

There wasn't going to be a Sub search at Onyx, no blind date with Cecile or weekend trips using my private jet to Italy and Le Crépusculo to relieve the tension. I was done. How could I ever be satisfied again, if not with my baby girl?

"Oh fuck," Isabella's cry of profanity punctuated her orgasm. She was the most beautiful fucking thing I'd ever seen in my life - smooth, bare legs spread limply around my hips, perfectly pert heaving breasts, and her hair - a wild mess of silken mahogany - fanned out around her beautiful, sated face flushed from exertion. She was pure sin, and now she was mine.

As I slowed down, just gently rubbing at her swollen wet pussy, I watched silently as her breathing began to calm and slow.

Not wanting to cause her any discomfort, I eased my fingers out of her slowly. As tight as she was, I knew she'd be a bit tender in the morning.

Morning… a bit of panic took hold when I thought of what the morning might bring.

Would Isabella regret what we'd done or become uncomfortable? Would she think I took advantage of her? Would she leave me?

Needing reassurance, I looked over her resting form, letting my eyes and hands trail the exposed flesh of her stomach and breasts along the way - just testing to make sure she was really there and not just another one of my convoluted fantasies.

By the time my eyes landed on her face, I was grinning like an idiot.

Soft snores escaped her plump, pink lips - my baby girl had fallen asleep.

I hovered over her just watching her for a few minutes, and even though I probably looked like a psycho stalker, I honestly didn't care. I was too busy thinking about how fucking lucky I was that Isabella had wanted me.

For a brief moment, she stirred, and I thought for sure she was going to wake up, but she just scratched her stomach and smacked her lips together. Unable to resist, I pressed a tiny kiss on the side of her mouth. As if she could sense me, her plump, pink lips lifted into a small smile.

After everything, I was tired, so I leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed the remote to turn off all the lights. Once we were shrouded in darkness, I tightened the towel wrapped around me and moved to lie down beside Isabella's soft, naked body, so I could pull her close to my chest. The throbbing erection between my legs would have to be ignored and kept away from my innocent girl, or I'd end up taking her in my sleep.

We had much to discuss before crossing that bridge, but after tonight, my chest swelled with hope that it was now only a matter of time.

After a few minutes, Isabella stirred again, but this time she was slightly alert. "Should I leave, Sir?" she asked, whispering sleepily.

"I'd like it if you stayed please, Isabella," I admitted nervously, hoping to God she'd stay wrapped up in my arms all night.

"Okay," she agreed, nuzzling my chest and neck before slipping off into dreamland again.

Having my girl in my arms all night was truly a magnificent experience. Sure, I'd slept with a few women in my bed in the past, though it was a rare moment that I let a Sub sleep with me. The other times were simply the occasional sleepover with whatever girlfriend I was with at the time. They'd been few and far between, and never like this.

Isabella was turning me into a cuddler.

Cuddling was never my thing, but here I was treating Isabella like my own personal teddy-bear, albeit a teddy-bear I wanted to fuck, but still. Edward Cullen did not cuddle - except with Isabella, and I couldn't get enough.

Maybe an hour or so later, I'd managed to fall asleep, only to be awakened by Isabella thrashing in the bed. She had somehow escaped my grasp and gotten tangled in the sheets. I soothed her whimpering by pulling her close and whispering that everything was going to be all right. She buried her head in the crook of my neck - finally her bad dream passed.

After that, I drifted back to sleep.

I've been walking all over the house looking for Isabella. I know she's hiding from me - because I keep finding various articles of clothing scattered about. When I find a pair of black lace panties on the floor, I roar in frustration and need. Isabella is naked and fucking with me. That girl is trying my patience, making me want to spank her cute little ass.

After I've searched the entire house top to bottom, I realize the one place I haven't looked.

Of course - she went to the playroom.

I rush the stairs at an almost inhuman pace. When I get to the large oak entryway, I spy a folded pair of silk thigh-high stockings lying on the floor. I swing the door open in a hurry and find my Isabella sprawled out, waiting for me on the whipping bench. She looks so fucking good there - I almost jizz in my pants over the image that assaults me.

She's done nothing to disobey me, so she knows her spanking will be more for pleasure and less about punishment.

"Isabella, do you realize what a mess you've made? There are clothes scattered all over the house," I bark in mock anger.

She doesn't respond.

"Answer me, or my naughty girl is getting a spanking," I practically growl.

She shakes her head in defiance, and since I'm a man of my word, my hand comes down on her bare ass - hard. The little yelp of shock that escapes her lips has me smiling inside. Rubbing at the tender flesh of her backside, I want to make sure the sting is gone before we begin.

As if her deliberate defiance and position on the whipping bench weren't enough to entice a spanking, Isabella has moved the rabbit fur flogger from its usual place, likely as a hint for me to use it. She can give all the hints she likes, but that doesn't mean she's going to get what she wants.

I see her eyeing the flogger with barely-veiled longing.

Making my way to the shelf that holds most of my impact toys, I pick up the misplaced flogger first.

I catch Isabella's satisfied smirk from the corner of my eye.

Instead of returning to her with it to have some fun, I put it back in its rightful place and do my best to contain the dark laughter that bubbles up when her face falls in disappointment.

Instead of the soft flogger, I grab a long English riding crop. Isabella's eyes widen.

"Are you ready for your spanking, Isabella?" I question darkly.


"Isabella, I asked you a question," I growl lowly.

"Sir, wake up," she tells me.

"Huh?" I asked groggily, noticing that Isabella was, quite forcefully, pushing against my arms.

"You're squishing me, Edward," she grunted with amusement.

A moment of clarity set in, and I was suddenly as awake as I could possibly be.

Fuck, I was crushing Isabella.

"Oh… shit, baby girl, I'm so sorry. I'm used to sleeping alone," I admitted sheepishly before rolling off her small body, though I wanted nothing more than to be back on top of her.

"That's okay, Sir. Honestly, I kind of enjoyed looking at your naked butt…" I nearly choked in response to her brazen admission "…but I just couldn't support your weight any longer," she explained, smirking.

Her eyes suddenly went wide and her mouth dropped open. My change in position had managed to reveal the sight of my big cock standing proudly in the morning light that shined in from the balcony window.

I realized a bit too late that the towel must have somehow come off during the night. I usually slept naked anyway, so that fact didn't surprise me.

Isabella continued to stare wide-eyed at my erection. As if to say hello, my cock twitched in response to her appreciative gaze.

I moved to cover myself with the sheet, knowing that if she kept on staring at it, it was only going to get worse. My cock twitched again when the soft sheet grazed the sensitive, pierced head.

"Sorry," I apologized, not really meaning it. "Men tend to rise with the sun."

"Is that a fact, Sir?" she said with a little giggle-snort sound that was so fucking cute. Damn, this girl was turning me into a pussy.

"Why don't you wake up next to me again tomorrow and find out," I retorted with a sly grin.

Suddenly, a look of determination clouded her easy smile, and her face became very serious.

"Umm… can I… touch it?" she asked nervously, blushing redder than I'd ever seen.

"It's okay, Isabella. You don't have to do that," I replied, but inwardly, I wanted to slap myself for the cock-blocking response I'd given.

"I know that, but I want to try - if you'll let me," she asked sweetly, looking up at me from underneath her lashes.

Fuck - now there was no mistaking it. My sexy girl knew exactly what she was doing with those pouty lips and doe eyes. She was enticing me, seducing me, and doing a fucking good job too.

"You make it hard to say no when you look at me like that, baby girl," I admitted while tracing my thumb over her lower lip. All I could think about was repeating the action with my cock.

Her mouth opened, and her little pink tongue lightly swiped the tip. "Fuck," I cursed in response, but I couldn't take my eyes off her lips. In a split second, Isabella hollowed out her cheeks and sucked my thumb into her mouth.

Seeing her eyes darkened with pure lust was the sexiest fucking thing I'd ever seen in my life.

A few tentative swipes with her tongue, and then she was swirling it around my thumb and sucking hard - I almost jizzed myself right then.

"Is that how you like it?" she asked after releasing my thumb with a wet pop. Her words were innocent, but the seductive tone she used was anything but.

I simply couldn't take it anymore.

"Sit on your knees at the end of the bed, Isabella," I nearly growled.

With wide eyes, she scrambled quickly to get into position.

Naked, with the sun shining in through the bay windows, the light was too bright to see anything but her perfect silhouette. She was so enticing - mouthwatering.

Moving from the bed to stand in front of my eager girl, I remembered how it felt to kiss her last night. Now, even more than I wanted to fuck her mouth, I wanted to press my lips against hers.

"Kiss me, baby girl," I commanded softly.

She smiled shyly, even though she'd just been sucking my fucking thumb like an expert tease.

I bent forward and hesitantly pressed my lips to hers. Her lids fluttered shut as her mouth began moving slowly with mine. She tasted so good - so sweet. Breathing through my nose, I caught a whiff of her - peaches and warm, vanilla honey. My body needed to be encased in that tantalizing scent.

Wanting her as close as possible, I couldn't help but lift her up from her knees to pull her against me.

With my needy cock pressed against her tight stomach, she moaned. I slipped my tongue into her hot mouth, and fuck, it felt good in there. I knew I could just keep kissing her like this forever.

Abruptly, thoughts of sweet kisses where replaced with pure animal lust as Isabella gently wrapped her small hand around my aching cock. Shocked, I gasped in her mouth.


Quickly, I pulled away from her warm embrace and watched her settle back on her knees again.

"Fuck, Isabella, I need your mouth on my cock," I admitted with a groan of frustration.

"There's nothing I want more, Sir."

Fuck yes. "Get back on your knees," my words came out much more composed than my thoughts ever did.

"Should I just um do what I did before… umm - with your thumb?" she asked, finally sounding nervous.

"Yeah, baby, that would make me feel really good. Just be careful with the tip - it's very sensitive, especially with the piercing. Just avoid using your teeth there, okay?" I instructed gently, wanting to ease her worries. I knew if she sucked my cock like she'd just sucked my thumb, I was in for a treat.

"Yes, Sir."

With my cock now within her reach, she took a gentle hold of it and guided me to her warm, waiting mouth. Her tongue swept along my frenum before she began lapping at the moisture that had inevitably collected at the tip. "Holy fuck," I groaned.

I was so busy focusing on her mouth that I didn't initially notice Isabella looking up at me.

One look into those beautiful dark eyes, and I was lost.

My cock slipped past her soft lips, and she began swirling her tongue around just like she had before.

"God, baby, your mouth is so good. Keep going."

The moment her tongue trailed tantalizingly over my piercing, I couldn't stop myself. My hands were immediately in her hair - not exactly guiding, more just feeling her head bob as she took me inside.

Isabella was responding so well to my commands. I wanted to know if I could trust her with all of me. Was it even possible that she might want someone like me? If things between us progressed, I knew I couldn't live with myself if I held back too much for the sake of not wanting to put her off.

I was pushing forty, so at this point I felt like Isabella was my last chance at happiness - I had to do this right.

"Isabella, I really want to fuck your mouth. I'll be so gentle. Will you let me, baby girl?" I asked softly as she continued to lap at me like a thirsty little kitten.

She nodded and hummed her approval, almost making me cum in her mouth.

I gritted my teeth before winding Isabella's long hair around my fist. This was going to be a major test of my restraint.

Slowly, I guided my cock in and out of her mouth, making sure not to thrust too deep.

"Open wide, baby girl" I commanded. Isabella was so eager to respond to my directions. She didn't disappoint. I grabbed hold of my shaft and slipped it a little deeper, making sure to pass over her tongue.

Fuck, she felt so good, but I needed to be deeper.

"Do you think you can take more of me, baby girl?" Isabella blinked up at me and nodded again. "Breath through your nose and try to relax, it will help you fit more," I instructed carefully, feeling the familiar tightening in my stomach and balls that meant my release was not too far away. I pushed in farther and farther with every thrust, waiting for Isabella to gag or show signs of discomfort. She only did when I grazed the back of her throat.

I felt a little guilty for making her gag, but she didn't seem to mind too much.

I pushed in again, and she gagged a little less. Even though her eyes were watery, they were still full of excitement and lust.

"Fuck that feels good, Isabella. Christ," I panted. My thrusts came a little faster, but I still restrained myself from trying to push into her throat. That was something we'd have to work up to.

"Goddamn, baby, I'm gonna cum soon. Can you swallow it?" I asked encouragingly, feeling almost desperate for her to take my cum inside her body. She nodded, and her eyes widened with anticipation.

I was getting really close, so when Isabella's tongue began curling and wiggling against my pierced head with each thrust, it was enough to push me over the edge.

"Fuck… cumming… take it, baby… swallow," I shouted as I pressed farther into her mouth to shoot streams of cum into her mouth.

She gagged again, so I pulled out leaving a trail of cum from her open lips to my cock. The sight of his caused another stream of cum to shoot out on to her mouth and a shiver went up my spine.

Isabella looked up at me wide-eyed and full of lust. I was about to offer to get a washcloth to wipe off her face, but she stuck her tongue out and licked herself clean. She only grimaced a little at the taste making me smile sheepishly.

"That was amazing - so fucking good, Isabella," I complemented in awe of her.

"Really?" she replied, sounding equal parts shocked and pleased with herself.

"Mmm… so good, baby girl."

Needing her body close to mine, I coaxed her to lay back down on the bed while I hovered over her.

"You are so beautiful, baby, and I want you so bad, but we really have to talk about this." As much as I wished Isabella and I could just skip that conversation and get to the hard fucking, I knew it wasn't right.

"Are you going to change your mind or regret this?" she asked quietly, her eyes filled with worry and fear.

"God, no. I told you last night, Isabella - I've wanted you since the moment I saw you. Now that I have you, I'm not going to be too eager to let you go." I meant it too.

She smiled a breathtaking grin, making me feel that now-familiar clenching sensation in my chest.

I felt like Isabella and I shared a kind of strange connection. I'd never been the type to believe in love at first sight, and I was not so naïve to think that I'd fallen in love with the girl, but fuck if I wasn't already on my way. It would be so easy to fall for her, which was why this talk was so important. Isabella needed to know what I was, and until then, I couldn't let myself fall for her.

The alarm on my nightstand went off, signaling that it was 6:00 in the morning. Alice would be leaving for work in an hour or so.

"We should get up. Alice will be awake soon and getting ready for work, but when she leaves, we'll talk, okay?" I asked before placing soft kisses up Isabella's neck to the hollow behind her ear. She moaned, and in my peripheral I could see her thighs rubbing together. She needed release.

"Yes, Sir," she agreed, panting slightly.

"I know you need relief, sweetie, but we don't have time right now. Maybe we can play after we've had our talk. How does that sound?"

She reluctantly agreed before sliding out of bed. This time, I didn't resist giving her a light swat on her pert little ass as she scurried to pick up her clothes. Before she left, I mentioned the best way for her to get back to her room without running into Alice. I knew my sister probably wouldn't give a shit about what I did with Isabella. She really had no room to judge - nor could my father.

Carlisle was seventeen years older than Esme, and Jasper was nine years older than Alice. Neither made up the difference between Isabella and me, but their situation was similar since Alice was only seventeen when she and Jasper secretly began dating. They'd been a couple for three years before she even introduced him to the family.

I didn't feel as though I had any reason to be ashamed of Isabella and what we'd done, but that didn't mean that she wouldn't. Again, our age difference was something we'd need to discuss.

Feeling a little bereft from the loss of Isabella's presence, I decided to grab a shower so I could better focus on how to tell her that I was a Dom and that she was a natural Sub - all without scaring her.

Genuinely, I believed that Isabella was a natural Sub. So many behavioral markers pointed toward that being the case. But just because she was a natural, didn't mean it was something she'd automatically be up for. There were so many things to consider. She could have health issues or phobias. With an asshole like Charlie as a father, she might even have a history of abuse. I had already seen him get a little physical with her when he tightly covered her mouth the other day, but was I sure? No.

There was also the matter of Isabella's mother. From the information Carlisle's assistant sent me, I knew her mother was dead, but I had no actual details.

There was no way I wanted to put Isabella in a situation that could cause her to trigger and have a panic attack or worse. I wanted her trust me, and I knew it would be worth it for me to earn that trust. As amazing as our time together in the last several hours was, I would be satisfied moving slowly from there - simply working up to more if she was open to it.

I wanted to know everything about Isabella - her secrets, her fantasies - if she had any dark desires.

After my shower, I dressed in a pair of loose button-fly jeans and a worn black Dartmouth t-shirt from my college days. I remembered how Isabella's eyes wandered my body appreciatively the day before, and now that she knew what was hidden beneath the clothes, I hoped I affected her even more.

As I entered the kitchen, Isabella froze. Her eyes, while tired, shined with contentment. I gave her a sly grin before seating myself at the dining room table.

"Good morning, Isabella." I greeted casually.

"Morning, Edward," she chirped, giving me a small, knowing grin. Less than a minute later, I was digging in to the most fantastic French toast I'd ever tasted.

"That was heavenly, baby," I whispered before placing a kiss on top of her pretty head.

As I was cleaning the syrupy remnants from my plate, Alice came in, dressed impeccably as she always did when she had to work at the boutique. My polite girl made my sister a plate, and the pair sat together chatting about various books they enjoyed.

It was nice to hear that a lot of my girl's tastes aligned with mine.

For several minutes, I sat entranced by all the information Isabella was disclosing about herself, but when their conversation turned to facial cleansers, I excused myself from the table so I could give Emmett a call.

"McCarty and Hale, this is Lauren speaking. How may I direct your call?" The shrill voice of Emmett's receptionist came through the line.

"Lauren, it's Edward Cullen. I tried to reach Emmett on his cell, but I didn't get an answer. Is he available?" I asked impatiently. I had hoped that Emmett's polite girl, Emily, would have answered, but no, as always, I was thrust into the never-ending cycle of innuendo that was Lauren's vocabulary.

"Oh, Edward. I haven't seen you in so long. You should really come up here and visit more often," she cooed.

"I'm sorry, Lauren, but I'm very busy. Now if you could just put Emmett on the line…" I redirected, not wanting to give her an opportunity to verbally molest me as she had in the past.

"I'll get him," she snapped before placing me on hold.

After a few minutes of listening to the annoying sound of the smooth jazz that Rosalie undoubtedly chose for the hold music, I wanted to crush my Blackberry in my hand.

"I'm transferring you now, Edward, but I should warn you. He's in a mood," Lauren advised coolly. The low beep signified she'd transferred the call.

Immediately, Emmett's loud voice boomed through my earpiece. "Goddamn right you will, I want that fucking file ten minutes ago," my boisterous cousin growled. "McCarty speaking."

"Jesus, Emmett, what that fuck is going on over there?" I asked worriedly.

"I need a fucking clone of me right about now," he barked irritably. "Rosie and half my staff have some kind of bug or something. She's supposed to give a deposition in an hour, and we're fucking swamped with the Marcus Anders trial. The DA is pushing for a tough sentence, and as much as I think the asshole deserves it, he's my fucking client."

"Fuck, Em. Well, I just wanted to tell you I wasn't going to make it Saturday, but I guess you have more important shit to be dealing with right now. I'll just talk to you about it later."

"Wait… Edward, I could really use an extra pair of eyes. Could you find it in that black heart of yours to help out your favorite cousin?" he pleaded in a desperate tone I rarely heard from him.

Fuck. I definitely didn't want to leave and miss out on my conversation with Isabella, but Emmett has always been there for me when I needed him. I was sure Isabella would understand.

"Alright, but I can only stay a few hours. I have guests," I explained.

Emmett was pretty grateful that I agreed to help him, but the thought that I might possibly upset or disappoint Isabella left me feeling ill.

By the time I got back to the kitchen, the girls had already eaten and cleaned up.

I made my way back to the guest wing in hopes of finding them.

They weren't in Isabella's room, so I went up to Alice's. Quietly, I made my way up the stairs - like the nosey jackass that I was - hoping to be able to listen again in case they were having a conversation. By the time I rounded the corner to Alice's guest wing, I heard them chatting about books again. Disappointed by the content of their discussion, I saw no reason to hide my presence until something Alice said made me pause.

"Oh, those? Umm… that's my collection of erotica. You know BDSM, hard fucking, whips and chains, spankings?" Shit. I nearly passed out at that point, wondering what was running through Isabella's mind. "I bet you got spanked plenty in Catholic school, right?" Alice surmised wistfully.

To my surprise, instead of sounding offended or shocked, Isabella laughed loudly.

"I only ever got corporal punishment once, and that was because I drew a Salvador Dali moustache on a painting that belonged to this girl who had been bullying me for the last few years. They ended up sending me to Father Volturi to be punished - that jerk gave me four swats with a paddle, and I couldn't sit down without wincing for the rest of the day," she said, sounding highly amused.

"I bet you liked it," Alice teased.

"Eww… Father Volturi is gross. He has these weird, beady eyes and smells like cabbage." Her assessment of the priest made me smile briefly, but frankly, the idea of that man - holy or not - putting his hands or paddle - whatever - on my innocent girl turned my stomach.

The pair laughed a bit more before Alice mentioned she was running late.

"I have to go, but you're welcome to read anything I have here, and I can't wait to read this - thanks for letting me borrow it," Alice replied excitedly. Not wanting to be caught snooping, I snuck back downstairs to wait for my sister to leave before approaching Isabella.

The fact that my sister and my baby girl seemed to be getting along warmed my heart. I knew Alice could be difficult, but I could tell the pair had found a common interest in literature and had bonded this morning. I wondered, though, if Isabella would actually look through Alice's erotica. If she did, what would she think?

Would it disgust or arouse her?

"Edward, are you really going to stand there and pretend like you weren't just listening in on our conversation," Alice snapped when she caught me heading back up the stairs.

"I was hoping neither of you noticed my presence, because when I realized the nature of your conversation, I left. Honestly Alice - do you think I would want to embarrass my guest that way?" I replied, hoping she would believe that my eavesdropping was an innocent mistake. She cocked a perfectly arched brow at me before heading toward the garage for her car.

Shaking off Alice's attempt at intimidation, I made my way back up the stairs to find Isabella.

She was still in Alice's room - I approached quietly.

Facing away from me, I couldn't see what she was looking at - only that it was a large photography book. I crept up behind her - like the stalker that I was - and peered over her shoulder.

My cock was instantly rock hard when I took in the scene before me. Isabella had an erotic photography book opened. In sensual black and white, there was an image of a middle-aged man spanking a young woman whose bare ass was hanging out of a tartan skirt while his other hand wrapped around one of her long pigtails. The other page showed the same man and woman, but this time he had his fingers inside her freshly-spanked ass, spreading her in preparation for his cock. As hot as the photographs were, they were nothing compared to the sight of Isabella's hooded eyes, flushed face, and her tiny hand tweaking a nipple through the thin cotton t-shirt she wore.

I couldn't help myself. I fucking snapped.


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