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Chapter 5

 *^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 5 **Expectations**

**Edward Cullen**

"Are you ready to go, Isabella?" I asked coyly before reluctantly releasing her hand.

"Yes, Sir," she said quietly before taking a long look back at the old white house.

Seeing Charlie's cruiser, I assumed he was there and wondered why he hadn't come out to greet me or say goodbye to Isabella. I decided not to dwell on it, as I had far greater concerns. Isabella was going to be mine for two months, and after, when that two months was up, she would be in Seattle, which was only a short drive away from the estate in Bellevue. I just hoped I could keep her.

"Excellent, we'll go ahead and leave then. The movers will get your things and deliver them to the estate later this evening. As for us, I thought we might stop for dinner on the way."

I opened the car door for Isabella, loving the shy way she thanked me.

Conner and the driver slipped wordlessly into the front. Wanting some privacy with Isabella, I pressed the button for the divider to come up, effectively cutting us off from the prying ears in front.

"What are you in the mood for, Isabella?" I asked curiously.

"Oh, well I'm not picky. I can usually find something I like anywhere, so really, whatever you prefer, Sir," she replied happily before crossing her longs legs in front her and relaxing back against the soft leather seats. My cock loved that she shared her opinion but ultimately wanted to abide by my decision.

"There is a fantastic Thai restaurant on the way to the estate, so we'll stop there," I decided before looking to Isabella for her reaction.

"I've never had Thai food before, but I love to try new things, Sir," she admitted with a smile. Her words, though innocent in nature, opened the floodgates to images of all the new things wanted her to try.


I placed my iPad2 in my lap to hide the fucking boner I always sported in her presence.

"I'm sure you'll love it, though I should warn you - lot of it is quite hot," I cautioned.

"I can take the heat, Sir," she joked lightly making me smirk back.

Several minutes of comfortable silence passed until I thought of a few questions and things I still hadn't discussed with Isabella.

"Alice should be there when we arrive as well. I should warn you, though, she can be a little… well, she's a pain the ass, if I'm being honest," I admitted jokingly. Isabella laughed and smiled.

"For the most part she's friendly and fiercely loyal. I'd like to say that she's down to earth, but unfortunately she tends to be a bit bratty because of our upbringing." I couldn't help but notice Isabella frown slightly. "As I mentioned before, Alice graduated Ai the year before with a degree in fashion design. She already opened her own boutiques in Seattle, LA, New York, and London, but she works at the store in Seattle every couple of days. I'm sure at some point she's going to want to take you there and use you as her own personal paper doll… hence the pain in the ass comment," I explained.

Isabella's eyes widened a bit before she smiled nervously and nodded.

"She sounds nice, Sir," Isabella commented politely. Her bewildered eyes betrayed her politeness, and I had to stop myself from laughing.

"It's okay, Isabella - feel free to refuse her. Don't let anyone pressure you to do anything you don't want to," I assured her humorously.

She smiled nervously, until she caught the humor laced in my tone.

"Don't worry. You'll like Alice eventually - I promise," I added to reassure her.

"I trust you, Sir," she replied, laughing a little. Her words, though filled with laughter, elicited a pang in my chest. I needed her trust more than anything.

"I almost forgot to ask. Have you decided if you wanted to stay in the estate or should I have Conner get the cottage ready for you?" I asked eagerly awaiting her decision.

"Well, I don't want anyone to go through any trouble, Sir, so in the estate will be more than fine, and I suppose it would be easier if I was already in the house, so I can prepare our meals and get to the… umm… where am I to paint the mural, Sir?"

"My office," I replied simply.

She nodded, but I could almost see the wheels turning in her head. I hoped she realized how important this was to me. Being in my office meant that the mural would be in a place I would see every day. Unfortunately, her thoughts were closed to me, making me unable to determine what she thought of that.

I dared not ask her either.

The three hour drive seemed to go by quickly. We had a chat about the painting supplies Isabella would need as well as the groceries for the meals she would prepare for the week.

Isabella was concerned about the current color scheme in my office, wanting to make sure that she used the best colors possible to match, but I insisted that she should use whatever colors felt right to her, and if necessary, I'd redecorate around it. I took note of everything she needed and then sent it to

Conner's Blackberry, so he could have it all delivered the next day.

I gave her the specifications on the room size and watched with barely veiled interest as she pulled a sketchpad from her bag and began drawing out various patterns and designs.

It wasn't long before we arrived in Seattle at the Thai restaurant. When she saw it, Isabella blanched and looked slightly horrified.

"Hey… what's wrong, sweet girl?" I asked worriedly, inwardly cursing my slip - I'd accidentally called her by the pet name I gave her in my fantasy.

"This place looks… umm… really fancy, Sir," she replied nervously, not seeming to notice my loose tongue.

'Well, I guess it is. It's the best Thai food in the city and considered a five star restaurant," I hedged, wondering if she was worried about money again.

"What's the matter, Isabella?"

"I'm umm… I'm not really dressed for a place like this, Sir," she replied softly, sounding embarrassed.

"Nonsense, you look beautiful…" I complemented easily, loving the way she blushed from my words. "…but I don't want you to be uncomfortable.

Would it help you to know that I already had Conner reserve a private dining room for us?"

"Umm… okay. I feel bad that you would have to go through so much trouble, but that would make me more comfortable, Sir. That's very considerate," she agreed, seeming relieved.

"It's no trouble. Besides I usually see constituents in places like this, and private dining is usually the best way to avoid drawn-out political conversations or the constant requests for special favors when I am trying to enjoy a nice meal by myself," I explained.

"You must be so lonely, Sir," she observed compassionately before slapping her hand over her mouth. She looked utterly aghast. "I'm so sorry, Sir. That was completely out of line for me to make such an assumption about your personal life, much less to voice that opinion."

"It's okay, I don't mind. Besides, it was a correct assumption," I admitted before looking at her meaningfully. Her gaze met mine, and it was like some kind invisible link had bound us together. The moment of silence felt as though it held so much promise, so much hope. I dared not ruin it with petty words or empty gestures. Isabella's eyes were filled with curiosity and surprise. What must she think of my admission? Did she realize that I wanted her?

Before I could contemplate those questions any further, Isabella's door opened and forced me to break the intense hold Isabella's deep eyes had on my own.

Conner held the door for her then went to open mine.

Feeling emboldened by our shared moment, I offered her my arm and walked with her into the restaurant.

The hostess was already awaiting our arrival and guided us through the throng of people waiting to be seated and into the private dining area.

The room looked very modern and had an almost sensual look, with its rich, amber walls and dark leather bench seats. As Isabella sat down, my cock began to harden at the thought of her on my whipping bench, which was currently locked up tight in my poor underused playroom. For the sake of my own sanity, I hoped it didn't remain that way for too much longer.

Isabella and I enjoyed our meal and thankfully kept the conversation light.

It was nearly 9:30 when we finished, and the restaurant was about to close for the evening.

Isabella took my arm again as I walked her to back to the car. I loved being near her, and would use any excuse I could to touch her. She was letting me get closer and closer and the fact that she didn't shy away from my touch thrilled me more than I cared to admit.

I caught Isabella staring at me a couple times on the way to the estate, and though the inside of the car was too dark to be sure, I had a feeling she blushed every time. Was she attracted to me?

I knew I was an attractive man - People magazine had even named me number eight in their "Sexiest Man Alive" edition last year, which was the highest any politician had ever gotten before. I was flattered, of course, and loved the ego boost. Though politically, it hadn't done me any favors. Many of my colleagues used it to tease me, while others made me the butt of their jokes and questioned how serious I was about my position. Not once had I let things like that go to my head. No one knew how much I sacrificed to fulfill my role as Senator.

Not only had I sacrificed the amazing sex life I'd previously maintained, but I had also lost a lot of quality time with my father, Esme, Alice, Jasper and Emmett.

I vowed never to let that happen again. No way was I getting back into politics again, no matter how much I was wanted. I had enough money that I could enjoy myself - become a man of leisure.

Of course, I had my various hobbies to keep me busy - sailing, diving, and even a little surfing, if the waves were good - not to mention my more illicit hobbies.

I wondered if Isabella would want to go sailing some time. I knew I'd have to get her a lot more comfortable with me before I suggested something like that, but the mere idea of that beautiful girl at the bow of my schooner wearing a gauzy white dress with the wind in her dark hair, filled me with a deep sense of yearning.


It was a little after ten by the time we pulled up to the gates my estate. Isabella sat up abruptly when she noticed we were turning in to the drive.

She looked excited.

"It's so big, Sir," she observed. I almost moaned from the innuendo.

Fuck, I loved it when she did that. Nearly everything she said could be taken the wrong way to mean something sexual. She was driving me insane.

"Holy crap," she blurted when we pulled the car into my garage. I noticed she was looking around at all the cars I owned. It was probably the first time I'd heard her say something that wasn't 100% polite. I chuckled, wondering if she ever cussed at all. As much as I loved her respectful side, I wanted her to let her guard down. I wanted to hear filthy words come out of her plump, pink lips.

"As you can see, I love cars," I admitted unashamedly.

"Yes, Sir," she agreed, wide-eyed.

"Before I forget…" I walked over to the small locker containing all my car keys and grabbed a small silver one. "… this is the key to that silver Volvo over there. It's yours to use when you need to leave, and you aren't going somewhere with Alice in that thing." I motioned to the canary yellow Ferrari Roadster parked haphazardly next to my favorite car - my midnight black Aston Martin Vanquish.

"Thank you, Sir… I can't believe… I mean that's so considerate. I promise to be very careful with your car," she pledged gratefully.

"Yes, I'm sure you will, and if you value your life, you won't ride anywhere with my sister," I added, barely teasing. Alice had been in more fender benders than anyone else I knew. Isabella chuckled nervously, so I was pretty sure I'd made her sufficiently afraid of my sister. I didn't feel too bad about it, as long as she wasn't skittish around me.

"According to the movers, they've already delivered both Miss Cullen and Miss Swan's things to their designated suites and moved everything from your office to one of the spare rooms," Conner said after ending a call on his Blackberry.

"Thank you, Conner, that'll be all for today," I dismissed. Conner and the driver both left.

I almost breathed a sigh of relief that Isabella and I were finally alone, until I heard a shrill scream painfully penetrate my eardrums. I should have remembered Alice was already here after seeing her car in the garage.

I groaned irritably.

"Isabella, I'm Alice. We are going to have so much fun this summer. I'm gonna take you to the college and to my boutique, and then we can go to the club on Friday nights…" she shouted before hugging a stunned looking Isabella.

Politely - as always - Isabella patted her on the back before stepping away.

"It's nice to meet you too, Alice, you can call me Bella - everybody does," she replied shyly.

What. The. Fuck? What was this "Bella" shit? She never once corrected me or gave me any indication to call her by the nickname. The idea that we'd made some kind of connection back at the restaurant was starting to seem like it was just some fantasy I concocted in a desperate attempt to be close to her. My eyes narrowed and fists clenched. I had to get away.

"Excuse me, please," I interrupted coldly before storming out of the garage.

Once I made it to my bedroom, I jerked the bathroom door open and stripped out of my clothes. I was in the shower before the water even had time to heat. The hard spray of ice cold water both invigorated me and made me numb. I refused to think about Isabella's words and how much they hurt me.

The numbness lasted only until the water began to warm my frigid skin.

Along with the warmth came the pain and vile self-loathing thoughts. She must think of me like some kind of authority figure, like a fucking teacher or fuck… a gross old man who has the audacity to think he could possibly lure a beautiful young woman - fuck that - a teenager, into his bedroom to use her like his own personal fuck toy. What a goddamn lecherous creep I was.

I allowed the poisonous thoughts to consume until I stepped out of the shower to towel off. I had to let this go. It was ridiculous for a grown fucking man and a goddamn Dom to act like such a petulant child. The way I acted, leaving Isabella alone with Alice, was so fucking rude. She probably thought I was insane.

It was obvious Alice made her uncomfortable.

Jesus. What the fuck was I thinking?

I dried my hair quickly, hoping Isabella wouldn't suspect that I'd left her like that just so I could take a fucking shower.

In my haste to get undressed, I'd left my suit in a crumpled mess on the floor. I dressed quickly in the wrinkled suit and did my best to try to find Alice and Isabella.

Assuming Alice had taken Isabella on a tour of the place, as I should have, I headed to the guest wing where the girls rooms were located.

I wanted to put Isabella in the sub room across the hall from mine, but I didn't dare tempt myself. Knowing me, I'd end up horny in the middle of the night and sleepwalk into her bedroom, only to end up violating her in her sleep.

One nice thing though, was that Isabella's room was on the first floor while Alice's was on the second which meant we wouldn't disturb her if Isabella and I ever snuck in or out of her room at night.

Shit, I was getting way ahead of myself with those thoughts, especially after the whole nickname fiasco.

I could hear feminine voices down the hall and approached quietly.

Eavesdropping was a pretty shitty thing to do, but I was officially insane now, so I didn't see how it made things any worse.

"Are you sure I can't get you to come to the clubs, Bella? They are so fun," Alice simpered.

"It's not really my thing, Alice. I'm not even old enough to drink, so I can't imagine I'd be much of a companion," Isabella replied, her tone almost pleading to be understood.

"Oh yeah… I guess I forgot. You just seem so mature for your age," Alice observed. She was right too - Isabella may have been nearly ten years younger than Alice and almost twenty years younger than me, but she had an old soul.

"Do you think Edward is okay?" Isabella asked unsurely and in a worried tone.



It was the first time I'd heard her same my name. I'd only ever been "Sir" or "Mr. Cullen," which yeah, I fucking loved, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, aside from my slip when I called her "sweet girl" I'd only ever been formal with her, myself. I never corrected her or gave her permission to call me "Edward." So why would she feel comfortable telling me to call her "Bella."


I felt like an even bigger idiot.

"Dunno… you never know what that idiot is thinking," Alice replied impishly.

Hell, even Alice knew I was an idiot.

I had to fix this.

"Ladies," I greeted cheerfully. Isabella startled at my abrupt appearance, while Alice smirked knowingly. She knew I was listening in, that little psychic. "I hope you'll excuse my rude behavior, but I had an important matter to attend to."

Both eyed me skeptically but made no mention of my attempt to deflect from the real reason that I ran away like a fucking pussy.

I finished the tour of the estate, taking Isabella around to the various important rooms, such as the kitchen, the game room, the library, and laundry room. Alice was pissed when she found out I wasn't currently employing a live-in housekeeper, but merely a once-weekly cleaning crew. If she expected to be waited on hand and foot, the brat could leave if she was so inclined. In fact, I hoped she would, then Isabella and I could be all alone together.

The last stop on the tour was my wing of the house, containing my bedroom suite, my office, two guest bedrooms - one of which was the Sub room - and the last was the locked red door which housed my playroom. It was at the end of the hall, so I didn't take the girls down that far.

I noticed the way Isabella bit her lip and seemed to squirm a bit at the mention of my bedroom. It made me so fucking hard - I was going to fuck the shit out of my hand tonight.

It was nearly midnight before the girls headed off to their rooms, but not before Isabella surprised me by giving me a tight hug. I was so stunned, that I by the time I realized what happened, I was standing dumbly in an empty room.

I couldn't help but replay what happened, needing to feel her over and over in my mind.

I practically ran back to my bedroom. Halfway there it felt like my cock was gonna bust the seams of my slacks to get out.

I slammed the door shut and roughly palmed my aching shaft.

I wasn't about to dry fuck my hand, so I grabbed a bottle of warming lube and squirted a few drops in my palm - I planned on fucking fantasy Isabella's hot little pussy tonight.

I glance up at the tinted dividers of my limousine, thankful that no one can see in or what I am about to do to sweet little Isabella.

"I think it's time to give my good girl her reward, don't you think, baby?"

"Yes, please," she whimpers, clenching her thighs.

"Take off those fucking clothes," I command, wanting her naked. She complies eagerly, wanting whatever reward I see fit to give her.

"What do you want, sweet girl - my cock, my tongue, or my fingers?" I ask in a husky tone.

"Your cock, please, Master," she begs wantonly, knowing she is supposed to answer those types of questions with a simple 'Whatever you desire,

Master,' but incidentally I would have chosen to give her my cock, so I let it slide.

"Come here, sweet girl, and sit on my lap. I want you riding my cock so I can feast on those beautiful tits." She clamors over to my side of the car.

"Take my cock out, Isabella." It takes her a moment, because I have to lift my ass up so she can pull my slacks down to my ankles. "Fucking ride me hard with that tight little pussy, girl, and since this is your reward, cum as many times as you need to."

She moans at my promised reward.

Positioning herself over my huge fucking cock, she starts to slide down painfully slow. Her walls are contracting around my shaft, and it feels like she is already about to come.

"Fuck, Isabella… goddamn, tight pussy," I groan incoherently.

She picks up the pace and begins riding my cock like she's trying to win a fucking race.

A thrill of ecstasy flows through my body in waves when she slides up to hover at the tip for several seconds only to slam down hard.

"I'm gonna come, Master," she whimpers, taking my big cock so fucking deep.

"Would you like your Master to make you come, sweet girl?" I indulge sweetly.

"Please, "she cries softly, pleadingly.

I grab onto her hips and start fucking her at an angle that I know hits her sweet spot. As if her screams of pleasure weren't enough, her shaking thighs and quivering walls tell me she coming all over my cock.

"Fuck… ungh… Master… coming," she mumbles.

I latch onto a tight nipple, holding it firmly between my teeth while I assault the tip with my tongue, and it's enough to send her over the edge again.


I want her to come with me, so I pick up the speed a little. As my movements become more and more erratic, I can feel my release is eminent. I reach down to her engorged clit and pinch it roughly before rolling it around between my fingers. The sensation has her milking the cum right out of me..

"Oh, fuck… Isabella," I shouted as hot spurts of cum continued to leak from my quivering cock onto my stomach and chest.

I'd never cum so fucking hard in my life.

Bella Swan would surely be the death of me.


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