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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 **History**
**Edward Cullen**

"This better be important," I growled.

"Don't you think it's a bit late for a chat, Emmett?" I growled after answering my ringing phone.

"No. Not really," he replied unashamedly.

"What the fuck do you want, Emmett?" I snapped, feeling pissed that he'd ruined my fucktastic fantasy of the innocent Isabella.

"You're the one who wanted to talk to me, asshole. What's wrong? Did I interrupt one of your little spank sessions?" he teased knowingly.

"Drop it," I warned.

"Relax, Cuz. I have some information you might be interested in," he replied smoothly, remaining unaffected by my gruff attitude. My lack of response allowed him the opportunity to continue. "So I was talking to Rose about helping you find a good Sub, and she mentioned a girl in her Sub group that recently became available."

My chest ached suddenly at the mention of looking for a new sub. Desperately, I wanted to tell Emmett to fuck off, that I'd found the perfect woman, but that was unrealistic at this point.

Sure, Isabella stuttered and blushed as red as a damn tomato whenever I was around, leading me to believe that she was attracted to me, but that didn't mean she was ready to be hog-tied on my whipping bench with a butt plug shoved up her ass either.

Willing my stray thoughts of sex and Isabella away, I tried to put it all into perspective. Did I really stand a chance at seducing Isabella? Maybe. Could I be patient and contain my need for sexual fulfillment with a sexy, but untouchable, girl like Isabella under my roof at night? Unlikely.

That girl was constantly working my body into a sex-crazed frenzy, I would require release.

"Saturday, I thought we'd introduce you to this hot little tart named Cecile, who moved here last year from Paris. I know you tend to gravitate toward exotic women, and this one's no exception. Long black hair, pale skin, light blue eyes, and natural tits. She's quite the little minx. The only real matter for concern is that her previous Dom, Marcus, died a few weeks ago. According to her, the relationship was purely sexual, so she isn't all that broken up about it, and now she's on the market again. Rose tells me she has some bratty tendencies, but nothing you can't correct, am I right?" he taunted.

Fuck. This woman sounded like she could be my type physically, but she apparently hadn't shared a real connection with her last Dom - I wasn't sure how I felt about that. As soon as I thought about meeting Cecile, again, my chest constricted uncomfortably - I just couldn't get Isabella out of my head. I felt guilty for even considering another woman when there was still a shred of possibility with that sweet girl.

Honestly, after meeting her, I'd completely forgotten about my request for my cousin and his wife help me find a sub. At the time it was all I could think of, but now - Isabella. I explained to Emmett that I wasn't really feeling well and that I might not make it to Onyx on Saturday either. I just couldn't go seeking another relationship until I knew for sure that I had no chance with Isabella.

I knew if Isabella and Alice ended up at the estate all summer, there was no way I could even consider bringing a new sub to play, not to mention the fact that my fantasies of Isabella alone were almost enough to ruin me for all other women.

I wanted her near me this summer, but even more desperately, I wanted Isabella for my Sub. If I couldn't have her, I'd enjoy her company and wait to get a new Sub when she was gone. I would undoubtedly need to find release while she was staying with me, if I couldn't have her. I knew it wouldn't be hard to slip away a few weekends here and there to make a visit to one of Onyx's private playrooms. I was certain that regular releases and play sessions would be needed to keep me from acting inappropriately if Isabella didn't respond to my advances.

I knew I was getting ahead of myself since she hadn't even agreed yet, but I felt pretty certain that Isabella would say yes to my offer, and I would need to be prepared in case she did. As far as my plan to make Isabella mine was concerned, well that I had a lot less certainty about. I was relying completely on faith that, not only were my instincts about her submissive nature correct, but also that she'd find me attractive and be open to trusting me to share my definition of pleasure with her. There were a ton of factors that needed to fall into place, and I had to admit that the odds were stacked against me. I figured the best I could hope for would be that my plan of slow seduction would ease her in and make her more comfortable and willing to please.

A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I roughly scrubbed my hand over my face. Thoughts of Isabella were running rampant, and I had to get some sleep. I yawned heavily before turning off the reading lamp and burying my head in the pillow.

Even with my relief over my father's tests, my sleep was restless. I tossed and turned all night, imagining Isabella declining my offer, or Chief Swan walking in on me feeling up his daughter, only to pull out a gun and put a bullet between my eyes. Then there was another dream in which I came on too strongly and Isabella slapped my face and called me an old pervert - was it wrong that I got a sick thrill from that one? That was something I'd have to explore later.

My wake-up call came around eight a.m. I groaned sleepily before conjuring up last night's fantasy, so I could take care of my morning wood.

It was a bit chilly so I slipped on the pajamas I didn't think I'd wear and left the bedroom. Yesterday's suit had already been laundered and hung in the closet of the main room of my suite, and breakfast was waiting as well. Thankfully, thoughts of Isabella made me cum fast, or my food might have gotten cold.

There was a nice egg-white omelet with peppers and mushrooms as well as some toast and a small bowl of fruit. The coffee was good, and the orange juice tasted fresh. While I enjoyed the meal, I put on my reading glasses and read the paper. As much as I loved my iPad2, I preferred reading a real newspaper while I ate breakfast.

I scanned over the sports section and then moved on to the arts section. There was a feature on local galleries, and I almost threw the paper across the room when I spotted a photograph of Victoria and James standing in front of their new gallery in Portland.

"Fuck," I roared angrily before leaving half my food untouched and paced the room a few times in an attempt to compose myself.

My phone rang loudly from the breakfast tray, and I grabbed it hastily without even glancing at the caller-id.

"Hello," I grunted irritably into the phone.

"Oh… erm… is this Mr. Cullen?" a low, feminine voice stuttered.

"Yes… shit… Isabella, is that you?" I began irritably, until realization struck.

"Yes, Sir, I'm sorry I called so early. I didn't mean to interrupt anything," she replied worriedly.

Fuck, I scared her. I'm an idiot.

"No, Miss Swan, it's perfectly fine. You just caught me at a bad moment, and it wasn't my intention to frighten you," I explained remorsefully, hoping she didn't assume that I was prone to tantrums. How fucking embarrassing.

"Would you like me to call back later, Sir?" she asked sweetly, making me relax.

"Actually, I've been very eager to hear your answer, Miss Swan," I purred seductively, before palming my now hardening cock.

"Well, Sir, I would love to paint for you this summer," she replied nervously.

"But?" I asked, trying unsuccessfully to hide the disappointment from my voice.

"There is no but. I'd love to, Sir," she said shyly, and I could tell she was smiling, and I was sure there was a dopey grin on my face.

Thank fuck.

"Fantastic. And as for the price we agreed on?" I wondered if Charlie was going to push her to ask for more.

"May I speak frankly with you, Sir?" she asked cautiously.

"Yes?" My reply sounded more like a question than I intended, but I was concerned by Isabella's request.

"Umm… well the thing is, Sir. I feel guilty accepting so much money. You're already doing so much by letting me move in and be able to work on my art all summer…" she began nervously, until I could hear a smile in her voice. "I feel like I should be paying you, Sir." She chuckled a little, giving me no choice but to smile.

"I understand. You are an intriguing girl, Miss Swan - refreshing even. Most people I meet are only looking to gain something from me, whether it be political favors, money, or… other things," I almost said 'my cock', until I realized who I was speaking to. I cleared my throat before continuing. "But you, Isabella… if not my money, what do you desire?" My voice was hoarse with need - I simply couldn't help myself around this girl.

"I… umm… well I guess I want… other things, Sir," she stammered, whispering shyly.

HOLY FUCK, was she flirting with me?

"Elaborate, Miss Swan," I commanded softly.

"Umm… well… Sir… you offered to let me stay all summer… and to help me move… and your sister would show me around school… and stuff," she floundered anxiously. I felt a bit of disappointment flare up inside when she didn't respond to my attempts to flirt more, but it didn't last long when I remembered how innocent Isabella was. Surely, having attended an all-girls academy, she had no experience with flirting or boys and would have had no idea how to react to my words.

I sighed heavily.

"Well, yes, I've already promised to take care of those things, but you said it yourself, Isabella. You need money for expenses during school, and if you are going to stay with me this summer, you'll need to focus on your art and not on ways to make money for the first semester," I admonished softly.

"Of course, Sir, your mural will be my number one priority while I am staying there, but… ten… thousand dollars is so much more than I'll need. I won't know what to do with it, Sir," she disagreed nervously.

Normally, I hated when people continued to go against me, but Isabella argued so respectfully that I found myself simply frustrated rather than angry, as was usual.

One thing was certain, though - Isabella could never be accused of being a gold-digger.

"Now Miss Swan, even you have to admit that's a poor excuse-" I chuckled teasingly, "- you could buy paint supplies, new school clothes, hell, you could even put a down payment on a new car. Besides, I doubt that truck of yours will make it to Seattle, and public transportation is dangerous."

"I… well… I don't want to argue, Sir. I will accept your offer begrudgingly and take your suggestions into consideration," she agreed in a way that made my cock strain painfully against my sleep pants.

I know what's best for you, baby girl.

"Can you cook, Miss Swan?" I asked huskily, unable to hide the lust in my voice.

"Oh… umm… yes, Sir, I love to cook." She was caught off guard by my question but confirmed enthusiastically.

"Would you feel better about accepting my offer if I gave you a job to do around the estate?" I asked hopefully.

"You want me to cook for you, Sir?" she asked nervously.

"If you promise not to poison me, and if it will make you feel better about accepting the money, then yes. I'd like you to prepare our breakfast every morning and dinner every evening. I will make sure lunch is taken care of, so you have time during the day to paint uninterrupted. What do you think, Isabella?" I purred her name, loving that I was getting her to agree to things that I would have had her do as my Sub, without her even being my Sub. If we ever got to that point, it would be even easier to train her to take care of my more domestic needs.

Her breath caught a little before she responded, "I think we have a deal, Sir."

An excited giggle came through the receiver. Its sound elicited a pang in my chest - she was happy, and it was because of me.

"Excellent. When will you be ready to leave, Miss Swan?"

"Umm… I just need to say goodbye to a couple friends, and I'll need to stop by the sporting goods store and decline the job I was offered. So, I guess around 4 p.m. Is that okay, Sir?"

"That sounds perfect, but don't you need time to pack, though?" I cautioned, wanting to make sure Isabella was planning her time carefully.

"Most of my stuff is packed up already. I… umm… couldn't sleep last night, so I packed everything else I needed, Sir," she admitted ruefully.

She thought of staying with me to the point that she couldn't sleep last night. Her words thrilled me to no end.

I cleared my throat before responding, "Very good, Isabella. Text me your address, and my driver and the movers will be there at four."

Once our conversation ended, it hit me - how candid I'd been with her. Of course, I did my best to keep sexual insinuations from my words, but otherwise I spoke freely. There were very few awkward moments, and that surprised me. With our significant age gap, I'd expected our conversations to be stilted and somewhat of an immature nature. To say Isabella was fascinating was an understatement. I knew I could easily find myself becoming obsessed with this girl.

After making a few calls, I had movers ready to pick up both Isabella and Alice's things.

My sister was excited when I called to confirm that not only had I gotten Isabella to agree, but that I'd already called my contact in Italy and paid her and Jasper's membership to Le Crépusculo. I told her getting her name in for membership was part of our deal, and paying the membership fee was an engagement gift - a rather expensive engagement gift. Mostly, I wanted the upper hand - it would be nice having Alice under my thumb for a while.

The day seemed to drag on and on. It felt like the longest day ever, and Isabella was constantly on my mind. Her responses were so natural that I found myself comparing her to previous Subs, trying to remember if any of them had been as inherently submissive as she was. I was pretty certain the answer was 'no.'

Angela, my first collared Sub, was a nice girl I'd met in one of my economics classes at Dartmouth. We were like-minded, even friendly in class, but nothing more, until surprisingly, I saw her at a play party one weekend. After our friendly relationship in school, I felt like she was someone I could trust, so I ended up asking her to do a few scenes. At the time we were both unattached, and we'd played well together, so even though our relationship was more like that of fuck buddies, I offered to collar her. She accepted happily. Things might have eventually progressed into something more with Angela, but she ended up meeting someone else. When she decided to break off our agreement to pursue a vanilla relationship with Ben, a mutual friend, I wasn't all that broken up about it, especially since we all stayed close. Later, I even helped with Ben's Dom training.

Carmen, my second collared Sub, was exotically beautiful, and also a pain slut. She consistently went against me so I would punish her - always pushing me to lose control. Playtime became exhausting and stressful, not to mention unfulfilling, and then when she wanted to try a 24/7 total power exchange, I declined and sent her on her way.

My last collared Sub, Makenna, was with me a little over seven years ago, but for only a month. She found out I was running for Senate and tried to blackmail me for money - I wasn't about to let that happen. Conniving bastard that I was, I already knew she wasn't a citizen from the background check I ran before collaring her, so I used a few contacts to have her deported.

In addition to my need to keep my closet "skeleton free" during elections, her betrayal pushed me toward giving vanilla relationships a go for a while. Seeing Emmett with Rosalie and Angela with Ben gave me hope that I could find someone who could love me for me.

Esme set me up with a few blind dates, one of which I dated for several months, until things simply became too bland and unfulfilling. Anytime I tried to introduce the slightest bit of kink in the bedroom, she tensed up. I had to break things off before I ended up cheating on her, which was something I just didn't do - ever.

For three years, I resigned myself to playing once every couple of months when I could squeeze in a trip to Italy. The rest of the time, I poured myself into my work. It was during the '08 Presidential elections that I became overwhelmed with stress and helping with the campaign and various press junkets. I hadn't been to Italy for months - which meant I hadn't had sex in months, much less had control during a scene. One night, Emmett and Rose invited themselves over for dinner. In all honesty, I was too busy to entertain them, but I set aside work anyway when Conner told me I looked like shit and needed to take a break.

Emmett could see how tightly wound I was, so he talked to Rosalie about it, and she offered to lend a helping hand for the night. At first I was hesitant, knowing afterward things would probably be weird, but Rosalie was a very beautiful woman and also a willing and eager submissive. My case against it was completely forgotten when I entered the dining room and found her naked and kneeling on the floor between mine and Emmett's chairs. I ate dinner and tried to ignore her, but my cock was needy - it wasn't too hard to convince me. We ended up having a bit fun without any actual penetration. And even though it was a one-time thing for me, it had taken a while to be comfortable around her again.

It was around this time last year that I met Tanya Denali at Emmett and Rosalie's wedding. She was the cousin of Carlisle's assistant, Kate, and also the wedding photographer. A mutual attraction was there, and I was pleasantly surprised when she let me fuck her hard in the bathroom of the reception hall. I thought maybe she'd be open to my kinkier side, so I asked her on a date. For a while, she didn't mind my overbearing personality or even my proclivity for toys in the bedroom, but what I showed her was only a glimpse of the real me. I was still holding back, afraid of how she might react.

She seemed a little apprehensive about the part I played in the BDSM lifestyle at first, but she was willing to try for me. When I finally opened up and let her see the real me, she was became fearful and withdrawn. It hadn't mattered that I actually went easy on her - she still used her safe-word over and over.

Near the end of our second scene together, she yelled at me for denying her orgasm several times. I was simply training her to hand over the control of her pleasure to me, but she just didn't understand. I realized that, but I was never one to allow disrespect in my playroom. So when I told her I was going to punish her, she cried and used the safe-word before I could even tell her what the punishment was. At her request, I untied the bindings I had her in and watched her leave the playroom then - half an hour later - my home. Her things were gone later that day, and she even left me a letter telling me that I was a fucked up, abusive bastard and that I didn't deserve love. Had I not personally witnessed successful romantic d/s relationships then Tanya's words might have destroyed me.

Just because I was a Dom didn't mean I wasn't a human being with feelings. Tanya's words were extremely harsh, and though I knew they were untrue, a small part of me felt like she was right and I would never find someone who could love both sides of me - Edward and Master. It was thoughts like those that reminded me of my age, and in the most depressing manner possible. I had money, power, fame, and even an amazing family, but none of that brought me comfort. I was fucking lonely as hell.

I'd resigned myself to believing that I'd only be able to have a collared sub to serve me, but after meeting Isabella, the urge to make a connection was now at the forefront of my thoughts - I wanted that with her, but the anticipation was killing me. I couldn't wait until I had her all to myself.

Around 3 p.m., I left the hotel. Conner smirked at the sudden spring in my step but made no mention of my cheery disposition.

The drive to Bella's hometown from Port Angeles took about an hour. Winding roads curved into lush green forest, and I could almost smell the damp air wafting through the vents. A "Welcome to Forks" sign punctuated the town's entrance and made note of the surprisingly small population.

Forks was never part of my Senate district but if it had been, it was such as small town that I doubted I would have even heard of it.

Having plugged Isabella's address into our GPS, the driver found the small, white two-story surrounded by green, with Charlie's police cruiser and Isabella's rusty red deathtrap in the driveway.

Before I could even step out of the car, the movers pulled up in a medium-sized moving van.

A flash of silken mahogany caught my attention, and my breathing hitched as soon as I saw her.

Before, at the graduation, I could only guess what Isabella's curves would look like under her robes, but now… fuck. My eyes raked over her slim little body - long creamy legs, a trim waist that only accentuated her hips and breasts giving her a lovely little hourglass shape. She dressed nicely as well, nothing too risquĂ© or conservative - a white tank top paired with a grayish-silver cardigan sweater, a pair of black converse low-tops and some black shorts that weren't as short as those I noticed most girls her age wearing these days. It hadn't mattered though - her legs still looked as though they were a mile long.

With a bright smile on her face she walked toward the car, and like me, she seemed to have a spring in her step.

"Good afternoon, Miss Swan," I greeted, holding my hand out to her.

As soon as she was close enough, she placed her small hand in mine, giving me a shy smile. Fuck, so fucking small and soft. I wanted to see her blush, so I took her hand, brought it up to my lips and gave her a tender kiss.

Isabella's eyes zeroed in on my mouth, while her lips opened ever so slightly parting just enough for the tip of her pink tongue to peek out and say hello. I caught her breathing heavily, until I released her hand, and then she seemed almost dazed for a moment.

Fuck. I wanted her mouth on me. Anywhere.

"Oh… uh, g-good afternoon, Sir," she stammered before blushing scarlet. I smiled reassuringly, all the while willing my cock to stay put.

"Are you ready to go, Isabella?" I asked coyly before reluctantly releasing her hand.

"Yes, Sir," she said quietly before taking a long look back at the old white house.

Seeing Charlie's cruiser, I assumed he was there and wondered why he hadn't come out to greet me or say goodbye to Isabella. I decided not to dwell on it, as I had far greater concerns.

Isabella was going to be mine for two months, and after, when that two months was up, she would be in Seattle, which was only a short drive away from the estate in Bellevue. After everything, I only hoped that I'd get to keep her.


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