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Chapter 17

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 17 Declarations

**Edward Cullen**

"You please me so much, baby girl, and I am really happy with the way our relationship is progressing, which is why I plan to collar you this evening. Are you ready to be trained as my Submissive, Isabella?"

Isabella's face broke into a bright grin, and before I knew it, she was in my arms and hugging me so tight.

"I'll take that as a yes," I said with a low chuckle.

"Yes… I really want to try. I just wanna be good for you," she whispered against my neck.

"I promise to be patient with you, love. It's going to be hard at first, but I know we're going to have so much fun together," I replied, hoping to soothe her worries.

"Thank you, Edward. You're pretty amazing, you know?" she mentioned looking at me intently.

"You're the one who's amazing, baby girl. I don't see how you can put up with me," I replied, feeling both wonderful and little embarrassed by her flattery.

"It's not without difficulty…" she replied with a chuckle "…but you're completely worth it."

Her words, though amusing, were incredibly sweet - I wasn't entirely sure how to respond, so I kissed her cheek. We both winced simultaneously at the stickiness of our skin.

"We're both really sticky, so why don't we go take a shower," I suggested.

Isabella stood to the side as I turned on the multiple jets in the shower and got it nice and steamy. Aside from my bed and the playroom, the shower was my favorite place in the entire estate. The built-in bench was especially nice, and Isabella seemed to enjoy it as well as I lifted her leg, propping it on the bench, and thrust into her from behind until we both came.

After our satisfying shower, Isabella returned to her room to change clothes. Now that she was away, I had a little time to think - Isabella was entirely too distracting to me.

My mind wandered to the last twenty-four hours. In that time, Isabella and I had been inseparable, intimate, but I hadn't had actually spent much time planning the first scene with Isabella as my collared sub. I knew I could take her in the playroom and start training her, but I didn't want to spend our first time teaching her to do things like kneeling and cleaning the playroom. Obviously I wanted to skip to the fun stuff. Of course Isabella would have to learn, but I wanted us to do something a little different, maybe a bit more romantic. Our love-making was so spontaneous that I didn't really get a chance to "wine and dine" her.

I wracked my brain for several minutes trying to think of something special we could do. Looking out the window, I caught sight of the rare sunlight seeping through the trees, and inspiration struck.

I dressed quickly and ran to Isabella's room to make sure she dressed comfortably.

As I approached her room, I could hear her speaking heatedly.

"I told you… I'm fine, Char - Dad," she commented in an exasperated tone.

"Yes... Mr. Cullen and his sister are good people… they wouldn't do that… no… they like me, and I like them," she insisted, practically growling. "I told you, I put the money in the bank last week."

"What do you mean, you already spent it?" she hissed, her voice deadly serious.

"Jesus Christ, Charlie!" she shouted. "You spent all that money in a week… how the fuck did you manage that?"

It was the first time I'd ever heard Isabella raise her voice. She sounded so lost and angry - it broke my heart. I wanted to run in and grab the phone so I could give her father a piece of my mind, but I knew it wasn't my business. I felt like a complete tool standing there eavesdropping, so I knocked quickly on the door, making sure Isabella knew I was there.

"Just a minute…" she called out, her tone softening a bit.

"I have to go, Charlie. We will discuss this later," Isabella spat angrily.

The door to her room flew open, and it was obvious she'd been crying.

"Hey, what's wrong, baby girl?" I asked, enveloping her into my arms.

"How much did you hear?" she asked anxiously.

"More than I should, I suppose. I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I just heard you sounding so upset, that I didn't know what to think," I told her repentantly.

"Charlie… he… he needed some money to pay off some bills we were behind on, so I gave him the money from the two paintings you bought from me. I was sure he'd have a couple hundred dollars left over after he paid them off so he could have money for groceries and things, but I guess he spent it on booze or something because it's gone."

All I could think of was trying to make her feel better.

"Do you need some more money, baby?" I asked, hugging her close to me.

"No way, Edward, you've already given me too much for a painting I've barely worked on - I won't let you pay for anything else of mine."

She extracted herself from my arms, threw a small cellphone onto the bed, and wiped frustratingly at a stray tear. I knew she'd fight me. She never wanted the money in the first place, but that didn't mean I couldn't try.

I thought back to the small amount of information she'd given me and what I already knew. Isabella's father had a job as the police chief of Forks, but for some reason, he was behind on bills and needed his teenage daughter's help to get by. That just struck me as odd. I already had my suspicions about Charlie upon our first meeting, and the more I learned, it seemed those weren't unfounded. I was determined to get to the bottom of it. I couldn't stand back and watch Isabella give away all the money she was meant to use for school.

"Look, I know you don't want me throwing money at you, but I really want to help. That money, for the painting - that was money for you. Your father is a grown man with a job. He can't rely on you to take care of him."

Her expression, already upset, darkened considerably. I worried that I might have put my foot in my mouth. She looked like she was trying to reign in her irritation.

"Look, I understand why you say that, and you're right - he should be able to take care of himself, but he's sick. He has an addiction that he needs treatment for, but he won't listen. He says we can't afford it, and he's barely trying on his own as it is. I mean, he works and makes a decent salary, but since… Mom… my mom… died, we have a lot of leftover medical bills," she explained sadly, having lost a lot of the passion and anger from her voice. "He just can't manage it all."

I pulled her close to me, and it was like my body had a will of its own. My need to comfort surpassed all other needs. It was obvious she felt helpless. The money made her feel as though she could help - make things right, but Charlie was being a selfish bastard, wallowing in pity at the death of his wife, and he was dragging his daughter right along with him.

"Everything is going to be just fine, baby girl. Besides, it's a lovely day outside. Why don't we go somewhere beautiful and have a picnic?" I suggested, changing the subject away from what was upsetting my baby girl - I still planned to find a way to fix it, but her crying and being upset was too much to bear.

I really only wanted her to have a good time with me.

"Oh… that does sound really nice. I guess I could use some cheering up," she admitted with a sniffle.

Leaving Isabella to get dressed for our picnic, I told her to wear something comfortable but to put something pretty on underneath. I knew she understood my instructions, because she got that lustful gleam in her eye that I always love to see.

Smirking to myself, I walked to the kitchen to grab a few items for the picnic. Though I'd never actually used it, I had a picnic basket that Esme sent last Christmas, which had been filled to the brim with Cajun and French delicacies - all kinds of breads, cheeses, some spices, smoked and cured meats, and a few different jars of hot sauce and canned peppers. It was a wonder I didn't have ulcers after having eaten it all.

It didn't take long to put together a nice lunch for the two of us. Having a pretty good idea of the foods Isabella liked, I was confident she'd enjoy the meal. Just as I was finishing packing up, I heard the buzzer on the front gate sound over the intercom system.

"Cullen residence, how can I help you?" I asked, wondering who was visiting. I wasn't expecting anyone, so I had closed the gate as soon as all everyone left the party the day before yesterday. Isabella and I had been so wrapped up in each other that we'd had no reason to venture out beyond the gates.

"It's FedEx - I have a delivery for Mr. Cullen," the man explained, his nervous voice filled the room.

"Oh yes - I was expecting that. I'll be up in a moment to collect the package." I replied, suddenly excited. My purchases for Isabella had arrived, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

"That looks nice," Isabella complimented as I was about to leave the kitchen.

"Would you mind to taking a look to make sure I packed everything? I need to sign for a package at the gate," I explained quickly.

"Sure," she replied, smiling brightly. I was glad to see the improvement in her mood.

I jogged up to the gate and grabbed the package from the delivery guy. He was a bit awestruck that I came to get the package personally, but I brushed off his surprise, remarking that I was just a regular guy like him. It wasn't exactly true, but I at least wanted to be treated as though it were. Once I signed for the package, he made sure to tell me he voted for me and would have again had I run for another term.

On my way back to the kitchen, I took a quick detour to the playroom to drop off the package, making sure I grabbed the rope, a nice-sized vibrator, and a set of nipple clamps. I knew I couldn't very well walk into the kitchen with those under my arm and not expect Isabella to be shocked, so I wrapped them up tightly in the blankets I had planned to pack for us to sit on. Making a snap decision, I grabbed Isabella's collar and put it in my pocket.

By the time I made my way back downstairs, Isabella had finished inspecting the picnic basket and was sitting at the kitchen table. Her iPod headphones were in her ears, and her feet were propped up on the chair next to her tapping away at a beat I wasn't privy to.

She looked so young in that moment - carefree, though because of the issues with her dad, I knew that wasn't the case. Still, the way she seemed to just let it go and relax made me miss my teenage years. I would have liked to take it back - all the time I squandered away chasing girls and being an arrogant prick. I couldn't help but wish Isabella had been around - as a young woman, of course - when I was her age. I think she would have been good for me.

Now, by no means was I considered old at thirty-eight. I hoped that I'd have plenty of time to look forward to, but Isabella had so much more. On that thought, I couldn't help but wonder if she deserved someone closer to her own age - someone she could grow old with, not a man who might become a burden to her.

Logically, I knew my wealth would prevent me from ever becoming a physical or financial burden, should Isabella end up sticking with me that long, but I didn't want to be an emotional burden either. Then, I supposed it was a little early in relationship to be considering things like that.

Subconsciously, I drifted closer to her and began to run my fingers through her hair. She startled a little but looked up at me with a breathtakingly beautiful smile. I felt my heart clench and stutter almost painfully in my chest as realization struck - I'd fallen in love with Isabella. Another realization came to me - with that, I knew I'd be far too selfish to ever push her away in some ridiculous attempt to save her from… well… from me. I knew I'd be hers, unconditionally, for as long as she'd have me.

"Are you ready to go, love?" I asked, taking her arm, and then cringing internally at the new pet name, only just realizing that I'd adopted it during our lovemaking. Other than outright saying, "I love you, Isabella," could I have been more obvious about my feelings? Probably not.

She followed me out to the stables where we spent a bit of time getting the horses saddled and loading the basket and blankets up as well. Once we were off, I knew it would take us about an hour or so to get to the meadow, so I decided to use that time to talk to Isabella and see if maybe she'd open up about her mother.

"Did you know I was twenty-five when my mother died?" I asked Isabella as the horses began heading down the trail. She shook her head no, waiting for me to continue. "Alice wasn't much younger than you are now. It didn't matter that I was officially an adult, I was devastated, but I had to be the strong one. Alice was a daddy's girl and was a nightmare growing up - always fighting with Mom over the smallest little thing. When Mom died, she had so much guilt buried inside that she kind of lost it. She got to make amends before she passed, but the guilt was still there eating away. Then there was my dad - he had his own struggle with alcoholism after my mom passed. I had to step up and drag him into rehab and AA over and over until he learned to manage his grief. I spent so much time bottling up my own feelings to take care of them that I never really faced my own grief. One day I just couldn't do it anymore, you know? I shut everyone out and left home for a couple years just to get away, so I could try to deal with my own problems. I got tired of being their crutch," I told her, just wanting to get my story out. I needed her to know me, know that I could relate - be there for her, even if it was just to listen.

"It was hard to reconnect with my family. When I came back, Carlisle had just returned home from another stint in rehab, and Alice was sneaking around dating Jasper, an older man, which drove me crazy until I got to know him… I know - double standards, right?" Isabella smiled in response. "Alice still holds some resentment toward me for leaving. Carlisle, he forgave me, but even though several years have passed, Alice still lets her anger seep out sometimes. Things are better now, though. Carlisle is a lot happier, and of course Alice and Jasper are still going strong. I just wish I could have that time back with them, instead of running away like a coward, but then again I also wonder if my leaving was good for them, you know?"

"You're a good person, Edward. There were plenty of times when I wanted to run away from the academy or from Charlie when school was on break. If I'd had the means, I probably would have, but then again, I might not have ever met you." She looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, as though she was concentrating on what she'd say next. "I may not be super-religious, but I do feel like everything in life has a purpose - that things that are meant to be will be - destiny, fate, soul-mates, and all that. It's hard to associate those beliefs when it comes to my own mother's death, but I know we're all going to die someday, so when that day comes, I want to make sure I've lived my life without regrets. My mom gave me that advice before she died, and even though Charlie ignored it and chose to wallow in grief and pain, I want to make myself happy. Being with you, Edward, is something I'll never regret."

She seemed so adamant in her beliefs, and the things she said were so heartwarming that I almost blurted out those three powerful little words that were sitting on the edge of my tongue. Then, Isabella's advice came back to me about living life with no regrets, and I knew - she needed to know how I felt.

I pulled back on the reigns and stopped in the middle of the path. Isabella slowed to a stop as well, looking at me curiously as I climbed off the horse and walked over to help her down. With my arms wrapped around her, I kissed her softly. She trembled in my arms as I held her close. As our lips parted, I searched her eyes, needing to see if she felt what I was feeling. So fucking beautiful - she looked at me with adoration, her eyes searching mine as well.

Isabella made me feel so much, more than I've ever felt for anyone or anything - and it was everything, she was everything. I wanted it all with her. I rested my forehead against her, staring deeply into her eyes, and ran a hand through her hair. Her breathing hitched in anticipation as I pressed my other hand to her chest right over her heart.

"What you said - about not having regrets - well that means a lot to me. I know too well how precious life is, and I've spent so much of mine thinking I'd never find someone to love who would love me back. I've been waiting a long time for this Isabella - for you, us. I… I've fallen in love with you," I admitted softly. "I love you."

She gasped as though she was in shock, and her eyes filled with tears. I might have been worried had she not been smiling so brightly. "I love you too, Edward," she replied happily.

Unable to contain myself, I picked Isabella up and spun her around, loving the way she squealed and giggled in delight, but as my hand travelled over the swell of her ass, my need for her began to make itself known. I couldn't help but kiss her hungrily, making her moan and writhe in my arms.

Realizing we still had at least a mile or so to go and I still hadn't gotten her to truly open up about her mother, I released her from the lust fueled make-out session I had quickly pulled her into.

"As much as I want to continue that, we should be on our way," I decided disappointedly.

"I guess so," Isabella replied, pretending to pout. I wanted to push my cock between those plump lips.

Adjusting myself in my slacks, I shook off the thoughts, reminding myself that Isabella and I would have plenty of time to play when we got to the meadow.

"It feels wonderful getting that out. I've been so nervous about telling you," Isabella admitted shyly as we continued down the trail. I chuckled, knowing too well how that felt.

"I'm sure I was just as nervous as you, if not more," I admitted. "I want you to feel like you can tell me anything. I mean, I know you might not be completely comfortable sharing everything yet, but I hope that time will come because I want to know you - all of you."

"Thank you... and it's not that I don't feel comfortable, because I do. I mean, it doesn't matter that we've just met. I feel like I've know you for years. It's just… some things are a little hard to talk about," she replied with a heavy sigh.

"I know, baby girl," I replied, wanting to hug her. "Just know, though, that I am an excellent listener."

She smiled and nodded, but was quiet or a few minutes. Just as I was beginning to think she might be upset, she finally started speaking.

"My mom had leukemia," she blurted, shocking the hell out of me. I wasn't sure if I was more surprised that she actually told me, or that we'd both lost our mother's so similarly. I nodded sadly, hoping she'd continue. I wanted to know more.

Slowly, Isabella began telling her story. She told me about how her mother found out she was sick not long after school began and had passed before the end of the year. She washed over the details - I knew all too well from watching my own mother waste away to a shell of her former self. It was obvious that Isabella wasn't ready to delve that deep, and from the resulting pain that ached in my chest at the thought of my own mother's death, I wasn't sure I was either.

At one point, she briefly mentioned her family's situation with medical bills. It seemed the inadequate insurance coverage offered by her dad's job dropped them shortly after her mom was diagnosed. I didn't ask how much they owed, because Isabella would have immediately become suspicious of my intent, but there was no way I was going to stand by knowing that Isabella's happiness would be in jeopardy.

And I knew it would, as long as she had her father's physical and financial wellbeing to worry about.

By the time we reached the meadow, conversation had thankfully turned to lighter subjects. Isabella was excited to begin school in the fall, and I was excited for her, but for me, it was a little bittersweet. Even though she'd told me she loved me, there was still a bit of insecurity.

Now that we were a couple, her living arrangements for school weighed heavily on my mind. Would she still want to get her own apartment and maybe even a job? Or would she move in with me permanently and let me take care of her the way I wanted to so badly. It was like a double-edged sword. On one hand, I wanted her to grow into a happy, independent woman and to be able to have and enjoy the college experience I was certain she'd been dreaming about for years, but on the other hand, I was a selfish man who didn't want to be separated from the love of his life. She was so young and with so few experiences - would I be all right with her giving everything up to be with me? Would I let her if she wanted to?


After her speech about living life without regrets, I knew Isabella would listen to her mother's sage advice. When that time came, and I knew it would be soon, I would give her the choice. I'd let her decide what she wanted and needed, and I'd have faith that she'd follow her heart and make the decision that she could live with - without regret. Because I loved her, I would support her in whatever she decided.

"Oh my… this is amazing," Isabella said, awestruck. Startled from my thoughts, I finally became aware that we'd made it to the meadow.

I'd been here several times, but I'd never seen it looking so beautiful. It was as if all the wildflowers had been waiting for Isabella's arrival to bloom.

"It is," I finally replied, reaching over to briefly take her hand in mine. She smiled happily at me before I hopped down off the horse to help Isabella and unpack the blankets and food.

"Why don't you stretch your legs, take a look around. I'll set up over there in the shade," I suggested, wanting to make sure Isabella's perfectly pale skin didn't get too much exposure to the sun.

I took the opportunity to set up the blankets first, so I could stealthily hide Isabella's collar and the items I'd brought from the playroom. By the time Isabella came back, I was nearly done setting up for the picnic.

We ate and laughed, fed each other, and kissed.

"You have some mustard… here, let me," Isabella said, reaching over to wipe my mouth. She looked up at me through her lashes, slaying me with those big, beautiful doe eyes just like she had when I handed her the certificate during her graduation.

After having been inside her, the careful control I'd had over my need for her had slipped away and was now practically non-existent.

"Are you done eating, baby?" I asked, unable to hide the lust in my voice.

"Yes, Sir," she whispered, recognizing the obvious shift in the air between us.

"Stand up and remove your clothes slowly, Isabella," I ordered. "I only want you in your panties for now."

I actually wanted her completely naked for what we were about to do, but I wanted to feel how soaked they'd be in a matter of minutes, and to be the one to slide them down her legs. As she undressed, I stood there watching, holding her gaze with mine. My pulse quickened as she fiddled with the clasp on her bra, and I knew my eyes were probably black with lust because her cheeks flushed in response to my unwavering stare.

"Don't move," I demanded as I approached her slowly. The wildflower meadow served as the perfect backdrop for her naked body. She looked ethereal, like an angel, and here in this place - it was heaven. The holy perfection in front of me did nothing to deter the wicked thoughts running through my brain - if anything, the purity and innocence only increased my need for her.

With a single finger, I traced the curve of her neck, the shell of her ear, and her slightly fuller top lip. At an agonizing pace, I teased her, sliding my finger from her lips straight down, against her neck, between her breasts, and over her stomach till I came to the edge of her panties. I held my hand there a moment waiting, wanting to see if she'd huff in impatience, become confused, or start to fidget, but she stood there holding my gaze, with excitement and anticipation still flickering in her eyes. She was ready for this.

My hand trailed down to the soaked, satin-covered lips of her pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from between her thighs. Like a fucking magnet, my cock twitched toward its magnetic north, demanding attention.

"You're so wet, Isabella. Does it turn you on - being naked out here in the open air?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered quietly, her bottom lip tugging at her teeth. It took every ounce of my restraint not to push her against the tree the and fuck her till my cum was pouring down her thighs.

I was on her in an instant- my lips latching onto hers - invading and fucking her mouth with mine. My hands wandered down her back to the edge of her pretty blue satin panties and slid them halfway down her thighs until gravity took over and they pooled at her ankles. I took hold of her ass cheeks and spread them until my finger was caressing her back entrance. I was silent, but my touch served as a promise of what was to come.

"Fuck," I gasped, pulling away from Isabella's sweet mouth.

"On your knees. I have a gift for you," I commanded darkly, loving the way she complied to my will immediately.

I walked to the small pack by the tree, taking out the rope and the collar. As I approached, her eyes widened when they landed on the platinum necklace in my hand. I exhaled in relief when she couldn't contain the proud grin that lit up her face. I didn't even try to fight the smile I had in response.

"Isabella, I am presenting you with this collar. The intricate ropes are a symbol of binding. You are bound to me, as I am to you, and when you wear it, it will serve as a reminder of the bond we share. You belong to me as I belong to you - mind, body, and heart. The collar is also a reminder of my promise - to be patient and caring, to show you respect, and to cherish the gift of your trust and submission as your loving Master. Will you wear my collar, sweet Isabella?"

"I do… I mean… I will, Sir," she replied, blushing profusely as I slipped the collar onto her graceful neck. I tried to ignore the way my heart pounded in response to those two little words - "I do." Someday…

"Thank you Isabella. You may call me Master now," I corrected gently.

"Yes, Master," she practically purred.

"See that tree there, baby girl?" I asked coyly.

"Yes, Master," she repeated cautiously.

"I'm going to tie you to it and eat your pussy till you can't see straight."


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