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Chapter 21

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 21 **Confrontation**

~*Bella Swan*~

As soon as Edward removed his hand from between my legs, I began to become self-aware, noticing others around us eating their dinner, chatting with friends and family, wondering if they'd noticed, knew what my date was doing to me. For a moment, I forgot about Edward's presence as he turned his attention to the food and nonchalantly began eating a piece of bread.

Could they tell how worked up I was?

Did they know that I was sitting only a few feet away grinding my pussy on their former Senator's hand, in a crowded restaurant, behaving like a wanton whore? Yes… wanton whore… I read that phrase in one of Alice's dirty books - the description certainly suited me perfectly at that moment.

Honestly, I should have probably felt mortified for behaving the way I was, but the moment I looked up and caught sight of Edward's lust-filled stare, I knew I had nothing to be ashamed of. He smiled at me warmly, giving my cheek a gentle stroke with his fingertip, making me blush in response to his touch.

"Amazingly, you become even lovelier when you blush, baby girl," he said with a wry grin.

I tried unsuccessfully not to blush even more. "Always the charmer," I teased, grinning at him.

He was just so… perfect.

How on God's green earth did I get so lucky as to have a man like him fall in love with me?

That was a question I was constantly asking myself these days. Though I'd already decided that I should just stop questioning it and enjoy, it was still hard not to wonder at times like these.

It wasn't long after that the waiter came by with dinner. As usual, Edward and I enjoyed a pleasant conversation. He told me about the beach house his family owned on Bainbridge Island and his love of Italy and New York, while I tried to speak about my mother - the happy times. I told him about our last family trip - it was six years ago - we all went to San Francisco for a week. As sweet as he was, he promised to take me back one day, and to Italy and New York as well.

I could hardly recognize my life now compared to how things used to be.

Before, I was a social-outcast at my school, with very few friends and a father who made me want to stay at the academy year round when it came time for summer break. I'd been dreading graduation for months, knowing I'd have to deal with Charlie for several weeks until I could make my escape to college.

Charlie was a bit undecided. On one hand, he'd wanted me home to cook his dinner, do laundry, and clean up his messes, but he was ashamed… disgusted by what he'd become, but on the other, I looked so much like my mother, he felt compelled to push me away.

I was a reminder of who he'd lost.

I knew I'd never be able to adequately express how thankful I was that Edward and his father got Charlie some help.

Thankfully, our topics of conversation stayed clear of discussion about my dad, and we just tried to focus on lighter subjects.

I had nearly recovered from our pre-dinner playtime when I noticed Edward eating the last of his steak. Seeing his lips wrapped around that fork, his jaw clenching and unclenching as he chewed, and his neck and Adams apple as he swallowed… fuck. It wasn't long before I was wet again.

Ignoring the waiter's offer of dessert, I excused myself, so I could take a trip to the restroom to clean up the mess between my legs before the evidence of my arousal began running down my thighs.

The restroom was empty when I entered. By the time I was finished, an older woman had entered - very posh, probably wealthy. She smiled politely at me before pulling a tube of lipstick out to reapply it.

After washing my hands and toweling off, I reached to open the door, but someone beat me to it.

The door swung open, revealing a very beautiful, very familiar blonde woman. The first thing I noticed was impeccably she was dressed - her hair pulled back in a severe bun. The next thing I noticed was that she looked a little pissed off.

Where have I seen her… shit.

"Tanya Denali," I blurted, before my mind caught up with my mouth.

"And you are?" she sneered, standing in front of the door, blocking the way out. I was too busy gawking at her to answer before she spoke again. "- Let me guess, you're one of his sister's friends? He's a little old for you, wouldn't you say?"

Damn. She thought I was Alice's age… I wasn't about to admit that I was eight years younger than she assumed. That would only make things worse. I was about to try to come up with some excuse to save face before realization struck, and a flash of anger shot through me.

I didn't have to answer to her.

Who the hell did this bitch think she was cornering me in a public restroom, interrogating me like I was her husband's mistress or something? Edward was my boyfriend - her ex.

"It's none of your business who I am, so I'd appreciate it if you got out of my way, so I could return to dinner with my boyfriend," I told her as calmly as I could manage.

"Boyfriend?" she scoffed. "You're in for a rude awakening if you think Edward Cullen will be satisfied with just a girlfriend - a little sex slave is more his forte."

I could feel the blood pulsing behind my ears, pounding in my head. The audacity…

"Like I said - our relationship is none of your business," I snapped, my fists clenching, knuckles turning white as I gripped the countertop.

"Did he tell you about me - what he did to me - why I left him?" she asked knowingly. I was about to snap at her when I realized that he hadn't - in fact, Edward had never even mentioned Tanya to me. Not even once. At my silence, her face expression changed.

She didn't even try to contain the smirk of triumph that appeared on her face. "That's what I thought."

"We don't generally spend our time dissecting one another's relationship history," I replied bitterly. It was true, but the fact that Edward hadn't mentioned it made me wonder if there was some big secret he was hiding - something he felt ashamed of, or just didn't want me to know.

"No… I imagine he wouldn't want you to know about his kinky little playroom he uses to sexually torture women."

"Keep your mouth shut," I hissed, noticing the older woman in the corner watching us with a look of annoyance on her face. The woman didn't look particularly interested in our conversation, but still, I was certain Edward didn't want the public knowing about his… kinky side.

"Look… I didn't come here to insult you. I saw you both at the table and… I just wanted to warn you," she said lowering her voice. She sounded much more calm, but no less bitter.

"I'm a big girl, and I don't need you to…"

"- Just listen," she snapped, cutting me off. "I don't want what happened to me, to happen to you."

I sighed angrily but waited for her to continue, knowing she was just gonna spout off a bunch of bullshit about Edward and the BDSM stuff that I already knew about. It was obvious that she wasn't woman enough for Edward - couldn't handle his sexual appetite. I wanted to tell her she was just a bitter old hag, but I was certain those red claws would come out and I'd lose some hair if I provoked her into a fight.

"He will hurt you, punish you even, and he'll make you do things - sick things," she whispered lowly. "You should get out now before he starts beating you the way he did me."

I sucked in a staggering breath at her words.

Surely she was just exaggerating. Edward was so gentle. He would never hit me.

A spanking was different, just playful, but beating someone… I couldn't believe it.

Not my Edward.

"You're lying," I shouted, slamming my fist on the countertop. Both Tanya and the older woman jumped.

"Ask him about me. You'll see…" she snarled before turning around and stalking out of the bathroom, leaving me completely dumbfounded.

"You poor child… is there any truth to that woman's claims? Are you with an abusive man?" the older woman asked, her voice sympathetic.

"He's not abusive," I yelled before tears began streaming down my face. The woman wrapped her arms around me awkwardly before pulling me to one of the stalls to get some tissue to clean my mascara-smeared face.

"There, there, dear - I'm sure she was just jealous then, but if there were any truth to her words…" she whispered, trailing off. She must have realized how close I was to breaking down.

I was more pissed than upset - mostly because that bitter old harpy had the audacity to come in here and corner me, ruining my first real date with Edward. Up until then it had been perfect, and she had to go and plant seeds of doubt and worry in my head.

I couldn't help but wonder why Edward hadn't mentioned her, but then again… I never mentioned the last boy I dated either. We'd barely done more than kiss and touch each other over our clothes, but still - Edward knew nothing about him, so why should I know about Tanya and how and why they broke up?

No. I couldn't believe it. He would never…

She was just a bitter, jealous woman - probably exaggerating anyway.

It wasn't long after that I heard Edward's voice calling out to me. I let him hide me under the crook of his arm so he could lead me out of the restaurant - an embarrassing, sniveling, sobbing mess.

I hated that I hadn't been strong enough not to break down like the hormonal teenager that I was, but I was just so angry.

On the way back to the estate, Edward's gentle words had been soothing, calming me down, but I wasn't ready to talk to him yet - not about what happened.

His warm hands were on my skin, rubbing lazy circles, quieting my sobs of frustration. I felt myself relax in his arms, knowing that wrapped being inthose arms was where I was the safest, no matter what anyone said.

My eyes felt heavy and I found myself drifting in and out of consciousness. Vaguely, I felt myself being lifted from the limo and carried up the stairs. By the time Edward began stripping me out of my dress, I was too tired to help him and not aroused enough to enjoy it.

Seconds later, I drifted off - thoughts of our date and the incident at the restaurant fading into my subconscious.

"Mmm," I moan quietly, feeling a light ticking sensation crawling up my legs. Looking down, I see that I'm surrounded by the dark, but my body is illuminated.

Two very familiar, long-fingered hands slip through the veil of darkness to wrap around my ankles - sending a jolt of euphoria through my veins.

My stomach flutters as I feel the first sign of arousal waking me up inside.

The hands that hold me slide slowly up my legs, revealing the well-defined arms of my lover, his beautiful pale skin illuminated by the moonlight. When he finally climbs up my body, covering every inch of me with his scorching skin, I whimper in anticipation of what he'll do next.

"I'm going to taste every inch of your delicious flesh," he promises darkly, his green eyes sparkling in the shadows. Those words - their the only warning I get before he begins attacking my lips, plunging his tongue inside, doing as he said he would.

I lie perfectly still, only allowing my lips to move and my tongue to slide along his. He presses his erection into my hip, showing me how greatly I affect him, filling him with the same desire and need I have for him.

His hands begin to wander, gliding along my overheated skin, making me buck against him, loving the erotic sound he makes when he groans into my mouth - the vibration of that deep sound settling itself deep inside, making my arousal increase ten-fold.

When he's satisfied that he's kissed me thoroughly, he begins his journey, placing sweet little kisses on my face and neck, but by the time his lips arrive at my collarbone, he's no longer touching me so innocently.

His fingers curl around my inner thigh, inching closer and closer to where I want him. Frustration is evident in my breathing, but he doesn't seem to care, choosing to simply continue his torturous journey across my sensitive skin.

The closer he is to my breast, the wetter his kisses become - the wetter I become.

I take one final glance as his lips part and he descends, latching on, his tongue darting rapidly against the stiff peak of my right nipple. I want to cry out in objection that my left nipple is being neglected, but my protests are cut short by his warm hand as cups me before rolling the other between his talented fingers.

"Oh, God," I gasp, arching my breasts towards his hands - eagerly begging for more.

"Stay still," he demands, just as the urge to sink my fingers into his hair is so strong, it nearly overwhelms me.

I do as I'm told, not just because he tells me to, but because I want to. I need his command, his direction. He gives me everything, and I want to be everything to him.

My body aches with need, and heseems to read me like a book. Without words or signs, he senses I need his mouth lower, lapping at my swollen flesh.

Kisses trail down my stomach, leaving a tingling trail in their wake - making me want him, unbearably so.

"Open for me," he demands, his hands sliding up to my knees, spreading my legs wide so he can gaze at my intimate flesh - see how my body welcomes him.

There is no hesitation on his part - the moment my legs spread, wide as they can go, he descends and begins devouring me.

Oh fuck.

The sounds escaping him are feral, needy, and passionate - mine aren't much different.

"Mmm," I moaned slightly, my hips jerking in response. "Edward… fuck."

As I became more aware of my surroundings, I realized I'd been dreaming, but just as I was about to pout, his hand slipped between my legs, his fingers pressed against my soaked pussy.

"Fuck," he whispered against my skin, rubbing me.

I didn't feel so bad that my dream hadn't been real… not when the real Edward was lying next to me naked and ready to fulfill my every desire.

All I could think about was making my dream a reality, wanting him to kiss me - all over.

He didn't disappoint either.

By the time my Edward had finished what Dream Edward started, he was rock hard, and pressing insistently against my thigh.

I welcomed him, loving the way he filled me as he slowly slipped inside. A perfect fit - my body knew its master.

Over and over he pushed me to the edge, making me forget the outside world.

Just as he found his release, he cried out, telling me he loved me.

The honesty and deep emotion in his voice couldn't be denied. As reality crashed in, I remembered Tanya's words.

Whether she was telling the truth or not didn't matter. She didn't know the man in my arms - this man would never treat me the way she said he would.

I trusted him - entirely.

At that, I responded to him, letting him know how much I loved him… "Always."


As Edward drifted off to sleep next to me, I found myself wide awake.

For another hour or so, I stayed curled up against him until it became obvious I wasn't going to be able to sleep. Quietly, I slipped out of bed and grabbed my dress, eyeing it with annoyance as I remembered the night before.

I noticed one of Edward's dress shirts on the floor, so I put it on, knowing it would be much easier than trying to shimmy back into the dress.

By the time I got to my room, I was feeling a little down in the dumps.

Normally, I'd try to paint, but I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't feel too much like playing the cello either, so I put the dress away for dry cleaning, slipped on a t-shirt and some shorts, and grabbed the book I'd been reading the last few days.

After making a quick snack in the kitchen, I curled up on the back patio and found myself engrossed in my book for a few hours.

As the morning drew to a close, I began to sweat. It was actually getting pretty hot out.

The cool water in the pool caught my attention, tempting me to take a quick dip. After looking in to see that Edward was still soundly sleeping, tangled up in his sheets, I rushed back to my room and grabbed my swimsuit and large beach towel.

I had probably been alternating between swimming and diving for nearly twenty minutes when I emerged from my dive and spotted him on the patio, shirtless, watching me intently. I was happy to see him, but he looked slightly wary as I approached him.

"Good morning," he said before cupping my cheek with his warm hand, making me shiver slightly.

I couldn't help but lean into his loving touch. Only then did I register how cool it felt outside of the pool. I needed to get back in the water.

"Morning," I replied, shivering a little. He eyed me in that protective way I'd grown used to. I could tell he was about to say something, so I beat him to it. "Would you like to swim with me?"

He grinned, seemingly happy that I asked him to join me. "No trunks," he replied pointing at the soft cotton pajama pants that hung dangerously low on his sexy hips.

Just a few inches lower and I could see…


His cock began to stir and grow against his pants, and it was all I could do not to lunge and attack him like a wanton whore.

"There's no one around, right?" I asked hopefully, my voice filled with unrestrained lust.

The grin fell from Edward's face and was replaced with something entirely sexy and playful.

"No, I suppose you could say we were highly secluded. What did you have in mind, kitten?" he asked seductively, grazing my hip with his now fully-erect cock. I groaned loudly, not even caring how needy I sounded. I probably should have been embarrassed by my reaction to seeing the enormous tent in his pants, but at that moment I couldn't have cared less.

Fuck… I needed to see it right now.

Wordlessly, I unhooked my bikini top and slipped out of my bottoms before grasping the waistband of his pants and sliding them over his hips. He smirked at me knowingly as I stared at his exposed erection with hungry eyes.

Once his pajama pants were in a pile with my wet swimsuit, he toed off his socks as he pulled my body flush against his, lining us up in the most delicious way.

He ran his hands all over my back and waist, paying close attention to my ass and spreading my cheeks in a way that seemed entirely compulsive.


I closed my eyes, simply melting into his embrace.

A memory from last night flashed through my head unbidden, but I shoved it back. It was even easier to forget when Edward huskily whispered words like, "I need you" in my ear while sliding his long fingers inside me.

That conversation would have to wait… Edward and I were going skinny dipping.


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