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Chapter 13

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 13 **Shopping**

**Bella Swan**

"Wake up, baby," a smooth masculine, voice whispered hotly against my ear.

"No… too tired," I whined, feeling as though I'd only been asleep for an hour or so.

"Isabella, you gotta get up baby. Its morning and my sister will be pounding on your door in about fifteen minutes," he reminded gently.

"Let her… I need my beauty rest," I complained, feigning an arrogant tone. Edward pulled me against his warm, muscular flesh, letting me feel him hot and hard against my thigh.

We groaned in unison at the contact.

"Damn… that's not helping your case one bit," I nearly gasped.

"I thought a hug might help you wake up," he replied huskily.

"What a hug - you certainly have my attention, but I really don't want to leave now," I pouted. "I want to taste you again."

"Fuck, baby girl. You can't say shit like that," he grunted, obviously frustrated that I couldn't possibly follow through without alerting his sister to our… illicit activities.

"Well… you teased first… Sir," I replied, smiling coyly. I moved to slip out of bed, but Edward pulled me back against his hard chest.

"Not so fast…" he growled and began sucking on my neck, making me moan loudly in response. Just as I began relaxing into his embrace, he withdrew his lips.

"Hey," I pouted in frustration.

"I had to stop before I left a mark on your neck," he whispered seductively before releasing me from his clutches.

I touched the smooth skin on my neck where he'd kissed me. One spot felt a little tender, but that was all. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at him before slipping out of bed.

I expected to feel a little self- conscious being naked in front of Edward, but after last night, I wasn't sure that was even possible anymore. He had seen everything - even my asshole - which I had hardly even seen myself. There was just something about that sexy man that both set me on edge and put me at ease at the same time.

"You better cover up that delicious ass before I bite it again," he warned in a husky tone, which made me giggle.

After a few brief kisses, Edward and I went our separate ways.

Not five minutes after arriving in my room, Alice was knocking at my door.

"Morning," she greeted cheerfully. "Are you ready to shop till you drop?"

"I guess," I replied sleepily.

"Sure you are. So listen, I thought we'd head into the city. My boutique doesn't open for three more hours, so that will give us plenty of time to get in and out before customers start arriving. Then we can pretty much do whatever. Did you want to get a whole new wardrobe, or just add a few new items?"

"I guess I need a new wardrobe, but I'm kind of on a budget. I think I can spare maybe a thousand dollars," I mentioned nervously. To me, a thousand dollars on clothes was an insane amount, but I needed a whole new wardrobe so it was a necessary expense.

I could tell, though, that Alice probably spent thousands on just a pair of shoes or jeans alone.

"Well, I think we can manage. You can have anything you want from my store." I eyed her skeptically. I really didn't want a handout, but before I could open my mouth to protest, she continued. "I mean, first off, you wearing it is like advertising for me, and second, the clothes don't cost me even a quarter of what I charge customers to have manufactured. You would be doing me a favor by taking them. Then, whatever else you need, we'll get from other stores. My name alone will get us discounts in other shops," she replied quickly.

"I guess, but at least let me pay cost on the clothes from your store. I wouldn't feel right otherwise," I argued politely.

"We'll talk about it."

Alice left me alone to get ready before we met down in the kitchen.

I found Edward dressed and standing over the stove. Whatever he was making smelled delicious, but I was confused as to why he was cooking in the first place.

"How are my two favorite girls this morning?" Edward asked cheerfully, causing Alice to look at me thoughtfully.

My face turned beet red in response.

"Fine," I muttered, suddenly nervous. Edward's expression seemed to falter a little, but he quickly recovered.

"Good, well I thought you both could use a nice breakfast before you head out for the day and leave me all on my lonesome."

"Thanks. Oh… yum - omelets. Edward makes the best omelets," Alice replied excitedly. Edward didn't even look at his sister. He just kept staring at me with a blank expression on his face.

"Thank you. This looks good," I replied quietly before sitting at the table.

We ate breakfast mostly in silence. I couldn't figure out what Edward was thinking. I was nervous about the possibility of Alice finding out that I was participating in a sexual relationship with her brother, who happened to be twenty years older than me. There was no way I'd be prepared to deal with being judged because of our ages until Edward and I made some kind of commitment. I wanted to officially be his girlfriend, because until then, I was just the teenage girl he was screwing around with. I had no claim over him… yet.

I planned to remedy that fact and soon.

"Before you leave, I need to talk to you, Isabella," Edward said emotionlessly.

The abrupt change in tone caught me off guard, but I agreed immediately.

Alice cleaned her plate and left the room, mentioning she'd meet me in the garage in a few minutes.

"Is everything okay?" I asked, breaking the tension that had suddenly formed between us.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," he replied curtly.

"Please don't be upset… you just, umm… caught me off guard. I was worried that Alice might be suspicious… and I just… I didn't know how to act," I said nervously.

"Shit… baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to act like such an ass. I guess I just… I jumped to conclusions - thought maybe you were having second thoughts… about us," he said remorsefully.

"I'm not. I just… I kind of wanted things to be official, I guess, before anyone found out about us… you know… being together. I don't want to look like some kind of tramp or something," I said quietly.

"Do you mean it?" he asked, sounding as shy as I'd ever heard him sound.

"Which part?"

"About us… being official… because I want that, Isabella - even more than I want you to be my sub," he said adamantly.

The goofiest grin plastered itself on my face - I couldn't help it. "Really, Edward? Cause I mean I know you said so yesterday, but that was before… last night."

"Yeah, baby girl. I want you to be my girlfriend," he said softly.

I threw myself into his arms and started kissing the shit out of him. Holy shit… Edward is my boyfriend. Damn… I feel faint

"You never answered me," he said, laughing when we finally broke apart for air.

"Yes," I giggled. "Of course I want you to be my incredibly sexy, dirty-talking boyfriend - who wouldn't?"

After several minutes of kissing each other breathless and Edward's promise to tell his family about us at dinner tomorrow night, I ran out to meet Alice in the garage.

"You look chipper. " I shrugged, feeling unsure how to reply. "You also look horny as hell," she added impishly. Immediately my face felt like it was being licked by flames of embarrassment.

I turned away and stared out the window of the yellow Ferrari as Alice sped down the highway at illegal speeds, and I was extremely grateful that she didn't mention the horny state her brother left me in again.

When we arrived at the boutique, Alice led us in through the back into a room that looked like a large dressing room with platforms and full length mirrors. She had me try on all kinds of clothes. Some were absolutely beautiful, and a few were really out there - not my taste at all. By the time I was done, I had chosen four blouses, a couple sweaters, a jacket, three pairs of jeans, a sweater dress, and a belt.

I was pretty sure that it all cost way more than a thousand dollars, but Alice insisted that I pick out everything I liked and she would give them to me at cost.

"How much do I owe you?" I asked nervously, just as a slender woman with silky black hair came in through the same door that Alice and I had.

"Morning, Ali," the woman greeted in a heavily accented voice.

"Hey, Maria… oh, this is Bella. Bella, this is Maria. She helps manage the boutique when I'm not here."

Maria looked over at me appraisingly and then licked her lips. The way she was looking at me reminded me of the hungry looks Edward had been giving me. I was caught off guard.

"Hello," I greeted, smiling at Maria politely. I didn't want to encourage her attention.

"Bella, aren't you lovely, dear. Are you a model?" Maria asked indulgently.

"Ohh… umm, no… I'm just an art student," I replied shyly.

"Don't be so modest. Bella is an amazing artist, and she and I are spending the summer at Edward's. She's painting a mural for him," Alice gushed excitedly.

"Oh my…. well you must be fantastic if our benevolent, former Senator has you painting in his home."

I had no clue how to respond to her flattery, so I mumbled a quick thank you before turning back to Alice.

"Well, Bella and I were just leaving," she decided quickly, then helped me get my bags.

I wasn't sure if Alice was trying to get me away from her co-worker's lustful gaze or if she was just trying to distract me from paying for the clothes.

"Damn, Bella, Maria was scoping you out. She looked like she was about to start humping your leg," she commented, laughing loudly as we piled into the Ferrari.

"Uhh… well, I wasn't sure, but, yeah… it seemed that way to me," I said, laughing awkwardly.

"She's usually a little more subtle than that, or I wouldn't have her working with female clients. She must have thought you were fuck-hot," Alice explained amusedly.

"I guess I'm flattered," I replied thoughtfully. "I just never thought of myself that way. I haven't really been around boys too much, and most of the so-called popular or pretty girls I went to school with were like bleach-blonde, Barbie types with trust funds and college-aged boyfriends. I always felt a bit plain compared to them."

Alice's laughter died down as she listened. It felt kind of good opening up to her about my insecurities. She was the only girl I could talk to, and I decided that it might be nice to have a female perspective. I just had to be careful not to gush about how great her brother's cock tasted and how surprisingly wet he made me when he spanked my pussy with a riding crop - those things, I would keep to myself.

"Bella, you are anything but plain. We just need to bring you out of your shell," she replied. "Speaking of - where did you want to go shopping next?"

Alice and I went to a bunch of stores and shops. I found several items for my wardrobe and had spent nearly five-hundred dollars - half of my clothing budget. I still hadn't bought any lingerie.

"Alice, I was thinking that I might need to get a new bra and some nightgowns. Is there someplace affordable we could go - like Victoria's Secret?" I asked as innocently as I could manage.

"Yeah, sure - Victoria's Secret is nice, but La Perla is much better. My friend, Laurent, can get us a huge discount, so don't worry about the price tags," she said as if I had already agreed.

"I don't know, Alice, I feel like I'm taking advantage," I argued politely.

"Nonsense, just do like you did at the boutique and pick out what you want. I'll put it on my store credit so I can get the discount, and you can pay me back later," she replied flippantly.

I wasn't stupid. It was obvious Alice was going to just tell me everything cost like fifty bucks - when in actuality it would probably be a few thousand. The problem was I didn't know Alice well enough to feel comfortable calling her out on it. I didn't want to come off as rude or ungrateful, but I also didn't want to be treated like a charity case. I had money. Hell, I had over eleven-thousand dollars from selling my paintings and Edward's office. I just didn't feel right wasting all my money on a pair of hot little panties - or having Alice pay for them.

I was about to open my mouth to say I changed my mind when Alice pulled into the shopping center.

"We're here," she gushed.

Nervously, I followed Alice toward the store.

Any protest I had about not letting Alice help me buy lingerie died the moment we stepped through the revolving doors - I was in love.

"Holy hell, Alice!" I blurted, drawing attention from the salespeople and customers scattered around the store.

"Sorry," I whispered apologetically. If Alice hadn't been with me, I would probably be getting the "Pretty Woman" treatment right about now, but as soon as the Fabulous Miss Cullen stepped foot in the door, everyone's faces lit up. I considered Alice to be my own personal "Richard Gere" for the afternoon.

Ever since the first time I visited Victoria's Secret, I had kind of a 'thing' for sexy underwear. The problem was - I didn't have any money. It wasn't like I could ask Charlie for it either. That would just be messed up.

So now that I had my own money, I felt like I could truly appreciate all the fine silks, satins, and lace. I didn't have to imagine how they'd look or feel on my body - I could have them.

I noticed a section of the store had much more risqué lingerie. Alice seemed to be distracted by the stockings, so I snuck over to take a look.

A pair of black silk crotchless panties with a honey-colored waistband caught my eye, and I knew I had to have them. Then I saw the matching shelf bra with honey-colored cups, and it was all over - they were stunning, and I couldn't wait to see if Edward would like them on me.

The price tag, however, made me gasp. Okay… so maybe I didn't mind Alice getting me a discount. As long as she let me pay for something.

Alice was going to see everything I bought anyway, so I went ahead and motioned for her to join me.

"Goddamn, Bella! I thought you just wanted a few pairs of panties and shit - I didn't expect you to want… those," Alice commented, sounding a little shocked by my underwear choice.

"I just want to feel sexy for once in my life," I admitted defensively, hoping she wouldn't press me further. She simply grinned and shook her head knowingly before having Laurent follow us around so he could get all our choices ready for the dressing room.

I asked Alice to warn me if I was spending too much, making sure she kept in mind that I still hadn't bought a dress for the dinner party.

Laurent kept showing me different corsets and garters sets and telling me how they all matched my "lovely skin tone" or my "exotic golden-brown eyes." I knew he was just bullshitting me, but I could have cared less at the moment. All I could think about was what Edward would think of them.

After my third trip to the dressing room, Alice mentioned she was hungry and that I'd probably tried on enough underwear to outfit a small army of high-class hookers.

I only ended up getting three bra and panty sets, a corset, and a couple pairs of stockings and garters. Yeah… I'd gone a bit overboard, but when I thought of Edward and his reaction - it would all be worth it.

Alice and I ended up having lunch at the restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel - it was delicious. She even let me pay, which I felt was the least I could do since she was driving me around giving me clothes and getting me discounts on extravagant underwear I didn't need, so I could seduce her brother.

Afterward, she took me to another small boutique to find a dress for the dinner party. I ended up buying a stunning black baby-doll style dress with a black lace overlay. It was sexy but not too short, which I liked. The price tag said it was $179 which was perfect for me because I only had about that much left in my budget after I paid Alice for the stuff from La Perla and her boutique.

I still felt a bit guilty letting her spend all that money on me, especially since I gave Edward such a hard time in the beginning about paying me for my paintings. I knew I would have to do something nice for Alice in return to show my gratitude.

"It's spa time, honey," Alice chimed as we were making our way back to the car.

"Oh… I didn't know you were planning on going to the spa. I didn't really bring any more money, but I don't mind to wait for you," I said nervously.

"Nonsense… my best friend Irina's family owns the place - I don't pay, and neither do you," she replied matter-of-factly. It amazed me that rich people got so much stuff for free - it didn't really seem fair.

"Okay… well… I've never been to a spa before. Are we getting massages or something?"

"You can… but I just need to get waxed before Jasper comes home," she admitted casually.

"Waxed? Like a bikini wax?"

"I go for the full Brazilian - it feels great, Jaspers loves it, and it keeps him from getting hair in his mouth from going down on me. No girl wants to hear a guy gag after eating her out," she explained.

"Oh… I guess your right… I never thought of that," I replied understandingly, but inwardly I was panicking… what if Edward got one of my pubes stuck in his throat the next time he went down on me? I mean, I didn't have like an enormous bush or anything, but after seeing the bare women in Alice's photography book, and Alice herself commenting on the joys of waxing, I felt like it was probably the right thing to do.

I worried that Edward might have been worried about embarrassing me, and that was why he hadn't mentioned waxing… or maybe it would be something he would put on his list of rules.

Would it please him if I went ahead and did it? Maybe he would see it as though I was anticipating his needs. I wasn't sure, but I thought I'd take a chance. I wanted to look and feel as sexy as possible when I tried on my new panties for him.

I'd been too busy thinking of how sexy it would look or how Edward would respond that I didn't even think of the fact that it was going to hurt like hell until I was on a table with my legs spread.

It wasn't as painful as breaking my arm in the fourth grade, but it was way up there. I was going to kill Alice for planting that idea in my head.

The technician who waxed me applied some soothing lotion to my burning flesh - it helped, but barely.

Alice laughed when she spotted me walking bow-legged back into the lobby - I growled at her, making her laugh even more. Bitch.

After the full day of shopping, I was exhausted, my pussy hurt, and I was eager to get back to Edward - my boyfriend. It was kind of funny thinking of him as my boyfriend. For one, he wasn't a boy, but there was also the fact that the things we were doing together, to me, surpassed what a boyfriend and girlfriend would do together. Maybe 'lovers' was a better term for what we were… but hell, I didn't care what we called our relationship as long as I could call him mine.

The way he took care of me after the things we'd done last night was so baffling to me. I never expected to see such a caring side to him. I liked that he didn't push for me to tell him more when I told him about that awful night when Charlie hit me. It wasn't the Chief of Police's finest hour - that was certain.

My dad wasn't a bad person… but after Mom died, it was like all the goodness had been sucked out of him - like it died along with her.

Money was tight after all the medical bills, so we had to sacrifice a lot. College would have been a no-go had I not gotten the scholarship, and my tuition at Sacred Heart would have been impossible to pay had the school not allowed me to stay for free because my Mom had been a music teacher there up until the end of my Freshman year. It seemed that some kind soul on the school board didn't think it would be very Christian-like to toss me out on my ass after my Mom got diagnosed with Leukemia.

"Bella… hello? Are you coming?" Alice asked impatiently. I must have spaced out thinking about Mom.

I sighed audibly and stepped out of the yellow Ferrari, wincing as the seam of my jeans rubbed against my tender folds.

Damn… how long is this going to hurt?

I hoped Edward wouldn't be pissed.


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