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Chapter 7

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 7 **Encounters**

*~Isabella Swan~*

I awoke in the middle of the night, as I often did - as I had the night before. I just wasn't used to sleeping in such a soft, luxurious bed.

Glancing over at the nightstand, I saw that it was a little after 1 a.m., and about an hour had passed since… well… since I realized my suspicions about him weren't… unfounded.

For several more minutes, I tossed and turned in my blankets until I simply couldn't take it anymore. Of course, I knew I could get up and read or something, but I was feeling restless, and I knew painting was the only cure. The problem was I hadn't yet mentioned my nocturnal painting habits to Mr. Cullen… err, Edward, as I was now supposed to call him.

With all the pent up excitement and energy, I needed to release a bit of creativity. Maybe, if I played for a little while instead… I glanced over at the instrument case containing my cello. No, that would probably disturb Alice.

Nervously, I bit my lip. Would Edward be pissed if he found me up at night wandering the halls or in his office painting? Probably not. I mean, he's pretty much given me free reign the entire time I've been here, and this is most certainly not Sacred Heart Academy.

I was so glad to be rid of that awful place. If I had to look at Sister Volturi's stupid, sour face again, I'd paint my eyelids shut.

Okay… you can do this, Bella.

I hopped out of bed, threw on a pair of plaid pajama shorts with my t-shirt, and crept out of my room as quietly as possible. I definitely didn't want to wake Alice. Edward was great - wonderful even - but his sister - sheesh - what an obnoxious brat. I was just thankful that she seemed to like me. Something told me that I didn't want to be on Alice's bad side.

On my way back to the office, I thought about Edward and our conversation after dinner. I was fairly certain he'd been flirting with me, though it wasn't the first time. Ever since we locked eyes during the graduation ceremony, I've felt this strange magnetism between us. Never having had much experience with boys, much less men, I assumed I was just too naïve to understand the difference between flirting and simply being friendly, but now I wasn't so sure.

It was like we kept having these moments - he'd drop his guard and look at me as if I were something to eat - which was quite thrilling if I was being honest. What really got me though, were those brief moments when he looked at me as if I was the most precious thing in the world. All I wanted was to have him wrap his strong arms around me and hold me tight - but that was stupid. I was eighteen, for Christ's sake - to him, I must seem like a child.

Edward was a VERY beautiful man, and it was one thing for me to continue my little teenage fantasy of being Mrs. Edward Cullen, but a whole other thing to start deluding myself into thinking a powerful and sexy man like him would ever be interested in a blushing school girl.

Before the movers came to pick up all my things, I'd stayed up all night packing and hiding my Edward Cullen stash. The evidence of my teenage fan girl crush was scattered around in various places of my room, so I silently thanked God that Charlie didn't snoop or have any interest in coming into my room, or else he never would have agreed to let me stay here this summer.

I had magazine and newspaper clippings, as well as recorded political ads, and TV interviews - it was quite an impressive, but pathetically juvenile collection and not something I ever wanted Edward to be aware of. I was sure if he knew of my… obsession, he'd probably want a restraining order.

Grow up, Bella, you're not a kid anymore.

As I rounded the staircase and headed up towards Edward's office, I heard a loud thump coming from one of the rooms farther down the hall. I paused for a moment, unsure if I should go any further…


I heard it again followed by a low moan. Oh no! Was Edward hurt?

BUMP. "Fuck… Isabella…"

Oh God! He sounded like he was in pain.

I rushed down the hall toward the room Edward had previously mentioned belonged to him.



"Goddamn…" he growled slightly.

Huh… his voice didn't sound as pained as it had when I was farther down the hall.


"Fuck, baby… just like that," he practically growled.

.God. Was he? No way…


"Fuck yeah, Isabella… take my cock… yessss…."

Shit! He was… he was… thinking about me… when he… he… Oh Jesus!

My hand was at my chest, willing my pulse to slow down before I went into cardiac arrest.

I am so going to hell for this.

Quietly, I leaned against the door hoping to hear more, and I sure as hell wasn't disappointed.

"Oh fuuuck… I'm gonna cum, Isabella… make me cum, baby," he grunted lowly.

Something in my brain told me I should be thoroughly repulsed by the knowledge that I was the star in some old guy's perverted sex fantasies, but the flame of desire burning between my legs was telling me something completely different - Get in there before he finishes!

Aching like never before, my hand trailed slowly to the waistband of my shorts and into my panties. I slipped it lower quickly, and ran my index finger through my wet slit, spreading the moisture I found in abundance.


God, it felt so good. I tried to picture Edward sprawled out in his huge bed running his amazing hands over his penis… err… cock, as he called it. I wanted to see the passion on his face as he stroked himself and said my name. My other hand went to my breast where I began to roughly tug at my aching nipples. "Mmhmm… uhh," I moaned quietly, unable to stop myself.


"Ohhh fuuucckkk, Isabella!" he roared. Faster and faster, I kept sliding my fingers through my folds, until my legs were shaking from my impending climax.

Making sure he wasn't alerted to my presence, I stayed quiet, only whimpering softly as my orgasm took hold. By the time I was done, I could hardly stay upright. My boneless body slumped against the wall.

I pulled my sticky fingers out of my shorts and, wiped the excess moisture on my t-shirt, and wondered -God, what the hell just happened here?

Edward was thinking about me when he touched himself! Holy shit, I wasn't just deluding myself - he is really, truly attracted to me. Should I make a move or wait for him? What if he doesn't act on his feelings because our age difference is a problem for him?


The sound of water running interrupted my panicked thoughts. I jumped up quickly to get away, but I hit my head on the doorknob on the way up.

"Oh, hell," I shouted loudly in response to the immediate throb that set in. Clutching my head gently, I turned to assess the damage to the door. Thank God Edward's home wasn't built with cheap materials, or my hard head would have knocked that knob right off. I needed to get out of there before my clumsiness caused any more trouble.

Such a damn klutz.

I took off and was halfway down the hall when I heard a low growling sound. I froze in place - in fear.

"Isabella, what… are you doing?" Edward asked darkly.

The anger and confusion were clear in his husky voice. I had no idea what to think. Was he pissed? Was he going to be embarrassed and kick me out because of what I heard? Before I could even contemplate facing him, I took a deep cleansing breath.

Slowly, cautiously I turned.

Oh God. He… only a towel… beautiful chest and oh man… his abs… just glistening with sweat… dark eyes… sniffing the air…

His eyes narrowed at me before they widened, and then his mouth turned up in a knowing smirk.

Jesus Christ, he could… he… smelled me… what I'd been doing.

God… of course he could. Even I could still smell the sweet, musky scent my illicit activity left behind.

"I asked you a question, Isabella," Edward reminded sternly.

"I… umm" I squeaked before biting my lip. Edward took a step closer. Unable to meet his eyes, I looked down, only to be met with the sight of a growing bulge pressed against his towel.

"Ugh," I moaned, feeling aroused at the sight of his erection.

"Isabella, I won't ask again," he growled, obviously becoming irritated by my lack of response.

"Umm… I was just… I couldn't sleep… Sir… and sometimes, I paint at night. I wanted to paint, Sir," I rambled, sounding anxious.

"You came to paint, and then you heard something - am I correct?" he asked, softening his tone.

"Yes, Sir," I agreed, practically whimpering. He stepped forward, closing the distance between us and gently grasped my chin in his hand, forcing my gaze to meet his.

"And what did you hear, baby?" he whispered seductively, making me shiver with renewed desire.

Baby - Oh God, he called me that when he was… "Masturbating," I blurted dumbly.

Amusement was shining through his features, but he didn't look any less turned on. Had he not been giving me that "you look good enough to eat" face, I would have run outside to bury my head in the dirt by now.

"How do you feel about… what you heard?" he asked softly, seeming to sense my embarrassment, but he was obviously too interested in my answer to let it go.

"I umm… I heard you… say my name, and it made me feel… powerful… beautiful…," I admitted quietly purposefully leaving out "aroused." He cocked a challenging brow at me. Jesus, but he's perceptive.

"I felt sexy… and umm… aroused." I continued, whispering the last word.

One of his long fingers traced my jaw as his thumb gently passed over my bottom lip. We were both breathing heavily by that point.

Something was about to happen - it was inevitable.

"Did you… touch yourself?" he asked in a husky tone that made my toes curl and lit a fire between my legs.

"Oh, God…," I replied, shaking like a leaf. My body felt almost foreign to me. I'd never felt so much burning desire. I just really needed his hands on me - like ten minutes ago.

"Answer me," He demanded softly.

"Yes! I heard you touching yourself, and I couldn't help it!" I admitted more loudly than I'd intended. His answering smile was wicked.

"Fuck… Isabella… I've wanted you, since the first time I saw you. Tell me you want me," he replied almost desperately.

"Please, I want you, Edward, so bad," I whimpered helplessly, rubbing my thighs together in an effort to relieve the hot throbbing sensation. His eyes rolled back, and he licked his lips.

"Come closer, baby," he commanded, and I felt myself propelled forward with little thought or effort. I'd yet to be this close to him. His height was impressive and made me feel small and feminine. "I want to try something, but you have to hold still or I am going to take you right here in the hallway."

I looked up, meeting his eyes, knowing that if I looked down I'd be met with the sight of his erection again and that would not be conductive to his command to be still.

Edward stared hungrily into my eyes conveying one simple message - I was his.

In an instant, his mouth latched onto mine kissing me hungrily with a passion boys my own age could have never dreamed of possessing. I opened my mouth to him allowing his experienced tongue entrance. My instinct was to push back and meet his effort, but I could tell he wanted to control it, and with his hands making their way to cup my ass, in no way had I wanted to go against him.

All too soon Edward was breaking the kiss, leaving us both panting like animals.

"Isabella, you have to go to sleep before I fuck you right here in the hallway," Edward practically growled. I knew my face held disappointment, but after that kiss, and hearing him when he touched himself, I was aching so bad.

"Please… Edward," I whispered shakily, begging for his touch. I knew he wanted it as much as I did, but I didn't want to give him a chance to change his mind either. I looked up at him innocently hoping that he would relent, and I wasn't disappointed.

His eyes went from apprehensive to black as pitch and hungry.

"Come with me, Isabella," Edward commanded.

"Yes sir… err I mean Edward," I replied internally kicking myself for reverting, when just hours ago he told me to call him Edward.

"Mmm… actually, I quite like you calling me Sir sometimes - in fact, when you are in my bed, Isabella, you are to refer to me as 'Sir' unless I tell you otherwise," he commanded seductively, but there was also something behind his confident façade that told me he was just as nervous about this as I was.

While reassuring, Edward had no reason to be nervous with me. I wanted to be with him more than I could even explain.

"Yes, sir," I spoke as confidently as I could manage, hoping to assure him that everything happening between us was more than okay.

Even though I knew what I was about to allow was naïve and probably incredibly stupid and just maybe stupidly incredible, I was not about to stop it. I'd been fantasizing about this man since I was fifteenyears old and he was on stage debating for healthcare reform. Not only was he an amazing man, who fought for causes that were important to him but he also had a perfect angular face, statuesque body, a wild mane of copper hair and those piercing, predatory green eyes.

Yeah… Edward had a face that could make angels weep. So, hell yeah, I was being naïve and stupid to blindly trust this man - but I had to trust my instincts.

My brain might have been telling me to go back to my room and pack my belongings, but my heart and body were telling me to trust Edward - and now… now that I felt like I knew him a little bit, there was no denying the natural attraction. I felt it - the energy, the magnetism they were almost palpable. I needed to know everything about him, and be everything to him.

His outstretched hand was an open invitation, and one I had no intention of refusing.

Looking up at him in awe that he would offer anything to me, I licked my lips, took his hand, and knew without a doubt, I'd accept anything else he wished to give me.

"Isabella, you pleased me so much by letting me share myself with you. I want to earn your trust and for you to earn mine as well, but to do that I need to ask you a few questions, and in return you can ask me anything as well…" my face probably held a little confusion, and a glint of frustration over the unattended predicament between my legs, "…but first I'm going to help you with your little problem," he pledged smirking a bit. I couldn't help but match his smile, shyly.

He slowly ran his finger over my bottom lip, while looking into my eyes hungrily.

Oh God. He wanted to have sex now.

Was I really ready for that?

"Are you gonna… umm… are you gonna fuck me, Sir?" I asked quietly, feeling extremely nervous and embarrassed by my own inexperience.

He gasped and a dark look clouded his features.

My words must have affected him more than I expected. I couldn't help but notice when his jaw flexed in an effort to restrain himself. "Not tonight, Isabella. That's something I need to talk to you about first," he explained gently running his elegant fingers through my hair.

I nodded, feeling equal parts relieved and disappointed.

"Come lay down beside me, baby," he directed hoarsely, before releasing me and moving to lie on the bed.

I knew I looked like a complete moron after that - mouth hanging open, breathing heavily, staring blankly at his giant erection. Sheesh. I never expected to ever see Edward Cullen's penis, but all the times I fantasized about what it might look like… well I could already tell that I was way off. It looked like he was hiding a damn python under that towel.

"I'm not going to bite, Isabella - at least not tonight," he promised darkly, patting an empty space on the enormous bed beside him.

Practically chewing my bottom lip off, I hesitated for a split second before scrambling over to the bed beside him. Embarrassed, I buried my face in the soft pillows and luxuriated in Edward's masculine, but sweet scent.

He chuckled a little at my childish behavior, before his warm hands began caressing my neck. Seemingly eager to have his way with me, Edward gently coaxed me onto my back, and faster than I could blink he was hovering over me, looking directly into my eyes. A smooth hand trailed up the bare flesh of my inner thigh to the edge of my shorts.

"Will you be comfortable, if I take these off, Isabella?" he asked in a soft tone motioning to my shorts.

I nodded calmly, but inside I was screaming for release.

"Tell me," he insisted.

"Yes, sir," I agreed, trusting that when he removed my pajamas, he was gonna make me feel reallygood.

Lifting my ass slightly off the bed, I gave him room to slide my shorts off.

Inwardly, I cursed my lack of foresight, when I selected the plain cotton panties after my shower today. I had the perfect pair of dark blue, lace cheekies that I could have worn. My face flamed when I felt his gaze on my simple underwear.

"Don't be embarrassed, Isabella, I love those on you," he assured, "but I still want to take them off."

Oh, God.

Hooking two fingers in the waistband of my panties, he slid them down and off me in one swift movement. Feeling the wetness gush from my body, I squirmed a little until he stilled my hips with his strong hands.

Mere inches above the apex of my thighs, he breathed deeply.

"Fuck... you look fucking succulent, and you smell divine, baby," he commented, his voice tight with desire.

I whimpered, and jerked my hips impatiently.

Oh… my God. I needed… something… just… him… so bad.

"Please, Sir," I begged quietly, not really knowing what exactly I was begging for other than relief from the hot throbbing.

"Yes… Isabella, beg me to touch you. Beg me, or you'll ache all night for release," he demanded.

"P-please, Sir. Will you please touch me?" I cried, wanting his hands all over me.

His eyes closed briefly as if he were reveling in my words, before his hand dropped toward my open legs.

His dark tongue peeked out from between his full lips, so long and juicy looking. I wanted in my mouth again.

Before I could even worry about my feminine smell, or if I met his expectations, he slowly ran his fingers from my ass all the way to my clit.

"Oh shit," I practically screamed. Had he not been holding me still, my ass would have rocketed off the bed.

"Does that feel good, baby?" he purred rhetorically. I still answered him with a resounding cry of satisfaction that turned into a deep moan, when he rubbed my clit with his finger then slid it inside me.

God, if just his finger felt that good

"Oh… baby," he practically gasped pulling back in astonishment. "You are so fucking tight. I can feel your virginity. I don't want to hurt you. I promise. I'll be gentle," He could tell I was a virgin, and it didn't appear to put him off, because he looked so wild, and his eyes were dark with a certain animalistic quality. After a moment, he picked up the pace making me quiver in his arms.

He began sliding his finger in and out stretching me slightly before he slipped in another. Unable to keep watching him, my head fell back and my eyes closed. When he pressed against my clit with his palm, I couldn't stop my hips from rocking in time with every thrust.

Instinctively I reached under my t-shirt for my swollen nipples - pinching and pulling loving the pleasure mixed with a little pain.

"Pull off your t-shirt, Isabella. I want to see how you touch yourself," he commanded, momentarily breaking contact with my clit - I whimpered in response to the loss.

Too turned on to feel self-conscious, I complied immediately exposing my breasts for his piercing green gaze. As he went back to thrusting, I resumed my task of pinching and tugging at my aching nipples.

His thumb took the place of his palm and began rubbing me in earnest as his fingers stretched my pussy in the most delicious way.

"Goddamn, you like it a little rough, huh, baby," Edward observed as I gushed my arousal all over his hand.

"Ugh… I'm gonna come, Sir," I whimpered as his pinky began to trace the bud of my back entrance.

"Not yet, Isabella, you'll come when I let you," he growled making me cry out in frustration.

In an instant, he stopped all movement of his fingers.

He was serious - he wasn't going to let me come.

Backtracking, I turned to begging to get what I wanted.

"Please… please… I need to come, Sir," I cried shifting my hips in response, knowing I was going to die of frustration, if he didn't start pumping me soon.

"Not yet, baby girl. I'm having too much fun watching you fall apart in my arms. I'm not ready for it to end yet," he admitted huskily with a smirk.

"I can't… I need… need to come… please… please, Sir. I need you to touch me again," I cried panting out a final plea for mercy.

Blessedly, his mouth covered mine, and his fingers pumped me even harder than before pushing me over the edge into oblivion. My entire body stiffened and pleasure shot through me down to the tips of my curling toes. One hand fisted the sheets while my other hand was buried in Edward's silky locks.

I broke away gasping for air.

"Oh fuck," I whimpered, unable to stop the cries of satisfaction from pouring out.

He continued to rub me gently, as I wound down from the highest high I'd ever felt.

Bella Swan - meet your new addiction.


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