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Chapter 18

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 18: Desire

**Edward Cullen**

She gasped in response to my words.

This is gonna be so fucking hot.

"Stand, Isabella," I directed. "Over here… and then I want you to hold your arms at your side."

With her naked back pressed against the tree, I began tying her arms down at her sides, securing her so she wouldn't fall. Once I had her tied down the way I wanted her, I took a step back to admire my work - the way the intricate knots highlighted the pale tone of her lovely skin. She looked perfect.

"Are you uncomfortable?" I asked gently, stroking her flushed cheek.

"Only a little, Master," she admitted.

"You know your safe words - they still apply if you need them… fuck, I wish I had a camera, baby girl." I would have to bring Isabella back out here for playtime again, and next time, I'd take a few snapshots.

I moved back toward my bound lover, ready to taste her swollen flesh. I knelt before her, lifting her leg, spreading the lips of her glistening pussy. Moving forward, I slipped her leg over my shoulder, so I could get in and really eat her out.

"Always so wet for me, aren't you?" I asked hoarsely.

"Yes, Master. Only you," she moaned as I swiped my finger over her wet, swollen lips.

With her arms at her side, she was completely helpless - totally at my mercy.

Fuck, she made me so hard.

"Yes," I groaned at the taste of her sweet juices, as my tongue danced across her sensitive flesh.

"Mmm… Master," she whimpered. Plunging my tongue inside had her crying out for me to please let her come.

I slipped two fingers into her tight entrance and began fucking her with them as my mouth covered her clit. I sucked her hard, swirling my tongue in tight circles making her arch her back slightly in response. She gasped a bit in response, but only sounds of pleasure escaped her plump lips.

"Need to come, Master," she begged desperately, squirming against her bindings. Her breathing picked up, and she began panting as though she was almost out of breath.

I hummed against her clit, loving the way 'Master' sounded coming from her innocent lips. I wanted to keep on tasting her, but I knew she wouldn't be able to hang on much longer. Not wanting to make her feel like a failure during her first collared scene, I told her to come. A moan of passion and relief reverberated throughout her body as she started to quiver.

"Master, I'm… fuck, coming," she screamed.

I continued lapping at her, kissing her sensitive pussy.

Fuck, I wanted her, but I wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to fuck her against the tree. I didn't want to hurt her back.

Pulling back, I stood up to make sure she was in fact all right.

"How's your back feeling?" I asked concerned.

"It's itchy, but it's nothing I can't handle."

Needing to see for myself, I had her bend forward for me slightly, so I could get a good look. Her back was a pretty shade of pink, but I didn't see any scratches or welts of any kind. It made me confident that she wasn't in any pain.

Standing before her, I took off my t-shirt and unbuttoned my jeans, letting them slip down my legs along with my boxers. Isabella thrilled me, eyeing me hungrily like I was something to eat. I stroked my cock a couple times, mostly for her benefit, and then went over to my pack to grab the vibrator.

I returned to stand between her open legs, my cock already brushing hotly against her sopping pussy. Fuck she felt so goddamned good.

Wanting to make sure she didn't hurt her back, I held one of her legs, securing her, so I could slide inside her slowly.

"You want Master to fuck you nice and slow, girl?"

"Please," she whimpered. I dipped my head down to take her tight nipple in my mouth, swirling my tongue and sucking roughly until she cried out from the sensitivity.

"Are you gonna cum all over Master's cock like a good little girl?"

"Yes, Master. I want to so bad," she moaned, shivering in response to my words.

"Then you will, over and over until my cum runs down your legs," I whispered against her ear, my voice sounding deep and full of lust.

Without warning, my cock slid inside her slowly filling her till I was completely sheathed in her tight warmth. Her body was my sanctuary, and I knew I would never get tired of filling her, wrapping my cock in her perfection.

"Fuck, baby, your pussy feels so fucking hot," I groaned.

"So good, Master," she cried.

With her leg wrapped around me I was able to get in so fucking deep, so deep that I never wanting this feeling to end. Holding her close to me, I thrust in long, deep strokes, slowly pumping into her till she was panting with the need to come.

Needing to feel her come undone in my arms, I turned the vibe on and brought it to her aching clit. The intense sensation of my slow strokes combined with the vibrator had her coming instantly, her inner walls squeezing my cock like a vice grip.

"Motherfuck," I shouted, keeping the almost torturously slow pace.

I turned the vibe to the lowest setting, allowing her to come down from her climax.

Her eyes clenched shut, as she squirmed in my arms.

"What color, baby?" I asked hoarsely.

"G-green, Master," she practically moaned.

Speeding the vibe up again, it wasn't long before she was on the verge again. At the pace we were going, I felt like I could probably go on for another twenty minutes.

I built Isabella up, making her come over and over, till we were both trembling. I could finally feel my own impending climax, and thankfully Isabella was almost there again.

"Come again for me, sweetheart," I cooed, needing to feel her inner walls clench my cock. "Yes… that feels so fucking good." I turned the vibe up all the way till Isabella was crying out her release, making me fill her perfect little pussy with hot cum - my thrusts became erratic as I emptied myself inside her.

I rested my forehead against the tree for a brief moment as I gained some composure and my softening cock slipped out of her. I moved to remove the bindings so she could rest because it was obvious she was exhausted, but something made me pause. Pulling back, I leaned forward, spreading Isabella's legs apart, waiting for my cum to pour from her body - when it finally did, I wiped at it with my finger and brought to her lips.

"I want you to know how good we taste together." Her tongue peaked out and swiped at the thick cream on my finger before she moaned erotically, sucking my finger into her mouth. Once she licked my finger clean of our lovemaking, I released her from the soft ropes and lifted her off of her unsteady legs.

"Rest, Isabella. We'll have plenty of time to play again later," I recommended gently.

Isabella curled up in my lap like a needy little kitten and rested her head against my legs. I spent an hour or so leisurely running my fingers through her hair as she napped, loving the way her body seemed to be naturally drawn to mine.

Checking my watch, I saw that it was getting to be a bit late in the afternoon. I didn't want us to be stuck riding the trail when it got dark, so reluctantly, I lifted Isabella from my lap, needing to pack everything up.

By the time I was nearly done, she began to rouse from her sleep.

"We're leaving?" she asked disappointedly.

"Yes, it's going to be getting dark in a few hours, and I want us to have a bit more fun before I begin your submissive training."

It was more than two hours later when we came to the edge of the forest. Isabella and I passed the time going over more of my rules and expectations in the playroom and how we'd determine playtime from vanilla time.

We were in agreement that it was fine for either of us to initiate vanilla sex anytime, but that it would be best if I pre-planned playtime. I wanted to be able to control the scenes and what took place, and to do that, I needed a bit of time to plan things out. As much as I loved the sexy times Isabella had initiated, they were disorganized, giving me very little of the control I craved. That didn't mean I wanted to stifle her creativity or need to serve me outside the playroom, so it was decided that if Isabella wanted to initiate something a little kinky, then that was fine.

She could call me 'Sir,' ask me to let her suck my cock, feed and serve me, whatever. This would allow us to slightly blur the lines between vanilla and playtime, but without the need for punishments in case Isabella did something that would normally warrant it.

It was a wonderful feeling having a submissive again, but that there were deeper emotions and mutual understanding as well just made it so much better.

"You said we could play some more. Do you have something planned for us in the playroom?" she asked excitedly as I unloaded the picnic stuff from the horses.

"I have so many things I want us to try in the playroom, baby girl. I simply have to decide what I want to do first. Since you are going to be in training for a while, some of the really fun scenes may be put on hold or used as rewards. Tonight, though, I plan to mix a little training into our fun," I told her with a sexy grin.

Isabella stretched, her muscles aching from the ride. "Let's have a shower - wash the horse smell off, okay?" I suggested as we walked back toward the estate.

"You don't smell like a horse," she told me, smiling. "More like sandalwood and sunshine."

"What does sunshine smell like?" I replied with a laugh. She was too precious sometimes.

"I don't know… that's just what I think of when I smell you. I like it," she replied shyly.

"I love you." Damn, it felt so good to be able to say that without fear of scaring her off.

"Love you too, Edward."

I think I enjoyed hearing her say it back even more.

"Join me in the shower?" I offered, as if she hadn't already shared the last few with me.

"Of course."

As I prepared the water, Isabella stripped down till she wore nothing but my collar. Without the distraction of her clothing, I could vaguely see a couple indentions in her skin where my rope had been. She followed my gaze down to her wrists and the marks, studying them briefly before looking back to me.

My face must have been an open book because she gave me a coy smile before running her fingers lightly over the sensitive flesh.

"Do they feel good?" I asked, referring to the marks.

"It's different. I mean… they tingle, and for a while it felt like I still had the ropes on after you removed them, but now they do feel kind of good," she admitted.

"That's good. I need you to be comfortable with the idea of being bound for me every time we're in the playroom. Sometimes I'll bind your arms, or just your legs to hold them open. At some point, I'll have you completely bound. During those times, it's really important for you to be able to stay in one position for long periods of time, so I think doing yoga will help quite a bit."

Isabella and I stepped into the shower, continuing our conversation until Isabella began to wash me. Thoroughly distracted, I encouraged her hands to wander my body as I watched her.

She spent extra time on my cock, washing it and stroking the rigid shaft with her soft, soapy hand. "Fuck, you make me feel so good, baby girl," I groaned, my hands pressed hard against the warm tiles, trying not to interfere.

When it became too much, I stilled her hands, lathering the soap in my own, so I could return the gesture. She turned in my arms, her ass pressed against my aching cock, teasing me.

I was definitely going to start preparing her ass tonight. My erection throbbed even more in response to the idea.

Under the steady stream, I washed Isabella's breasts first before grabbing the shampoo and conditioner and washing her thick, dark hair.

When her hair was rinsed clean, I got some body wash ready. Unable to ignore them, I ran my hands firmly over her breasts again, paying special attention to the tight peaks before slipping my hands down over her stomach and hips.

"You want me to play with that hot little pussy?" I whispered hotly into her ear, loving the way she shivered in response.

"Please," she moaned, as my cock slipped between her cheeks, pressing against her tight pussy. She was already coated with arousal, making me even harder knowing that I could just push in and fuck her right that second. I restrained myself, though, wanting to play with her pussy some first.

Using my soapy hands, I framed her clit with my fingers, so I could stroke the swollen flesh. She came to life in my arms, moaning and shaking with need.

"Who makes you feel this way, Isabella?"

"You, Edward… only you… always."

"Fuck, baby, you feel so goddamn good. I need to fuck you hard. Can I fuck you hard?" I asked - my voice filled we lust and pure need for the perfect creature in my arms.

"Oh God… please fuck me… please," she whimpered loudly.

"Christ," I growled, and I entered her hard and fast, pushing till my hips met her supple ass. I needed to be much deeper though, so I pulled us back till Isabella could prop her leg up on the bench. Needing just a bit more leverage, I wrapped her long wet hair tight around the hand that wasn't fingering her pussy.

With her hair wrapped around my fist, I pulled her head back, not too hard, just enough so she'd arch her back, opening her up for me to slip deeper inside.

"Motherfuck," I growled as I went in deeper than ever, and not a second later, Isabella cried out, her pussy walls clenching tight around me.

My thrusting was relentless, pounding into her, feeling her legs shaking in an effort to stand. Realizing her legs were probably tired from the way she stood when I fucked her against the tree and from riding the horse, I reluctantly slipped out of her, turning her around in my arms, so I could kiss her deeply.

"Can you wrap your legs around my waist, baby?" I asked, staring deeply into her dark eyes.

Helping her up, I lifter her off her feet, and as she wrapped her legs around me, I lowered her onto my cock, surprised that her inner walls began to flutter again as my pierced head brushed firmly against her g-spot.

"Fuck… I'm gonna come," she whimpered, slowly sliding down the length my thick cock.

"Fuck," I growled as I filled her.

"I'm… coming, Edward," she moaned, clinging to me, her short nails digging into my back.

"I'm not going to last long," I warned, pressing her back against the wall so I could pound her pussy as I hard as I needed to.

"You're… so… fucking… amazing," I breathed between thrusts, loving the way her hot little pussy gripped me like a vice.

Only a few thrusts more and I was filling her again, making her mine as she screamed my name.

After the shower, we dressed - Isabella in one of my t-shirts, while I wore a pair of silky sleep pants - then went down and made some dinner together.

I'd already made the decision to begin preparing Isabella's ass for my cock, but I hadn't really thought of much else. Quietly we sat, enjoying our meal as my thoughts turned to planning our scene.

"Are you still up for a little playtime?" I asked as casually as I could manage.

"I'm a little tired, but I think I could last an hour, depending on what you have planned," she admitted.

"I will definitely be wearing you out. You can count on that." I was happy that she'd answered me maturely, not agreeing to my every whim, but not outright refusing me either. I wanted her to feel comfortable declining playtime if she wasn't up for it.

"I bet you'll be just as worn out as me." She was right - I might have been in excellent shape for a guy in his late thirties, but my body had its limits. Any playroom activities we enjoyed tonight would be while we were sitting or lying down.

"Get your cute little ass up to the playroom - I want it naked and on display for me on the bed. I'll be up in ten minutes."

As Isabella followed my instructions, I cleaned up after our meal and went to grab the rope from the bag - checking it to make sure it didn't have any wood fibers or splinters stuck to it from being wrapped around the tree. Satisfied that it was safe for Isabella to use, I brought it upstairs to the playroom.

Just as I'd requested, Isabella was waiting on the bed.

On her hands and knees, with her back arched and her legs spread wide, I was able to see it all - her glistening pussy, swollen clit and that perfect little puckered hole, just waiting to be stretched for my cock.

"Beautiful," I complimented, filling the silence. If I startled her, she showed no sign. "Tonight we're going to begin preparing your ass, Isabella."

She gasped, but made no other move to speak.

"You put anal as a soft limit, so we are going to begin slowly pushing that limit." I stroked the dip of her waist before running my knuckles across one of her ass cheeks, pulling away before she could lean into my touch.

Needing her bound, I wordlessly attached her ankles to the straps attached to the bedposts. They should have been tight, but she was already spread so wide for me that the straps went a little slack, so I had to tighten them up a bit.

Ready to begin, I grabbed the smallest of Isabella's new plugs - one with a thickness about the size of my thumb, and the special anal lube I had used on Isabella the last time I played with her ass. Not wanting to just jump right in while she was tense and nervous, I brought a bullet vibrator with me as well.

My cock was already hard and leaking, creating a wet spot on the front of my sleep pants, but with Isabella on her hands and knees in front of me, I couldn't find it in me to care. Ignoring my passionate flesh, I coated the plug and two fingers in the special lube and brought the bullet to Isabella's clit, nearly making her come right away. I pulled it away before she climaxed, not wanting her to fail so soon.

"Isabella, you are not to come until you have my permission. So, when you get close, you must ask my permission, as you know, and I may say yes, or I may say no. If I decline your request, you must contain yourself, distract yourself from climaxing. If you need to internally recite poetry, do math, whatever helps, do it, but don't come until I say, or you will be punished. Do you understand?" I told her sternly.

"Yes, Master," she gasped, quivering as I brought the bullet back to her clit again. Less than thirty seconds later, she was squirming.

"Master, please… I need to come… may I come?" she begged almost incoherently.

"Hold it, Isabella," I demanded, wanting to push her.

Only a few seconds passed and she was already panting, her thighs quivering with the effort not to climax.

"Please, I can't hold much more, Master… can I please come?" she begged desperately.

I was such a fucking softy when it came to this girl. "Come, Isabella," I growled, before running my lubed fingers over her puckered hole, feeling it relax as she came down from her orgasm.

"Good girl, relax for me… that's it… yeah, so hot and tight. Your ass is gonna feel so good wrapped around my cock."

Instead of tensing more, as I expected, Isabella moaned and relaxed a bit more, letting a lubed finger slip inside her ass. Slowly, I pumped my finger into her, encouraging her to loosen the tight muscle so I could get another finger in. It seemed that wasn't going to happen tonight, but I was confident that I'd be able to get the plug in, at least.

Isabella whimpered a little when I removed my finger but moaned as I used the plug to toy with her ass before slowly slipping it in.

"What color?"

"Green, Master," she practically moaned.

Isabella began to tense a little as the plug tapered thicker and thicker. I knew she could take it if she relaxed, so I brought the bullet back to her clit using my free hand.

"Relax, baby girl. It's gonna feel so good," I promised.

My words combined with the added stimulation to her clit seemed to work, and I was able to push the plug in all the way. She gasped a little, but didn't use her safe words or give any indication that she might be in pain.

I trailed the bullet between her open thighs away from her clit, past her hole, to press against the base of the little plug.

"Mmm… Master," she cried out as the vibrations jolted her with pleasure.

Quickly, I pulled the bullet away, wanting to get a good look at my beautiful girl.

I inspected her, running a single finger over the stunning curve of her petite body, loving the way her breathing became uneven as I touched the more sensitive spots.

"Are you going to be a good girl and suck your Master's cock, Isabella?"

"Yes, Master, I'd love to," she admitted sincerely.

I pulled my sleep pants down, giving my hard cock a few quick strokes of relief, before climbing onto the bed in front of Isabella. I sat back on my feet, my cock directly below her face.

"Do it good, baby girl, or I'll fuck your mouth the way I please," I warned, wanting her to take me into her throat.

"Yes, Master," she replied before leaning forward to let my cock slip past her eager lips. She took me in, her tongue sliding sensually along my shaft, sucking lightly, before she pulled back to kiss and tease the tip with her soft lips.


Her tongue swept over the head as she sucked me into her mouth again, this time trying to fit me in her throat. She gagged and choked a little at first probably having trouble with my piercing. She tried again a few more times trying different angles, until I felt her throat relaxing around me.

"Oh fuck… your sweet mouth… goddamn," I grunted almost incoherently.

It wasn't long before she had me coming hard, my hot cum spurting down her lovely throat. She swallowed every drop, like a good girl.

"You're getting so much better with your mouth, Isabella - every time," I complemented, stroking her soft cheek and removing my sated cock from her mouth.

"Thank you, Master."

Removing the straps from her legs, I freed Isabella from her bindings.

"You were right, love. I think I wore us both out," I told her with a yawn, clearing the bed.

"Would you like to sleep in here tonight, Isabella?" I asked her, hoping she'd understand the significance of the choice I was offering her.

"Please, Master," she replied, understanding that sleeping in the playroom meant we were still engaging in Dom and Sub time.

"Good… I'll let you rest a few hours, but I will be waking you up so I can fuck that sweet pussy. Do you understand?"


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