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Chapter 3

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 3 *Proposition*
**Edward Cullen**

After ending my call with Alice, my phone buzzed with a new message - it was from Conner.

Miss Swan and her father are almost done eating. They aren't interacting with any of the other families, so I suspect they'll leave as soon as they are done with their meal. - C

Quickly, I made my way back to the auditorium before calling Conner to have him guide me back to the lovely Isabella.
A few moments later, I stood in a dining hall that reminded me of all those I'd dined in during my days in boarding school. My school days seemed like a lifetime ago, and I wasn't sure how I felt about the reminder.

I found Conner standing near the exit, holding on to my briefcase and his Blackberry.

He'd been watching Isabella just as I asked.

"Where is she?"

"There, Sir, the third table on the left," he directed.

I glanced over in her direction, becoming more excited by the second, but I was surprised to see her looking very much upset. Her father, a dark haired man who only appeared to be only a couple years my senior, said something to her which caused her to frown and shake her head enthusiastically. His scowl was deep, and stress was the most predominant emotion on his face.

I continued to observe as Isabella stared down at her plate, seeming to have almost shut down. Her father stood, took both of their half-eaten plates and headed toward the trash.

My body seemed to propel itself in her direction almost like a magnet. Before I knew it, I was standing at the table in front of her.

"Miss Swan?" I spoke softly, not wanting to startle her from the trance she seemed to be under.

"Hmm?" she murmured half-heartedly before looking up at me. Her eyes went wide.

"Oh!" she squeaked. "Yes, Sir, Mr. Cullen. It's you?"

"Yes, it's me, Miss Swan?" I replied with a chuckle. She was simply too adorable.

"Yes, Sir, what can I do for you?" she asked quietly, looking up at me from under her lashes.


Isabella was either an expert tease, or she wasn't aware of the fucking power she had over my body.

"I have something to discuss with you. May I have a seat, please?" I asked quickly, hoping to be seated before my growing cock popped another tent in my slacks.

"Yes, Sir. Please, wherever you like." She agreed with a small smile.

Holy fuck, but I'd bet my left nut this girl was a natural submissive - so fucking polite and respectful.

By the time my ass hit the seat, my cock was as hard as a titanium rod.

"Miss Swan, I am not sure if you aware, but I am an avid collector of art - in fact, I buy several pieces every year." She nodded politely, waiting for me to continue. "When my father asked me to come here today, he sent me your scholarship application as well as the examples you provided of your work. I must say, I was impressed - VERY impressed."

Isabella smiled shyly and blushed redder than she had when she tripped earlier.

"Thank you, Sir. That's very kind of you to say."

"Isabella, what I'm saying has nothing to do with kindness. You have an immense talent," I retorted more sternly than I'd meant to. I waited for her to become shocked or angry, maybe even hurt, but she bit her lip contemplatively before nodding her head and giving me a quiet, "Yes, Sir."

Oh, fuck.

Aside from when I approached her by surprise, Isabella had respected me by referring to me as 'Sir' in every sentence. That might have annoyed some, but I fucking loved it, and so did my leaky cock.

From the corner of my eye, I saw her Isabella's dad approaching the table, looking at the two of us in concern. I hadn't gotten around to explaining what I wanted from her yet, but when I did, I could only hope she agreed and that her father could be convinced.

Mr. Swan's frown deepened as he approached us, squinting. As he drew nearer, his eyes widened in recognition and surprise - he almost looked nervous. Yes, I could definitely work with that.

Having my cock under control again, I stood to shake his hand, the both of us exchanging pleasantries. He managed to stutter out a request to have me call him 'Charlie.'

"Well, Charlie, Miss Swan and I were just discussing how impressed I was with her collection. In fact, I was about to inquire about how I might purchase a few pieces for my loft in Manhattan." I smirked, enjoying the way Charlie's eyebrows shot up to his hairline.

Isabella gasped in surprise at my request.

"Yes, of course, Sir. I only have two at the moment, though. J. Hunter Gallery in Portland bought the others at the student art show in April," she spoke excitedly before her expression became one of worry. "The two I have left are new. They were painted after I submitted my application, so you may not like them as much."

"Miss Swan, so far I've loved everything I've seen. I'm certain your new work won't disappoint," I complimented. "Now where are these pieces? I'd like to take a look, and you'll need to decide on a price if you haven't already."

Thankfully, Isabella had done both paintings while at school, and they were being stored in one of the art classes.

It seemed that the art building was on the other side of the campus, so I had Conner call for the driver to meet us. Charlie declined my offer to drive them to the other building. I could only assume that he wanted to confer with Isabella on the price she set for her paintings. Isabella didn't seem the type to ask for an outrageous amount, but the way Charlie's eyes lit up when I mentioned setting a price - he was seeing dollar signs, that much was certain.

Once we stepped out of the dining hall, my car was waiting. Conner and I slipped inside, while I instructed my driver to follow the red behemoth of a truck that Isabella claimed as her own. It looked like a fucking death trap.

I sincerely hoped Isabella used the money I was going to give her for the paintings toward buying herself a new car.


The art room had an almost noxious chemical smell, but I kept my complaints to myself when, annoyingly, Charlie began to fuss over it.

"I guess I'm just used to it. It always smells this way," Isabella explained with a small sigh.

She led Charlie, Conner, and me to a small sectioned off area that held some boxes of what I assumed to be art supplies as well a tube of rolled canvases.

"I apologize for the way my space looks, Sir. Since I'll no longer be a student, I had to clean out my supplies and paintings from the studio for the next person to use."

"I understand. I had to do the same thing when I lost my job earlier this year," I deadpanned. Isabella laughed, while Charlie looked confused - apparently not understanding my joke. Well, Isabella thought it was funny, and that was all that mattered. I cleared my throat and motioned for her to continue.

The paintings were nothing short of stunning. In fact, the work was even better than the other pieces I'd seen. I wanted them.

"These are fantastic, and I think they'll be perfect for my loft. Have you decided on a price, Miss Swan?" I asked politely.

"She wants a thousand," Charlie interrupted abruptly, making Isabella gasp in anger.

"Dad… that is… not what we agreed on," she almost cried, looking pained for some reason. "Mr. Cullen, I don't wish to take advantage. I was going to ask for two-hundred each. I felt bad even asking for that, Sir."

"Nonsense - I believe a thousand is more than fair." I turned to Isabella, wanting to make sure she understood. "Art is an investment, dear, and I am quite certain those paintings will be worth much more in a few years. Now, I doubt that I'll ever part with them, but I imagine if I were inclined to do so, I would make quite a profit, I assure you," I argued, not liking how little value she placed on her work. I knew she was naïve, but two-hundred dollars? I couldn't believe it. It was then that I realized she'd sold all her other paintings to a gallery in Portland. Was that all they'd offered her? Had they offered her less than two-hundred? This made me furious, but unfortunately there was nothing I could do but offer her more money than I'd planned when I got down to my real agenda.

"Bells, don't argue. Mr. Cullen is a businessman - he knows what he's talking about," Charlie admonished. I didn't like the way he belittled her. I would never talk down to Isabella in public - now in private, well that was a different matter entirely.

"Yes, Sir," she agreed, but her defeated words no longer had the same effect as before.

Frowning slightly, I motioned for Conner to bring my checkbook from my briefcase. I already had a check signed and ready. All I needed was to fill in the total. I scribbled in the amount of two-thousand dollars and handed it over to Isabella with a flourish, making her smile shyly at me again - only to have her immediately look horrified when she glanced at it.

"Mr. Cullen, this is a check for two-thousand, Sir," she stated nervously. I knew Charlie had meant one thousand for both, but since he hadn't specified, I twisted his words to my advantage - theirs too, if we were being honest here.

"Yes, Miss Swan, we agreed on one-thousand, and I am buying both paintings," I explained, wondering if she would argue with me.

I didn't have a chance to find out because Charlie rudely clamped a hand over Isabella's mouth. "She'll take it. Thank you for your patronage, Mr. Cullen."

I nodded as I restrained myself from prying his weathered hand from Isabella's sweet face. Charlie was starting to piss me off.

"There was one more matter I'd like to discuss before we go," I mentioned casually, waiting for Charlie to release Isabella. Her face had turned beet red, while her were eyes glassy in embarrassment.

It won't be long, my lovely Isabella - I will take you away from this miserable existence.

"I'm having a few rooms redecorated at my estate in Bellevue, and I would very much like to commission Isabella to do a piece or two. Since this is a special request, obviously, I would be willing to pay more for each piece," I explained cryptically, baiting Charlie with the promise of even more money.

"Oh, Sir, that's very generous, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to paint anything for a few months. You see, I've been offered a summer job, so I can save up for expenses to start classes in the fall, Sir," Isabella explained regretfully.

Fuck, she had a summer job. How much would I need to offer her to make it worth her while to decline the job?

"I see. Well, if I may, Miss Swan, explain what I am in need of… maybe you can still accommodate me. I actually was hoping to have you paint quite a large mural in my library. This would require you to reside in my Estate or, if you'd feel more comfortable, the guest cottage on my property, while you complete your work," I could see Charlie's eyes begin to narrow. He was going to put up a fight. Isabella's eyes, however, seemed to be dancing with excitement. I suppressed a grin before continuing. "I don't want Isabella to feel uncomfortable, so I wanted to assure her that my younger sister, Alice, will be staying at the estate all summer while her fiancé is traveling abroad. In fact, the girls should have plenty to talk about. She graduated just last year from the Art Institute in Seattle with a degree in fashion design. I'm sure she'd be willing to give Isabella a tour around campus as well as assist her in finding a suitable apartment in a safe area."

I knew I was rambling and only appealing to Isabella, but I wasn't willing to give Charlie an opportunity to say no until I had a chance sweeten the proverbial pot to his liking. Charlie opened his mouth, so I spoke quickly.

"As far as the matter of payment - because of the scale of the piece, as well as the time it will take to complete, I am willing to offer ten-thousand dollars," I spoke confidently observing Charlie's mouth snap shut as Isabella's popped open.

I ignored the thoughts that popped into my head at the idea of shoving my cock into her open mouth. There would be plenty of time for that later.

"Mr. Cullen, that's a mighty generous offer, but I should talk it over with Bells before we make a decision," Charlie hesitated. I had a feeling he was going to push for more money - maybe not now, but soon.

"Understandable, Charlie. I hope you don't mind letting me know by tomorrow evening. I'm staying in town tonight, so should Isabella decide to take my offer, I'll be here to make all the arrangements for her things to be moved. You know…" I scratched my chin pretending to be in deep thought "…I was just thinking - if Isabella were to stay at the estate the entire summer, it would be very easy for her to make the transition to Seattle from Bellevue. I would even enlist my people to transport her things to her new apartment or dorm when the time comes," I added, sweetening the offer up a little more. The way I figured, Charlie would save at least another five-hundred dollars by not having to pay movers or his back by not having to do the heavy lifting himself.

The hopeful look in Isabella's eyes gave me the impression that she'd already made her decision, but Charlie - not so much. I wasn't sure if he was holding out for more money or if he was worried for his daughter's well-being. Though he had no idea what my true intentions were, there was no denying that my offer was an amazing opportunity for Isabella. Surely, he wouldn't refuse her.

Unable to take my eyes off the young beauty, I watched Isabella and her father leave from behind the tinted windows of my limo before turning back to my Blackberry. An exasperated sigh escaped my lips - Alice had already sent me a dozen texts with questions about the girl. I hoped I'd made the right decision in invited my annoying brat of a sister to stay this summer.

With the graduation happening in town, I was certain we'd have trouble finding a suitable room, but even on such short notice, Conner was able to book a suite at the best hotel in Port Angeles - plus he arranged for a change of clothes to be dropped off for me. Situations like these truly made me appreciate Conner. I was a selfish and demanding bastard, but he always managed to accommodate my every whim.

Conner had the hotel staff leave a pair of cotton sleep pants and a white t-shirt for me on the bed, but I simply moved them to my bag. I always slept in the nude, but that wasn't anyone's business but my own and any woman I let share my bed - which was why I had him purchase the pajamas, regardless of whether I'd end up wearing them or not.

Around eight p.m., I spoke to Esme, who sounded relieved. Doc Banner wasn't certain, but he was fairly optimistic that Dad's results from the biopsy would come back negative. I was surprised at how much tension left my body. I prayed silently, giving thanks that my father and family would likely be spared this time. After losing Mother, our family had experienced enough pain.

Feeling giddy about Dad's good news, as well as my potential future with Isabella, I enjoyed a soothing shower. Afterward, I slipped into bed with my iPad2 and put on my reading glasses. Remembering the gallery that Isabella mentioned from Portland, I opened up Safari and Googled 'J. Hunter Gallery.' Frankly, as active as I was in the art community, I was very surprised that Isabella had managed to make contact with a gallery in the area that I'd never heard of. I hadn't thought much of it at the time she mentioned it, but it seemed very suspicious now.

After a quick search, only a few results turned up. The owners were listed as James Hunter - who I recognized as the son of Caius Hunter, CEO of one of the largest import/export businesses in the Pacific Northwest - and James' girlfriend, Victoria Crane.

I knew very little about James, but Victoria was a woman I'd most definitely heard of. She was a high-class bitch, and one of the biggest leeches in the area's art community.

Jasper's cousin, Peter, was an artist and former lover of Victoria's. Many thought that Peter was destined for greatness until Victoria latched on and got him hooked on cocaine and advised him to make a lot of poor decisions regarding both his career and personal life. Peter was by no means an innocent victim, but Victoria's influence had been a catalyst to running his talent and reputation into the ground. Once he hit rock-bottom, Victoria couldn't get away fast enough, and by that time Peter was already shell of the man he was before. He became so fucked up on drugs, booze, and pills that he almost killed himself. Thankfully, Jasper got to him in time, or he might have lost everything.

Seeing that Victoria was probably involved only made me even more pissed off - she may have been a heinous bitch, but she wasn't stupid. She knew art and she would have recognized the potential in Isabella's work and realized the value. I knew right then that they had intentionally ripped her off. Fuck, even I was beginning to think the measly two-thousand I gave her hadn't been enough.

I sighed irritably, not wanting to let my discovery sour Esme's good news or destroy the shred of hope I held that I could make Isabella mine this summer.

Getting ready for bed, I removed my glasses and placed my tablet on the nightstand. I'd pretty much waited all evening for Isabella to call. Though I'd already assumed I wouldn't hear from her until tomorrow, it was still disappointing to go to bed not knowing where we stood. I wasn't a very patient man.

Easing under the blankets, I thought only of Isabella - dark flowing hair that looked like strands of silk, her deep soulful eyes full of innocence, and those succulent red lips that I couldn't wait to taste.

Loudly, I groaned into the silence of the night, squeezing my eyes shut before taking my hard cock in my hand, and letting my thumb graze the pierced head that was already leaking with want.

For a moment, I cursed those awful graduation robes that hid Isabella's curves from my view. Without a clear idea of her true form, I could only imagine what her body might look like. The faceless woman from the previous night's fantasy made a nice substitution when paired with my sweet girl's lovely features.

She was innocence - a virgin spring I wanted to taste - to drink from.

I come into the estate from my morning jog, and peel out of the sweat soaked t-shirt on my way to the shower.

Wanting her near me, I have her stay in the bedroom across from mine. Sleepily, she opens her door as I'm passing by.

She doesn't see me right away and crashes into my bare chest. Instinctively, her arms wrap around me so she can steady herself.

"Oh, Sir… I'm so sorry - I wasn't paying attention to where I was going," she replies nervously, averting her gaze from my face, to my heaving chest, to the toned arms wrapped around her small waist, and then to the floor. Her breathing becomes more and more labored by the second, but she hasn't made any attempt to release me.

"Like what you see, baby?" I purr seductively in Isabella's ear.

"Yes, sir… is that okay?" she asks nervously, looking back up to my eyes.

So fucking innocent.

"Of course. I love that you want to look at my body. Would you like to see more?" I ask before sliding my hands down the length of her back to run smooth circles with my thumbs.

She nods enthusiastically.

"Please, Sir," she replies with a moan of desperation.

"Come, Isabella," I command, pulling her by the hand into my bedroom. "I will let you see my body, but I need to see those sweet breasts first."

Isabella shyly moves to remove her nightgown. Though she's moving slowly, there is no hesitation to my demand. She gathers the blue gown at her waist, revealing that she is not wearing any panties. My mouth begins to water at the sight of her short, soft curls. Eventually, I will want her bare, but for our first time - I need her innocence.

"Fuck, Isabella, such a naughty girl to forget her panties - and what a lovely pussy, too - I must admit." She blushes and smiles slightly before pulling the gown over her head and giving me a perfect view of her soft round breasts.

"I need to touch you, baby, but I promised to show you more." It takes a moment to slip my workout shorts over my straining erection, but when I do, Isabella's eyes are burning with desire. I glance over her nude body, noting the tell-tale moisture coating her thighs.


"Am I making you wet, baby?" I sound cocky, but I don't care. The way Isabella's eyes are devouring my body, I deserve to be cocky.

"Yes, Sir, so, so wet," she cries out, clenching her thighs and biting her lower lip.

She's fucking aching for me. My own body aches for hers as well.

"I need to feel you, sweet girl. Come here," I demand.

She scurries over to me, eyeing my pierced cock hungrily.

"Now that you've seen me, would you like to taste me?"

"Please, Sir... Oh, God," she moans, closing her eyes to take a deep shuddering breath.

"On your knees, baby," I command softly, lacing my hand through her silky strands and guiding her to the floor.

She complies quickly, never taking her eyes off my erection.

"Does it hurt, sir?" she asks, equal parts concerned and aroused.

"At one time, but now it feels real good, sweet girl," I reply referring to the apadravya piercing that adorns my large cock.

She licks her lips, looking so hungry for it.

"Tell me, have you ever tasted cock before?" I ask harshly. She doesn't flinch - just shakes her head nervously and gives me a quiet, "No, Sir."

"Good girl," I purr, softening my tone. "I want to be the only one in your sweet mouth - and pussy." And ass, I add silently, not wanting to scare her. My erection twitches, thinking of the fun we'll have preparing her virgin body for my thick shaft.

"Put me in your mouth, baby," I groan. She looks up at me with those innocent doe eyes and flicks her tongue out to taste the bead of moisture on the head of my cock.

"Goddamn," I growl as my body jerks involuntarily, and I almost cum all over her pretty little face.

She opens those plump, red lips wide and takes me deep inside.

"Fuck," I cry out, loving the velvet heat of Isabella's mouth.

Startled from my fucktastic fantasy, I jerked my hand away from my cock when my phone began to ring.

"Goddammit," I cursed angrily. My little fantasy of Isabella was so fucking hot that it was better than a lot of actual sex I'd had, and 'Fantasy Isabella' hadn't even gotten around to swallowing my cock yet.

Fucking interruptions.

I glanced over to see that the alarm on the nightstand read 10:39 p.m. It wasn't as late as I expected. Hope swelled in my chest that it might have been Isabella calling, but when I grabbed the phone, I was disappointed to see that it was only Emmett.

"This better be important," I growled.


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