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Chapter 14

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 14 **Panties**

**Edward Cullen**

I stood at the sink for a few minutes thinking about Isabella - my girlfriend.

I knew I looked like a goofy bastard standing there in the kitchen washing dishes with a wide grin on my face.

Isabella had been completely amazing last night and this morning, so when her happy expression faltered at my greeting, I worried that, in the time she had to herself, she figured out that she didn't want the things I was offering her - that she didn't want me. I hated that I was so insecure - it was ridiculous, especially when Isabella clarified that she hadn't changed her mind - she only wanted to wait until we were official before people knew about us. It made sense. I would never want anyone to think negatively about my baby girl - she was an amazing person, so kindhearted and unselfish.

My thoughts wandered back to our conversation in the tub last night. I hated to hear what happened with her dad. It was obvious Isabella had it bad after her mom died, and it sounded like Charlie had too. The tension between them was palpable that day at the graduation, so it was obvious Isabella wanted to distance herself from him. I briefly thought about contacting Charlie and confronting him, but I didn't want to go behind Isabella's back.

Having had experience with my own father's alcoholism after my mom died - I could completely relate to Isabella's situation. Carlisle and I even swapped a few licks a time or two when I tried to get him to accept treatment. It took a while, but it was necessary. A month or so after he left rehab, Mom's birthday came and brought with it a bad case of depression, and he decided to console himself with a case of whisky. He became even more withdrawn and sloppy at work. It took getting sued for malpractice to convince him to go back to rehab a second time, and it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to him. He met Esme, a volunteer at the clinic - they fell in love, and Carlisle got his shit together.

Emmett's ringtone on my Blackberry pulled me from my memories.

"Emmett. What's up?"

"Not much, cuz," he replied, sounding amused. "You?"

"Not much, I was just washing up after breakfast and trying to think of something to do now that my sister and girlfriend are out shopping," I explained nonchalantly, knowing he'd notice a reference to me having a girlfriend.

"Girlfriend… that eighteen-year-old?" he asked incredulously.

"Isabella - yes… and I don't give a fuck about her age - she's a legal adult," I replied sourly.

"I know, man - I'm just giving you a hard time. So when do Rosie and I get to meet the little lady?"

"Well, it looks like Jasper's coming in for a couple days, so Alice decided to have a dinner party tomorrow night. I figured I'd introduce Isabella as my girlfriend then."

"Awesome. Rose will be very interested to meet her too. She worries about you, yah know?"

I sighed.

"She told me what a good Dom you are, and that it was a shame you didn't have a Sub. I just hope your shiny new toy can handle you in the playroom," Emmett continued, concerned.

"Not a toy, Em. I think I might be falling for her… fuck… I know I am. Especially after last night - we talked a lot, and she did well in the playroom… really well," I replied quietly, feeling the weight of my emotions pressing in.

"Wow… you already did a scene with her and she didn't flip out?"

"She was fucking perfect, Em. A little apprehensive about some of her… reactions, but she really seemed to enjoy herself... fuck, so did I for that matter. I don't recall being more satisfied than I was having her at my feet… shit. Sorry," I huffed, trying to not to get aroused thinking of Isabella while I was on the phone with my cousin. "Got a little distracted there for a second."

Emmett chuckled in response to my excitement. "Well… I'm happy for you either way," he replied genuinely.

"So… dinner, my place, tomorrow at seven?"

"Sure man."

Emmett filled me in on the case and thanked me for helping him out of the tight spot. After we wrapped up the call, I contacted Conner about having some groceries brought over for tomorrow's dinner. I could have easily had gourmet meals prepared by world class chefs sent over hot and ready to eat, but I wanted to spend the day cooking with Isabella. She and I needed to spend some time together outside the playroom getting to know each other, and that seemed like a perfect opportunity.

After a few hours of jogging and exercise and a quick dip in the pool, I checked the time. Isabella and Alice had left only about four hours ago. Odds were they had only been to one or two stores. Alice loved to shop, and if Isabella let her have her way, then they'd been gone for several more hours.

I was at a loss. Normally, I would spend my time leisurely enjoying my freedom from the Senatorial seat, but now I was fucking bored. Isabella had made the last week extremely exciting and enjoyable, and without her, everything seemed dull and pointless.

Unable to think of anything better to do, I decided to follow the girls lead and do a little shopping of my own.

Since I couldn't very well walk my ass into a sex shop without being recognized, I signed on to Adam and Eve and decided to look for some toys to use with Isabella.

As soon as I collared her - and I definitely planned to - I wanted to start preparing her for anal sex, so I needed to get her a few plugs - that way, she could get used to the sensation. It was important to me that she enjoyed it the first time.

I went ahead and bought three different sized plugs and stocked up on some new lube, a new bullet vibrator, and some stunning midnight blue ropes that would stand out nicely against Isabella's flawless pale skin.

All that shopping got me to thinking about collaring Isabella. I wasn't exactly sure when I wanted to do it, but I knew it would be soon. After careful consideration, I decided that Isabella needed to know that she meant more to me than just a Sub, and the way to do that was to make love to her before I collared her. It would be the perfect way to show that I saw her as my girlfriend first and my Sub second.

I had to make sure her first time was absolutely perfect, and then I wanted to make sure her collar was as well. Isabella wasn't one for extravagances, so I wasn't sure she'd let me get away with covering her neck in diamonds, but I figured something in platinum, maybe woven - like my binding ropes - and not too obvious, so she could wear it in public if she desired. I decided to have Conner take me into the city to buy her something pretty tomorrow, while Isabella painted.

After shopping for sex toys and thinking of the way my baby girl left this morning, I was wound tight. I decided to have a nice soothing shower and relieve a little… tension.

"We're here," Alice's shrill voice rang from the other side of the house. In my eagerness to see Isabella, I rushed downstairs and toward the entrance to the garage. Alice was carrying an armful of bags from various stores, nothing surprising… except the curious little bag from La Perla.

"Are those Isabella's bags?" I asked flippantly.

"No, hers are still in the car. Why don't you be a good boy and go help her," she replied snottily.

"Alice…" I snapped before deciding to ignore her and went out to help Isabella.

She was pulling several large bags from the back of the Ferrari when I came up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Let me get those, baby," I whispered against the shell of her ear before taking the bags from her hands.

"No!" she shouted. "Don't look."

I stopped abruptly and looked at the bags on instinct. I didn't notice anything in my right hand, but my left hand was full of bags from La Perla… Holy shit.

"Baby girl… please tell me you bought something naughty to wear for me?" I said, half groaning.

"It's a surprise," she replied shyly, taking the La Perla bags and handing me a few others from Alice's boutique to carry instead.

"You better plan on giving me a fashion show," I replied with a playful growl.

Isabella walked ahead of me, scurrying toward her room with her lingerie bags clutched tightly to her chest. I watched her ass the entire way. Fuck… I needed my cock sucked again.

"What's for dinner?" Alice shouted from her room upstairs. I rolled my eyes and felt my boner deflate at the sound of her annoying voice.

Isabella put her bags in the closet with a wink before meeting me in the doorway.

"Don't worry about making dinner tonight, baby. I know you're exhausted, so let me take care of you," I soothed while sitting her bags to the side so I could wrap her in my arms. Our mouths met in a heated kiss until I tensed at the sound of Alice's heels clanking down the stairs.

"Do you want to tell her now?" I asked, staring deep into Isabella's dark, lustful eyes. I had to distance myself from her, so she could think clearly about what I was asking.

She grimaced a little before biting her lip anxiously.

"I think I want to wait until tomorrow. She just helped me buy a bunch of underwear that I plan to wear for you… her brother. I think it might weird her out, you know what I mean?" Isabella replied in a nervous tone.

"I understand, baby. Though, I'm pretty sure she already suspects. We haven't exactly been able to hide our attraction for each other," I admitted with a rueful smile.

"What are you two doing? I'm fucking hungry… let's eat," Alice barked playfully.

"I have to cook first, you brat," I sneered, leveling Alice with an annoyed gaze. I hated being interrupted - especially when I was with Isabella.

"Why don't we order a pizza instead?" Alice insisted, cheerfully ignoring my irritation.

Damn… pizza actually sounded pretty fucking good at that moment. I didn't want to give in on principle, so I left it up to Isabella.

"You want some pizza, bab - Bella?" Fuck... I almost called her baby girl, but I caught myself. Damn, I sound like an idiot.

"Pizza sounds great, and then you don't have to cook," she replied, giving me a sideways glance that told me she caught my little slip.

I ordered a couple pies from the local pizzeria and tried to find ways to distract myself while Isabella unpacked. It was not without difficulty either. I kept imagining all the naughty little panties and stockings and shit my baby girl might have purchased. A vision of my dick sliding between long, stocking-covered legs filled my mind and stiffened my cock. I wanted to feel the rough lace of a pair of thigh highs scratching against my ears as I feasted on her hot little pussy. I could almost imagine the sexy little squeal she'd make when I snapped her garter against her thigh. Jesus. I groaned loudly and ran my palm over my aching erection.

"You need some help with that, Sir?" Isabella asked coyly from the doorway of my bedroom.

"As a matter of fact… I think I do."

She slipped through the entrance before closing and locking the door behind her.

"How about a little… preview of the fashion show first?"

I knew we were getting sloppy in our efforts to hide from Alice. The pizza would be here any minute, but I honestly couldn't give a fuck. Thankfully, Alice was rude enough to eat without us, or I might have worried she'd come pounding at my door when the food arrived.

I'd rather eat cold fucking pizza than miss out on… whatever Isabella had planned.

When she walked toward me confidently and began unbuttoning her blouse, I thought I was gonna cum in my fucking pants. I loved that Isabella's shy inhibitions seemed to fly out the window when we were in the bedroom. It was like she was made for me.

Three buttons down and she was already exposing her glorious cleavage as it spilled out of honey-colored cups. Fuck… I was so hard.

"Faster, baby. I need to see you," I growled impatiently.

"Yes, Sir," she whispered before licking her full lips seductively.

As her blouse came off, I freed my dick from my button-fly jeans and began stroking it slowly.

Her eyes, already dark with wanton desire, flashed dangerously with need. Had she not been a virgin, I would have shoved her against the wall, buried my cock in her until I was balls-deep and then fucked the shit out of her.

"Isabella… stop teasing and take those fucking pants off," I growled, barely hanging on by the last thread of control. I needed to be buried in her, but I wasn't going to fuck her until after I'd made love to her - and I wasn't quite ready to make love to her yet - not that I didn't want to, cause I really fucking did. I just wanted it to be the perfect time - not when we were hiding from my sister and waiting for a pizza.

I continued to stroke my cock, only stopping to remove my t-shirt before I began again.

Isabella slipped out of her pants, revealing a black lace garter and panties with matching honey-colored trim, and a pair of thigh high stockings that made her legs so fucking hot, I thought I might go into cardiac arrest.

"Jesus… fuck, baby girl. You look fucking sinful," I groaned. "Get over there and bend over that chair," I shouted, pointing to the cream-colored chair in the sitting area of my room.

"Yes, Sir," she purred sexily, then immediately did as I asked.

Unable to stay away from her any longer, I closed the distance between us, and ran my hands over her silky stocking-covered thighs, fingering the rough lace just as I had in my fantasy only minutes ago.

I gave her ass a firm squeeze, loving the way she gasped, and moaned. Then I trailed my fingers between her legs until I found her hot and wet.

As my fingers met her center, it was my turn to gasp. Not only were those fucking hot little panties crotchless, but her fucking pussy was bare.

"Holy fuck," I shouted. Unable to stop myself, I slid my fingers through her slippery folds. She moaned and mewled like a needy little kitten and clenched her thighs almost painfully around my wandering hand.

"You waxed, baby. I… it feels… fuck… so good," I groaned as I slipped two fingers into her tight little hole - loving the sucking sound they made as I pumped into her. With my other hand I kept stroking myself, thrusting in time with the hand that was manipulating my baby girl's sopping wet pussy.

As I picked up the pace, she threw her head back and cried out.

I vaguely heard the sound of the doorbell as Isabella moaned that she was about to come.

"Not yet," I shouted as I pumped my cock faster and curled my fingers to press against her g-spot.

Wanting to feel the silkiness of her panties against my cock, I rubbed the pierced head against the crack of her ass, moaning as the pre-cum left a wet trail on the light fabric.

She began contracting and whimpering with her need to come. The sound pushed me over the edge and I couldn't hold on any longer. "Fucking come, baby," I shouted as three thick spurts of hot cum landed on her pretty new panties.

"Yes… oh fuck," she shouted, coming all over my hand.

Once she came down, I slipped my fingers from her sated body and undid the snaps on her stocking so I could pull the soiled panties down her legs.

"I'm just going to rinse these off in the sink," I explained, feeling guilty that I might have ruined an expensive pair of panties.

I grabbed my pants and t-shirt on the way to the bathroom and slipped into them once I took care of her panties.

"I think the pizza arrived about ten minutes ago. It should still be hot," I replied casually as Isabella dressed. Once she was fully clothed, I kissed her chastely and pulled her downstairs.

Two large pizza boxes waited on the kitchen counter, only two slices having been removed. Alice was nowhere to be seen, and I was thankful for that. I would rather tell everyone at once about my new relationship than to try to explain it alone to Alice.

Isabella and I enjoyed dinner at the time. Without Alice around, I was able to continue our naughty foreplay session under the table. To my disappointment, Isabella was wearing jeans instead of a skirt, so I couldn't play with her pussy, but I was still able to use my hand to roughly stroke the seam of her jeans as I forked a bite of deep-dish pizza.

"Enjoying your meal, Isabella?" I questioned with a smirk.

She was squirming in her seat, looking like she was about to cream her jeans, and she hadn't even taken a bite yet. Poor thing even whimpered as I increased the pressure of my wandering hand.

"Eat up," I commanded impishly and continued rubbing her clit. She gasped and moaned, but with a shaky hand took a tiny bite of the pizza.

"Good girl, now eat some more," I coaxed gently, slowing down my strokes.

I took a few distracted bites myself, all the while keeping an eye on Isabella from my peripheral. She began eating a little more and looked like she was trying her best to appear casual. She was doing a good job now that I wasn't rubbing her so hard. I made a mental note to the speed and pressure I used, so I could tell how much she might be able to handle if I were to play with her in public.

It was obvious when she was getting close - her breathing started to pick up, and her eyes stayed fixed in one spot before rolling back in her head. Her thighs clenched and her pouty little mouth opened in a little 'o' of pleasure.

"Can you pass me the salt, Isabella?" I asked nonchalantly. Her body jerked a little as the orgasm washed over her, and with a stuttering breath, she leaned forward to grab the salt shaker.

"H-here…. oh God, Edward," she replied, placing the salt in front of me, spilling it in the process. "Oh shit."

"It's fine," I replied, slowing my pace as she came down from her orgasm.

"Insatiable bastard," Isabella mumbled under her breath. I held back a chuckle in response to her apt description of me.

"You look a little flushed, baby. Are you feeling all right?" I gave her another smirk before kissing her forehead and clearing my plate from the table. She mumbled something else I couldn't hear, and it made me want to spank her for being naughty.

I decided to save the spankings for the playroom - no need to bring it up or act on it now when we weren't in Dom/Sub time.

"Why don't you finish your dinner and join me in the living room for a movie," I suggested. "After, we can try to get some sleep, since you've successfully managed to keep me up late the last several nights."

She answered me with a yawn and a smile and finished eating her pizza.

After cleaning up, we went to the den to watch a movie. A few minutes in, Alice joined us on the couch - never once mentioning our absence at dinner. I was fairly certain Alice had ideas about Isabella and me, but she wasn't giving anything away - I figured I should be grateful about that. Once our relationship was out, Alice would probably feel the need to meddle.

My baby girl ended up falling asleep and after the last two nights and her shopping trip with Alice - that was to be expected. When the movie finished, I woke her up and sent her to her room with a wink that she should join me later.

It was the first night I ever had a woman in my bed simply to sleep.

Once again, I awoke in the morning feeling refreshed. I was surrounded by Isabella's scent, but the bed felt empty next to me. I thought I was alone until the mattress dipped down, and I felt cool air tickle my naked body.

Isabella's hot mouth suddenly surrounded my morning erection.

She pulled me out with a wet pop and began licking the tip and stroking, before sucking my cock like a lollypop and taking me in to the back of her throat. The need to pump into her mouth was overwhelming, but I restrained myself and let her learn my body at her own pace.

After a few minutes of what felt like the sweetest fucking torture… I groaned - cumming in hot spurts down her throat, and she slurped and sucked it all down like a good girl.

"Mmm, that was fantastic," I whispered sleepily, pulling Isabella in for a quick kiss. I would have deepened it, but I didn't want my dragon breath to send her away screaming.

"Are you going to work on your painting today, baby girl?" I asked as I headed toward the bathroom.

"I guess I need to work on it. I kind of neglected it yesterday," she admitted nervously.

"I don't expect you to work on it every day… in fact, you can work on other stuff too, you know. Honestly, I'm not in any hurry for you to finish," I admitted.

"What about your office? I mean, don't you need it?" she asked skeptically.

"In case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly have a job, Isabella," I retorted playfully.

"I guess you're right…"

"Join me in the shower?" I asked, standing naked in the bathroom door. My cock perked up from its sated, blow-job-induced slumber at the mention of Isabella getting wet with me in the shower.

"Okay," she replied shyly, walking toward me. For someone who'd had my fingers in their ass and did a naughty strip tease in crotchless panties, I couldn't fathom how she could suddenly turn so shy. It was fucking adorable as hell.

I gave her a playful swat on her bare ass and pulled her into the shower.

Isabella let me wash her from head to toe, and when she was nice and clean - I placed one of her legs on the shower bench, got on my knees in front of her, and worshiped her fucking pussy like a dying man.

"I need to run a few errands before the party tonight," I mentioned as Isabella and I were toweling off from our extended shower.

"Okay, well, I'll probably be painting for a while anyway," she admitted. Briefly, her eyes turned worried before she composed herself.

"Baby, what's wrong?" I asked, tenderly stroking her cheek with my thumb.

"I… umm… I'm really nervous about meeting your family… I mean… what if they think I'm some gold digging whore… or a stupid little kid… I don't… I can't… I umm… I don't want to lose you," she admitted with a watery, embarrassed smile.

I pulled her hard to my chest, feeling the weight of my emotions and feelings for this perfect creature increase ten-fold.

"Oh, baby girl. They will love you, and if they didn't, I don't care… you're my girl, okay?" I soothed, running my fingers through her damp hair.

Isabella seemed satisfied with my admission.

After she went back to her room, I got ready for my own little shopping trip.

Once I was dressed and ready, I pulled out my Blackberry and shot Conner a quick message to have a driver meet me in 20 minutes.

"Take me to Seattle - to Tiffany and Co," I directed, stepping into the black town car.

It was time to buy Isabella's collar.


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