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Chapter 9

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 9 **Experience**

~*Isabella Swan*~

Maybe we can play some more after our talk, baby. I replayed Edward's promise and the things we'd done over and over in my head as I lathered my body with the vanilla-honey sugar scrub I used religiously.

Just the thought of that beautiful man laying his skilled hands on me again set my entire being on fire with desire and longing. He was pure sin, sex incarnate, but his body was a temple and I yearned to worship. Maybe my thoughts were blasphemous, but all I wanted was to be with him.

My fingers itched to paint his beautiful body, and that gigantic pierced cock, and shit… I couldn't stop thinking about him. My thoughts were all-consumed with Edward and the way he made me feel.

His commanding tone and bedroom rules should have made me indignant, defiant, but I felt like I'd been blind till he touched me. Everything else melted away, and I knew he'd take care of me.

My finger slipped between my slick folds till I found my entrance. I was a bit sore from last night, but it was worth the minor pain to be so intimately close to Edward's fingertips.

He wanted me - he said so. The pathetic, teenage fan-girl inside me was jumping up and down, screaming and crying in absolute bliss, while the other part of me - the sexually ripe young woman - was salivating for the chance to grind on Edward's face and his big cock. How I resisted fainting in his presence, I'd never know.

I finished showering and got dressed and ready as quickly as possible.

I was eager to see Edward again, and after this morning's talk, I was pretty sure things wouldn't be too awkward between us, but I'd just have to wait and see. Edward seemed like a decisive man - one who wouldn't start something he didn't intend to finish - so I had every faith he'd follow through on his promise that we'd talk about our newfound connection.

I had no doubt now that he wanted me, but in what way? I was uncertain.

Would I be his dirty little secret - the pretty young thing he screwed in private? Would I just be a summer fling, or maybe he would take my innocence and be done with me. A tiny bud of hope bloomed inside that maybe he wanted more. Would my teenage dream of being Mrs. Edward Cullen ever come true? I nearly snorted in laughter as I mulled over that thought.

Edward was a thirty-eight-year-old-man - soon to be thirty-nine - who has never been married, and has had only a few notable relationships. Why would I be an exception? He was probably one of those guys who wanted to die a lifelong bachelor with a harem of beautiful young girls at his side. I'd probably join that harem if I could always be close to him.

I decided to give Edward the benefit of the doubt, though. Since it wasn't my place to pass judgment on him, I decided I'd keep an open mind about his intentions with me. Edward seemed sweet, and though he was a little rough around the edges with his temper and mild mood swings, I felt like he was genuinely a good person.

Once again, I felt that deep-seated urge to believe he would take care of me. Not in a financial way or anything like that - I had no interest in his money or rich lifestyle. No, I wanted him to care for me like… I don't know… a protector, or someone who wanted to guide me into womanhood while giving me knowledge and experience. There was also another part of me that only wanted to be good for him and learn how to please him. For now, though, I'd just be open to whatever he wanted. If the last twelve hours were any indication of what he might want from me, I was up for more of that for sure.

I felt a tingle up my spine when Edward entered the kitchen. After the amazing night in his arms, I wanted to treat him to my specialty - Hawaiian French toast. I sliced up a loaf of Hawaiian sweet bread and dipped it in a mixture of eggs, cream, cinnamon, and coconut extract. It was my Mom's recipe and something we'd enjoyed every Saturday morning when I was a kid. Today was Saturday, and I was lucky Edward's pantry was stocked with everything I needed.

He moaned appreciatively over the sweet treat, and though the pure lust was gone from his voice, the casually sexy way he was dressed and the sounds of pleasure he made still caused arousal to flood my panties.

As I'd hoped, there was no sign of regret or shame between us for what we'd done the night before. If anything, Edward seemed to be happier, more carefree and open. He was constantly glancing at me and finding ways to touch my hand or my hair. Though chaste, his every touch sent wave after wave of arousal through me. By the time Alice had arrived, I was squirming in my chair, probably looking like I needed to pee or something.

I had to talk about something non-sexual, something neutral. Books seemed to be a safe topic, so I let Alice steer our conversation toward our current reading lists and favorites. After a few subject changes, Edward retreated to make a phone call, winking at me on his way out the door. Alice noticed my obvious blush and smirked at me knowingly.

I was thankful she didn't mention the exchange.

"Do you think I could borrow a couple books? Sometimes I get bored at the boutique when it's slow, and a good book always helps," Alice asked hopefully.

"Sure," I agreed, happy to have found some common ground with her. She wasn't the easiest person to relate to, and books were an easy topic of discussion for me.

Alice ended up borrowing 'The Millennium Trilogy' and decided to bring 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' with her to work.

"You can come up to my room if you want. I have a small collection of books up there myself. You know… the essentials," she said with a wry grin.

Unsure of what she might consider to be essential, I let my curiosity get the better of me and followed Alice upstairs. Going up to her room, I noticed that the halls and staircase looked very similar to those that led me to Edward's bedroom the night before. I felt ridiculous that a damn staircase could make me blush. I only hoped that once I'd lost my virginity, I would no longer be cursed with the annoying tell that gave away my embarrassment at every turn.

"Here's my collection," Alice said, motioning toward a large oak desk that had several stacks of books piled up haphazardly into columns that looked as though they'd fall any moment.

The farthest back was a column of rather large books with elaborate covers. One was particularly curious - a thick book that looked as though it was bound in blue velvet sat at the top of Alice's collection. In elaborate red script was printed "Submissively Yours'."

"What kind of books are those?" I asked curiously. Alice's attempt to shock me worked to an extent.

Externally, I was cool as a cucumber, amused even. Internally, I let her description of the books roll around in my head - Erotica. You know BDSM, hard fucking, whips and chains, spankings? My heart was pounding out of my chest.

Alice's assessment of my time at Sacred Heart snapped me out of the trance I was in over the content of those books. She almost sounded jealous at the idea that I might have gotten spanked during my time at the academy.

I pushed back the memories of Father Volturi doling out my punishment in favor of imagining the taste of Edward's smooth, hard flesh on my tongue again.

Alice had to leave for work, but before she left, she thanked me for loaning her the books and offered her own in return.

I pretended to peruse her collection, giving her a short, enthusiastic goodbye. But there was a throbbing heat between my legs, and the mere thought of looking at erotic photos turned me on more than I cared to admit. Having spent the last few years in a Catholic boarding school, pornography wasn't something I was really ever privy to.

I knew Edward was expecting me downstairs for our talk, but I figured I could spare a few minutes to do some research before I talked about sex with that beautiful, experienced man. Hopefully, I could learn a few things, so I didn't end up looking like the 'innocent girl in over her head' that I actually was.

Unable to resist, I snatched the blue velvet book the moment Alice left the room and rubbed the soft fabric cover with the pads of my fingertips. I could hardly imagine the things I might find inside.

Carefully, I flipped through the glossy pages, feeling my pulse quicken with every turn. Heat pooled between my thighs - throbbed to the beat of my heart, while the tense buds of my nipples ached for attention.

A photo of a young woman about my age brought new light to Alice's wistful comments about being punished at the academy. She wore a white blouse and a tartan skirt similar to the uniform I was required to wear in school. Her hair, in long pigtails, was wrapped around a large masculine fist, while his other hand was raised to strike her bare bottom. The man, while very handsome, was nowhere near as sexy as Edward, but I found myself becoming aroused nonetheless when an image of Edward and me, in the same compromising position, filled my head. I waited for the blush to spread across my cheeks, but it never came - only pure, unadulterated lust coursed through my veins.

The lustful feelings became even more intense when I turned my eyes to the next image. It was the same handsome man and young woman, but in that image, he had his long fingers inserted into her anus, like he was stretching her. Okay… so that one made me blush. I mean, I wasn't so na├»ve that I hadn't heard of anal sex, but personally I'd never understood the appeal. I still couldn't imagine enjoying it myself, but the matching looks of pure bliss on the couple's faces told a different story than I would have ever imagined.

Did anal sex actually feel good?

Would Edward want or expect that from me?

Was I willing to let him try?

I felt a little apprehensive when I thought about it, but Edward said the night before that he wanted us to earn each other's trust. If I felt I could trust him - yes, I think I could do it.

The sound of heavy breathing and the unmistakable prickling sensation that I felt on my skin every time Edward was near alerted me to his presence - and to the fact that I'd been roughly pulling at my aching nipples while I sat in a chair in his sister's room.

Jesus. Was I a freak, or what? I pulled my hand from underneath my shirt and tried to cover the book with it. I knew it was pointless, but I didn't know what else to do.

"Isabella," Edward asked, his voice sounded thick like it had when he caught me outside his room last night. "I see you've found my sister's pornography."

My face was hot, and the effort it took for me to swallow nearly had me choking.

"I… umm… yes," I agreed, struggling to come up with an explanation. "S-she said I could b-borrow her books." I knew I sounded defensive, but I wasn't sure how he would react.

"That's some pretty racy material you have there. Does it turn you on?" he asked hoarsely with an edge of humor and mischief. He was enjoying teasing me.

"I… umm… yes," I replied in the same way I had before.

"I see. Do you want that, Isabella? Do you want me to bend you over my knee and spank your sexy little ass?" This time his voice changed - became harder, almost threatening. It turned me on more than I cared to admit. I nodded, closing my eyes, still unable to face him. "I'll turn that sweet ass pink if you want me to, Isabella."

I moaned, and it sounded so desperate. I was desperate.

Why the hell did the idea of Edward spanking me turn me on so much? Other than being paddled by Father Volturi, I'd never been spanked in my life. Why now did I actually feel as though I craved it?

"Fuck… you've been such a naughty girl, playing with your tits in my sister's room. Do I need to spank you?" he rasped.

"Oh, God," I whimpered.

"Not God… Sir. And I want an answer," he reprimanded.

"Yes, S-sir," I stuttered.

"Get your ass over here, naughty girl," Edward commanded sternly.

I sat the book down carefully and scrambled over to see him sitting on the edge of Alice's bed, looking all kinds of hot and turned on. I bit my lip in hesitation, wondering exactly how he wanted to do this.

"Is it going to hurt?" I asked nervously, looking up toward Edward's stern face.

In an instant, his expression softened then turned to one of frustration.

"I'm sorry, Isabella. As much as I want to, I can't do this with you right now. We need to have a chat first," he decided, sounding disappointed.

"Oh… okay," I agreed. I knew I sounded equal parts confused and disappointed. "Can we talk now, Sir?"

"Fuck," Edward muttered angrily.

"I know I told you we would when Alice left, but something's come up, and I need to leave soon," he clarified, sounding upset with himself.

I knew my face looked crestfallen because he immediately grabbed my hand.

"I don't want to get into this before I can really answer your questions, but I'm sure you've noticed the way I talk you… and… treat you. It's not… normal," he concluded anxiously. Every protective bone in my body ached to reach out to him and comfort his insecurities.

"I like the way you talk to me," I argued, unhappy with the way he seemed to be putting himself down.

His eyes flashed darkly in response, and he gave me a wicked smirk. "I know," he admitted, grinning impishly.

I blushed, unable to hide my response to his abrupt confidence.

"I mean, maybe I shouldn't like it, but if I want you to be like that with me… then is there really anything wrong with us wanting the same thing?" I questioned, hoping he would see the logic of my words.

"Such a smart girl," he praised, kissing my forehead sweetly.

My answering smile probably looked dopey as hell.

"What will I do with you, baby?" he questioned rhetorically.

"Hopefully… you'll follow through on that spanking you teased me with," I answered in the bratty tone I often heard Alice use with him.

A low growl escaped his lips before they crushed the space between us, and he began attacking my mouth like a starving man. I granted his tongue entrance, moaning when he practically speared it down my throat. His mouth was demanding, and his taste was sweet - a subtle reminder of the syrupy French toast and something else that was just pure Edward.

His hands wandered my back slowly, lowering until they cupped my ass. Wanting somewhere to put my own, I placed one on Edward's muscular chest and the other I wove into his silky bronze locks. Edward moaned appreciatively at my touch and pulled me toward him, still cupping my ass until he was grinding into my stomach with his straining erection. This action only forced his tongue deeper into my mouth, causing me to lose all sense of time and space, only feeling Edward.

Taking a much-needed breath, Edward broke the connection between our mouths almost reluctantly. Though he stayed in close proximity, he was still too far away for my liking. "Fuck… baby. The things I want to do to you right now," he mumbled.

I moaned, imagining him bending me over his lap and lifting my skirt.

Damn, I need to get a skirt.

"Fuck… I really do have to go, but I want us to talk… get to know each other. You need to know everything before we can continue… this. Alice is going to be gone till after seven. I'll be back in plenty of time for us to be alone, okay?" he promised sweetly.

I nodded, trying not to look too disappointed.

"Why don't you paint awhile, or if you aren't up for it, you could read a bit," he suggested coyly, cutting his eyes pointedly to the blue velvet book I left in the chair. "You might find some other… interesting positions."

"I guess I'll see you later." My voice was thick with lust, and I knew he could hear it. His jaw became tense, and his fists clenched as he retrained himself.

Jeez… how did he make me feel so desirable?

"Yes… later, baby girl," he agreed hoarsely before giving me a chaste kiss on the forehead and disappearing from the room. The only remaining proof that he'd even been there was the charged air and the pool of arousal that had flooded my panties.

All the pent up sexual frustration was taking its toll on me, making me ache with a hunger I'd never experienced before. Knowing I'd never be able to paint in this mindset, I grabbed the velvet book and a few of the others from the erotica stack and retreated to my bedroom. Most of my stuff had been put away, leaving only a few empty boxes that I'd stacked in a corner in an effort to keep the room from looking cluttered.

I shut and locked the door behind me before slipping out of my jeans. When the cool air hit my wet panties, I removed those as well, tossing them into the clothes hamper. I'd only been here three days, and already I'd had to change my wet panties several times on account of Edward's proximity alone.

I slid into bed and picked up one of the books I'd chosen - an erotic fiction novel called 'Master's Possession.' On the cover was a petite woman on her knees in front of a man in an impeccably tailored suit. A single finger guided her gaze up toward him as he towered over her.

Pure adoration animated her face. I couldn't help but wonder if her expression matched the way I'd looked at Edward when he had me kneel before him on the bed this morning. This woman was in awe of this man… her Master. The man's face was hidden in the shadows, so in the expensive looking suit, it wasn't hard to imagine that man was Edward in all his senatorial glory.

I thumbed through page after page of a somewhat convoluted plot until I found a really juicy part.

Ropes… soft, but tight, curl around me - wrists, ankles, arms, and legs.

Around each breast.

Between my thighs, spreading the lips of my pussy for him.

Elaborate - knots and loops.


My skin aches for his touch.

Just a simple graze of his finger.

I dare not look. He'll see - the desperation in my eyes.

In his hands - clamps - they bite, but his wet tongue soothes the sting and leaves me panting for more.

A calloused finger grazes my wet slit, coaxing a moan from my prone body.

"Who do you belong to, girl?"

I don't answer. He hasn't permitted me.

"You may answer."

"I belong to you, Master, and no one else."

"Yes, kitten."

I smile inside.

I always love it when he calls me 'kitten.' It means he's feeling generous.

The rustle of fabric tells me he's undressing - finally.

I moan again, hoping he will allow me to see his perfect cock.

Rough hands coax my mouth open. A large thumb passes between my lips.

"Suck it, kitten."

I suck hard. His breathing hitches.

Shock… had I really elicited a reaction from him?

His thumb passes over my bottom lip before he removes it.

Finally, his cock is in my line of sight.

Please. I want it.

"Swallow my cock."

I do. His masculine taste makes me delirious.

"Fuck… yes, that's it kitten. Let me hear you."

I hum around his cock and gag when he starts fucking my mouth in earnest.

I can barely get a breath in as he rides my face.

His hands run through my hair, so gently.

His soft touch, a juxtaposition of the way he's pumping between my lips.

"Swallow, kitten. Swallow everything I give you."

He thrusts down my throat.

Thick spurts of hot cum - I swallow greedily.

All mine.

His cock softens only slightly before he is hard and ready again.

I can't help but wonder if any of his other girls have done that for him.

"Your mouth has pleased me, pet. I think I'll give you my cock as a reward."

My nipples tighten in response. The anticipation might just kill me.

Deftly he loosens and removes the bindings at my legs and ankles.

He helps me to standing position. I resist the urge to stare into his grey-blue eyes.

My legs now unbound, he wordlessly directs me to the Tantra chair - my favorite piece of furniture.

The arch of my back fits the dramatic curve like a glove, but with my arms bound behind my back, he positions me on my stomach.

Feeling warm skin behind me makes me moan.

The unmistakable snap of the lube bottle being opened startles me.

He is, as always, prepared.

Warm lube coats the pink, puckered bud of my ass.


He slips in one, then two, and finally three fingers. Pumping slowly.

So intense.

My pussy throbs for the kind of attention my ass is getting.

Fingers removed from my body - finally ready for his cock.

He fills me slowly. He's so in control - of everything - most of all me.

Pushing and pulling, moaning and panting, he gives and takes.

Harder. Faster.



My hand easily made its way under the blankets to seek out my aching flesh.

Since being here, I'd been perpetually horny, but the last twenty-four hours were even worse. My head was filled with thoughts of Edward: sex, sex with Edward, spankings, sex chairs, nipple clamps, anal sex, anal sex with Edward and his big cock - the list goes on.

Edward obviously had some kind of sex thing that had him worrying his pretty head at the idea of telling me about it. He thought he would scare me away - maybe he would.

Though, I doubted there was anything 'wrong' with him, he could definitely have some kind of sexual hang-up that I couldn't deal with.

Maybe he was the Big, Bad Wolf and I was meant to be his yummy, virginal Red Riding Hood.

So far, I'd been more than okay with our interactions, but what if we were just scratching the surface on something much bigger and badder than I could handle?

Once again, I had to remind myself that Edward had been kind and honest to me and was willing to talk. I was going to have to keep and opened mind, if I wanted to keep him - and I definitely wanted to keep him.

Lazily, I spent the next couple hours in bed reading, looking at photos, and getting myself off. I was biding my time until Edward returned from wherever he'd gone. After a while, I made myself some lunch and then went to his office to paint for a while.

I got a strange and eerie feeling being in this huge house by myself, but I squashed down my nerves and got to work.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed - I was standing back looking at the painting, near the entrance to the office. Music blasted my ears from the iPod Nano in my pocket, completely distracting me from my surroundings.

I was so entranced that I nearly jumped out of my skin when warm, masculine arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me back flush with a straining erection. "I missed you, baby," Edward practically moaned in my ear.

"Mmm… that feels good… I missed you too," I replied, sighing breathily.

His hand trailed down to cup my pussy over my thin shorts, making me gasp and pant, while his mouth latched onto my neck hungrily. I knew he'd leave a mark, but I didn't care.

Grinding my ass against his erection was next on my agenda until he broke away with a low groan.

"It's time for our talk, Isabella."


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