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Chapter 19

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 19 Discipline

**Bella Swan**

It wasn't hard to fall into a restful sleep, even with the plug still inside me. After the day we had, I was completely exhausted.

Sometime in the night, I felt a warm body shifting against mine, and soft kisses brushing across my neck and shoulders. Sleepily, I opened my eyes, barely finding Edward as my vision adjusted to the dark.

I couldn't help the dreamy sigh that escaped my lips when he traced his finger over the collar around my neck.

As I awoke further, I realized the sheets felt different, more satiny than the soft cotton on Edward's bed. That was when I remembered my place - it was still sub time in the playroom.

"Master," I breathed, letting Edward know I was still in the right mindset to play.

"Open your legs for me, Isabella," he whispered seductively against my ear, his hot breath scorching my overheated flesh, filling me with renewed desire. I complied, feeling his skilled hands touch me intimately, making me aroused again.

His fingers met the flared base of the plug and he pressed against it lightly, barely moving it inside me. "Is it too much?" he asked concerned. It didn't feel too bad, just a little uncomfortable.

"No Master. I'm fine," I admitted truthfully, shivering in delight as he began slowly rubbing my clit, getting me wet for him.

I wanted him in me so bad that there were hardly enough words to describe how wonderful he made me feel. When Edward pushed into me, his body aligned with mine - smooth, creating friction and passionate heat - it was the most amazing thing I'd ever experienced.

I'd never felt so cherished as when he made love to me, but when he fucked me - the sheer desire, and animalistic need he poured into every frenzied thrust sent me to heights I'd never imagined - never even knew I wanted or needed.

I loved him, desired him - more than I could ever express.

"Up on your hands and knees, baby girl," he ordered roughly, his voice filled with lust.


Quickly, I scrambled to obey, excitedly anticipating anything he wanted to give me.

Once I was in position, Edward pulled at the base of the plug sliding it out slightly before sliding it back in again, making me moan from the intensity of it.

God that felt amazing.

Suddenly his fingers were at my entrance, sliding in and out of my pussy, stretching me.

"I'm going to take you like this, Isabella. You will not come until I say," he declared.

Before his words even registered, he slammed his cock into me, setting an intense pace that left me panting and breathless.

His hands trailed over the expanse of my back as I struggled to stay upright. He must have sensed my difficulty as he reached forward, roughly grabbing my breast with one hand while wrapping the length of my hair tightly around his fist, pulling my body prone and steadying me.

My tight walls fluttered on the edge of pain and pleasure as his pace quickened and he slammed into me over and over, making me cry for release.

"Master, I'm gonna come," I screamed helplessly as my climax began out of nowhere.

"Not yet," he growled, but it was too late. I was already coming so hard, my legs were shaking and hot fluid poured down my thighs, soaking us both. Edward grunted, likely displeased with my inability to follow his instructions, but the wet slapping sound of our skin meeting with every powerful thrust was enough to distract me from worrying about it. His hands tightened on my breast as he continued the punishing pace, his cock striking deeper than ever before.

"I need to come again," I whimpered, knowing I was about to lose it.

"No," he shouted, pulling out of me abruptly, he released my breast from his hand, but not my hair, if anything he pulled harder.

"Fuck Isabella, you're a naughty girl - I'm gonna come all over your fucking back," he promised darkly, striking my ass with his palm, and grunting in frustration.

Suddenly, I felt the heat of his heavy erection sliding up and down between my ass cheeks, while he used his hand to trap his cock from slipping out. He thrust against my heated flesh sliding easily from being slick with my juices.

As Edward took his pleasure from my body, I felt disappointed with myself, but I was more worried that his release wouldn't be as satisfying because of my failure. Not wanting to cause him even more displeasure, I kept my mouth shut and held still till he climaxed, shouting my name, hot spurts of his cum splashing on my skin.

"I'm sorry, Master, I tried to stop," I whispered sadly, as the bed shifted - Edward had moved to lie down beside me.

"I'm sorry too, Isabella, but you are still in training, so I understand, but you'll need to learn to control yourself - to come for me only when I allow it," he said gently. He looked a bit torn for a moment, as if deciding something, "I thought of punishing you, but the way we have things - our system, I realize that withholding orgasms may not work as a suitable punishment."

"Why not, Master?" I replied a bit concerned.

I already felt awful just having disappointed him, and the fact that I was so close to coming again when he pulled out, well… it only made me feel worse. I felt thoroughly punished already.

"Once we're out of the playroom, I don't want to act as your Dom, so I shouldn't be enforcing punishments outside the playroom. It will take away our freedom to make love whenever we want or need to," he explained sounding frustrated. "For now, I'd say you've been punished enough for your first infraction, but I'll just have to be creative before the next time."

His warning sent chills up my spine, making me wonder what he might come up with. I trusted that he'd never hurt me or ignore my set limits, but that still didn't stop me from anxiously biting my lip.

After being upright for what felt like a long time, my arms and legs began to get tired.

So far Edward hadn't allowed me to move from my position on my hands and knees and his cum, that was once hot against my lower back, was starting to cool and feel a little uncomfortable.

Almost as if he heard my thoughts, Edward moved off the bed to grab a wet towel and clean me off. When he finished, he turned the lights on, nearly blinding me with the bright light.

"Come here, baby," he said gently, curling his finger towards himself, exactly the way he would curled it when it was inside me. I fought the urge to moan, wanting him to take care of the needy ache I still felt between my thighs.

I scrambled off the bed giving him a lustful look, hoping he'd give in and fuck me till I came.

My hope increased when he practically attacked my lips, forcing his tongue in like he was fucking my mouth. This time I did nothing to stop the moans of ecstasy that vibrated through my chest like a purring kitten.

"Fuck, you taste good," he gasped, pulling away after kissing us both breathless "Is your plug too sore to leave in till morning?"

"It feels kind of good, Master," I admitted truthfully, trying not to let the disappoint show in my voice when I realized that he wasn't going to touch me again tonight. My thighs clenched together trying to hide my arousal.

"Good… well I'm going to bed now, Isabella. I want you to strip the sheets off the mattress and place them in the laundry basket - the towel as well. After that, you may do as you please - though I'm hoping you'll join your love-sick boyfriend in his bed. He doesn't know how to sleep without you I'm afraid."

I grinned in response to his sweet words. "Yes, Master."

He kissed me once more, his soft lips lingering on mine, pressing against them gently as if he were whispering a secret.

"You did wonderful tonight," he promised, then quickly swatted me on the ass before leaving me to clean up the room.


Of course, I did end up joining Edward that night, and every night in the weeks that followed.

And though, Alice's return seemed to burst our magical little bubble, we still had our nights, and the days she worked at the boutique. Most days, though were spent working on Edward's mural - it was really coming along, so well that I asked Edward not to come in and look at it anymore.

I wanted it to be a surprise, so he wasn't allowed to see it until I finished it.

Our time in the playroom continued to become more intense as Edward began helping me work on controlling my orgasms. Luckily his punishments weren't too harsh, because unfortunately I messed up often.

Just as he had the first time I screwed up, whenever I did come without permission, Edward would keep going, pushing me until I was on the verge of climaxing again, only to abruptly stop whatever he was doing before I could finish. If he was fucking me when I came without permission, he'd get himself off sliding his cock between my ass cheeks or breasts - or his personal favorite… my mouth, leaving me wet and panting for release, only to deny it.

The feeling was almost maddening at times.

The real punishment though, was that when he finished, that was the end of our playtime for the day - no matter what other fun he might have had planned for us.

The first few times it happened - that he stopped playtime - I was on the verge of tears. The guilt of knowing my behavior ended our fun was overwhelming. Especially since it was as much a punishment for him as it was for me - I just couldn't stand the thought of disappointing him.

So, I worked on it. When Edward had to leave the Estate for various errands and things, I'd retreat to my bedroom with a vibrator I borrowed from the playroom, and use it to bring myself to the verge of climax, holding it off as long as I could.

In my mind, I begged Edward to let me cum, and I'd hold it as best I could until my mind conjured his silky voice and gave me permission.

After a few self-practice sessions, I began to notice a difference in my ability to control it in the playroom. I messed up fewer times and Edward very pleased.

For the most part, my days were spent either in his control or with a paintbrush in my hand - those were the times when I felt most confident - the most like myself.

It was Charlie that took away all that assurance, and left me feeling helpless and betrayed. Over the weeks our conversations became fewer and fewer, and when we did have them, they were full of anger and bitterness.

That man was not my father anymore - my father died in that hospital bed, withered and frail, just like my mother.

I thought back to the last conversation we'd had, and how I'd almost decided never to speak to him again.

"What do you want now, Charlie?" I spat, having lost all pretense of acting like the loving daughter I once was.

"I uhh… I need help, Bells," he stuttered drunkenly.

My mind raced with worry - imaging him sick or in pain.

"What's happened?" I asked apprehensively, bracing myself for the worst.

"They… fuck… they fired me," he replied, choking on a sob. "I messed up."

"Jesus Christ, Charlie," I shouted. "What did you expect? Did you think the people of Forks wouldn't notice their police chief stumbling drunkenly out of the liquor store every other day?"

"Goddamnit, Isabella Marie Swan. You are my fucking daughter, and you will speak to me with respect!" he screamed.

I saw red.

My mouth opened, ready to give him a verbal lashing, but then I heard a crash in the background and a low groan.

"Dad, what was that? What happened?" I asked frightened that he'd injured himself.

"Nothing… I just… fuck… I need some money, Bells. I need help. Maybe you could talk to Senator Cullen… see if he will buy some more of those paintings or maybe some of his rich friends might want to... or you could lend me some of that money from the mural, and I'll pay you back when I get on my feet again," he pleaded desperately.

I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down my cheeks. I needed help, my Dad needed help - help, I didn't know how to give.

"Okay, Daddy," I cried.

As much as I hated to do it - I was going to have to ask Edward for it.

"Hey," I whispered shyly as he walked in from his morning jog. I was still in my yoga pants and a tank top, as I'd been exercising in his gym when Charlie called upsetting me.

"Baby, what's wrong? Are you hurt?" he asked concerned, rushing to stand by my side.

"My Dad…" I cried, bursting into tears again.

Edward was wonderful that day, as usual. He calmed my tears and whispered sweet loving words, promising me he'd make sure Charlie got the help he needed.

"Why don't you paint or read for a while, baby. Carlisle and I are going to pay your father a visit, okay?" he told me, his words sounding more like a plea than a suggestion. He expected me to fight him on it, but this business with Charlie had my nerves frayed. As much as I felt like I should be there for my dad, I didn't want to see him.

"Thank you for helping him, Edward. That means so much to me," I sobbed, crying into his chest.

"I'd do anything for you, baby girl. I love you," he whispered, pressing his lips to my cheeks, kissing away my tears.

It was late before Edward got home that night, and he looked exhausted. I'd never seen him so tired. Wanting to help as best as I could, I set to work heating up the plate I'd made him at dinner, and listened as he told me what happened with my father.

"We got him to a nice rehab clinic here in Seattle. He was pretty pissed that we showed up, but after Carlisle talked him for a bit, he didn't put up much of a fight," Edward explained. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I realized that he'd been gone for nearly twelve hours, so I knew there was a lot more to it than just what he'd told me.

Aside from the fact that he looked too exhausted to divulge the rest of the story, I honestly wasn't sure I even wanted to hear it. So I simply thanked him, and rubbed his shoulders soothingly while he enjoyed his dinner.

The next day, Edward was gone for a while on some errands while I spent a bit of time painting. When he came home, I noticed the strange defensiveness in his tone, and a guilty expression he couldn't seem to wipe of his face.

"That's the worst poker face I've ever seen, Edward. What did you do?" I asked anxiously, my mind straining not to jump to the worst possible conclusions.

"I might have made a trip to Port Angeles," he replied cryptically, cringing when I narrowed my eyes at him waiting for him to continue. For nearly a minute, I said nothing, hoping my silence would guilt him into telling me. He just looked away running his fingers through his hair as if trying to decide what to tell me.

Finally, he sighed, scrubbing his hands over his face in frustration.

"I went to the Oncology center and to the hospital, and I had them write off your Mother's medical bills," he admitted nervously.

"What do you mean? I don't understand. Did you pay them or something?" I asked, as fresh tears began to well up. I didn't know whether to yell at him or thank him.

"I didn't pay them, I told them about your family's financial situation. After a bit of… negotiation, they agreed to write off the debt. Thankfully, they were a public hospital or they wouldn't have been unable to work with me like that," he explained.

Part of me felt like I should be indignant, angry, offended even, by the audacity had in doing that, but I felt nothing but absolute relief. Unable to stop myself, I burst into grateful tears and launched myself into his arms.

"I was so afraid you'd be angry," he admitted, holding me tightly against his chest.

"No one has taken care of me since Mom got sick. I'd forgotten how wonderful it felt. Thank you for doing that."

"Let's go out for dinner," Edward suggested later that evening. We'd been sitting around on the couch all day talking, reading, rubbing each other's feet and making out like a couple of teenagers instead of just the one teenager.

"Yeah?" I asked excitedly. I hadn't left the grounds of the estate since my shopping trip with Alice.

"Yeah, baby. I haven't had a chance to show off my beautiful girlfriend yet," he admitted with a grin.

"Okay," I replied shyly. "Where are we going?"

"What are you in the mood for?" he asked stoking my thigh lightly, "…steak, seafood, Italian… maybe Sushi?"

"Steak sounds good," I decided.

"I know just the place," he replied with a pleased grin, before kissing my cheek.

Edward left shortly after so I could get dressed, while he made the reservations and arranged to have a driver to pick us up.

I called Alice in the meantime, asking for suggestions on what I should wear.

"He's taking me to dinner, and I wasn't sure what would be appropriate. He didn't exactly admit where we were going either - only that we're having steak," I admitted nervously.

"Oh, Edward only orders steak from one place if he isn't cooking it himself," she replied.

"Is it really… umm fancy?" I asked even more nervous.

"I guess so. I mean, you don't need to wear a ball gown or anything, but a nice little mini-dress would be perfect."

"I could wear my black dress I bought for the Edward's dinner party," I offered.

"He's already seen you in that… hmm… I'll be at the estate in forty-five minutes, so just have your hair and makeup done and be wearing your nude thigh-high's with that black garter belt."

I balked at her orders, ready to argue, but she hung up before I could. I called her back a couple times, but her phone kept going straight to voicemail.

Resigned, I did as she suggested, pulling my hair in messy twist, that I thought looked sexy, and then I slicked on a bit of gloss, mascara and eye-liner.

Wearing nothing but my garter, heels and thigh-highs, I looked at myself in the mirror, becoming wet from the thought of Edward seeing me this way. My hand trailed south, as I sought out a release, until a couple sharp knocks at my door startled me from my aroused state. I scrambled for my robe to cover myself, knowing that Edward would have called out to me instead of knocking.

"Alice?" I asked.

"Let me in Bella. Edward is downstairs talking to the driver. He's probably almost ready to go."

Alice came in with a short garment bag full of miniscule dresses that made me cringe at the thought of wearing them.

"Shit Alice, these will barely cover my ass if I bend over!" I shrieked.

"Then don't bend over, honey," she joked.

I was about to kick her out of my room and just where my lacey black dress from the party when she produced a stunning midnight blue bandage dress. It reminded me of Edward's fascination with seeing that color on my pale skin. Quickly, I reconsidered in favor of tempting my Master.

I snatched the dress from Alice's tiny hands and rushed to my bathroom to try it on. It was too tight on my breasts to wear with a bra, so I left it off, and on a whim, I left my panties off as well as a surprise for Edward.

Fumbling with the zipper, I got it about halfway up, before I had to ask Alice for her assistance.

"How is a girl supposed to get out of this thing without help?" I grumbled.

"Oh, I'm sure someone will be willing to help you out of it," she replied with a laugh.

I grinned shyly and shook my head, blushing heavily. "How do I look?"

"Like a wet dream," she said with a wink, before smacking me on the ass. I shot her a dirty look before slipping my heels back on and rushing downstairs to meet Edward.

He stood in the foyer checking his watch, looking positively sinful in a black jacket and slacks with a light blue dress shirt. It didn't take long for him to notice my presence as I walked toward him as gracefully as I could manage in my heels.

"Holy fuck," Edward growled as his eyes scanned my body hungrily. I had no time to respond before he grabbed me around the waist, pulling me flush against his body. I could feel his cock harden against my stomach as his eager lips met mine.

His hot mouth trailed down my neck, kissing and sucking gently, before moving up to my ear to nibble and suck until I was nothing but a quivering mess of hornyness.

"I'm going to give you the fucking of your young life when we get home tonight," he promised darkly, whispering in my ear.

"Oh God," I whimpered, as his hands began to wander up my thighs, slowly inching toward my dripping center.

Fuck… no panties - I remembered with a panic. My thighs were probably going to be soaked. I guess it was a good thing the fabric of the dress was so dark.

"Mr. Cullen, your car is ready," the driver's voice came through the intercom.

Edward sighed and dropped his hands, releasing me from his grasp.

"Hungry, love?" he asked, his eyes shining with lust and mischief.

"Fuck yes."


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