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Chapter 16

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 16 Coitus

**Edward Cullen**

I awoke surrounded by Isabella - her soft skin, silky hair, and that sweet, fragrant scent that normally drove me wild with lust, but at that moment, I only felt calm - happy. The sensation of having her warm body against mine was still not something I was used to, but I loved it nonetheless.

It was early in the morning, almost dawn, and I didn't remember even falling asleep. The last memories of the night before consisted of me telling Isabella that I planned to make love to her, her hugging me so hard I could barely breathe, covering her lips with mine for an earth-shattering kiss, and finally Isabella falling asleep cuddled against my chest as I played with her hair. Damn… I was a lucky bastard.

Instinctively, I pulled my baby girl closer - wanting nothing more than to be inside her and love her. I was falling hard, and in such a short time too.

Isabella had only been in my life for a little over a week, and already she had me in the palm of her hand, which was why I felt compelled to make today special for her - absolutely perfect.

She stirred against me, and as much as I wanted to wake her up, it was still too early, so I closed my eyes and buried my face in her hair. It wasn't long after that I drifted back to sleep.

I awoke to warm, wet kisses being placed on my bare chest and Isabella's hair tickling my side. I grunted a little, still feeling the effects of sleep weighing heavily on my conscious mind. Isabella started giggling, and I felt her naked leg hitch over mine.

"Ed-ward…" she whispered playfully, now kissing my neck and chin. I was mostly awake now, but I curious to see what she was up to, so I let out a disgruntled snore and smacked my lips together dramatically.

"Ed-ward…" she whispered again and I shivered, feeling her fingertips lightly drag across my hard stomach.

Her silky, soft legs brushed against my hip and thigh as she practically climbed up my body. "Mmm…" I hummed in pleasure.

"Ed-ward… wake up…" she whispered again, a bit louder. I was fighting a smile that turned into a groan when I felt her hot tongue flick against my nipple causing it to stiffen.

I was just about to grab her when I felt her tiny fingers digging playfully into my ribs.

"Fuck… that tickles," I shouted as my body tensed in response to the mild form of torture.

"Duh… I'm tickling you," she replied sarcastically before tickling me again.

I wasn't about to let that go without retaliation.

Before she could even brace herself, I grabbed her and flipped her over so she was pinned underneath me.

"You're playing a dangerous game, little girl," I growled as I rubbed my erection against her thigh.

She gasped, staring deep into my eyes, searching. When she bit her lip shyly and blinked up at me, I completely lost it, crashing my lips against hers.

I needed her now… I couldn't wait any longer.

"Isabella, I want you. Do you want me? Are you ready?" I asked almost desperately.

"Please, I want you," she moaned.

"My name…" I began hoarsely "…tell me you want me."

"Edward… I want you… need you… please," she cried, looking at me hungrily.

I wasn't about to just plow into her. Odds were this was going to hurt, so I was gonna make sure she was so sated and relaxed when I entered her that she would feel as comfortable as possible.

I moved down her body, sucking her neck and breasts along the way, then moving to place sweet kisses across her stomach and thighs. She moaned and panted as I ran a single finger through her wet slit.

"Always so wet for me aren't you - such a good girl."

My warm fingers teased her tight entrance before slipping inside, stroking her slowly.

"We're just Isabella and Edward right now - equal. I want you to do what feels good, baby. If you need to come, you come, if you need to scream or pull my hair, by all means." I mentioned, wanting to be sure there was no confusion. We weren't in D/S time, and she needed to be aware of that fact.

Her wet heat felt delicious on my fingers, and I had to taste. Her beautiful brown eyes shined with lust when they met mine. Her eyes closed.

"Please don't close your eyes. I want you to watch me make you come." I lowered my head to her glistening pussy, holding her mesmerizing eyes with mine. She cried out in ecstasy when I swirled my tongue around her swollen clit, before sucking it hard. I had to hold her down when her hips jerked in response. My fingers slipped in and out of her, and I could tell she was close to the edge. It only took me curling my finger against her sweet spot to have her coming all over my mouth.

"Edward… oh, oh… fuck," she screamed, coming so hard she was shaking.

That's it… yes… so fucking beautiful… every time.

Once her breathing began to even out a bit, I lifted her hips and slipped her legs over my shoulders so her pussy was right in front of my face. The sounds of her little gasps were muffled by her thighs as they pressed against my head, and I wondered if I surprised her.

Every thought in my head was quickly forgotten as I slipped my tongue into her tight heat and began fucking her with my mouth - drinking the sweet nectar her body made just for me.

"Edward… oh, God," she cried, pulling at my hair desperately.

She tasted so fucking sweet and innocent that my cock was harder than ever before. I could feel it leaking on the sheets.

I wanted to make her come like I had in the playroom the other day, so I pulled back and slipped my finger back into her pussy to coat it with arousal and then gently slid it into her ass. She whimpered and moaned as I went back to sucking her clit and fucking her pussy with my fingers - stretching her tight little hole for my cock.

"Edward… I'm… gonna… oh fuck…" she cried and her body tensed hard as sweet arousal poured from her, soaking my chest and the sheets.

Her hips were thrusting as she came down from the intense orgasm. I used her dazed state as an opportunity to lift and move her from the mess we'd made in the bed

"Baby, are you okay? Are you ready?" I asked softly, feeling an onslaught of emotions welling up in my chest.

She looked up at me dazed, lusty, and adorable. When she smiled lazily instead of answering, I kissed her till she was breathless and asked again.

"Make love to me, Edward. I want you," she whispered, still sated and smiling.

"I want you too, so bad, but I'm gonna take this slow. I don't want to hurt you," I said nervously.

I sat back on my knees and opened Isabella's legs wide before slipping two fingers and then, slowly, a third and wiggled them till I was stretching her one more time. I was getting pretty fucking nervous, and I could tell she was too, as her eyes started to become more aware. I had to press forward.

I took my throbbing cock in hand and spread the pre-cum that had leaked down my shaft, then lined myself up at her entrance.

The heat radiating from her pussy was fucking amazing and almost enough to make me cum.

"Fuck… I need you," I groaned and looked deep into her dark gaze as I pushed the head of my cock inside her.

She gasped and squirmed a bit, while I tried to catch my breath before sliding in a bit farther. Fuck, she was so tight and hot. I wasn't sure I'd even be able to fit.

"Are you okay?" My voice sounded strained. She closed her eyes, her long, dark lashes fanning against her pale cheeks. She bit her full, lust-darkened lip and then nodded her head. I was a little worried because I could tell she was experiencing some pain, but we had to push through this first time.

I pressed further as gently as I could. Once I was almost completely buried in her, I leaned in and crushed my lips to hers. She was stiff for a moment until she began to relax. My hand slipped between us until I was stroking her swollen clit. She whimpered and arched her back, allowing me to slide all the way to the hilt.

She gasped into my mouth, but I couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or pain. Needing to see her face, I pulled back again, watching what seemed like hundreds of different emotions as they flickered across her heart-shaped face - discomfort, happiness, pain, adoration… and maybe love. Love - that was probably just wishful thinking on my part, though it could have been simply a reflection of what I was feeling.

"Oh God… never felt… never been this… amazing," I groaned helplessly as Isabella's essence surrounded me, making me whole - complete.

"Edward," she cried as I rubbed her clit and began thrusting slowly. A single tear slipped from her eye, and I kissed it away before returning back to her lips and picking up the speed of each thrust.

"Oh… Bella, love. You feel so good. I… I don't know how much longer… I can hold on," I gasped as each thrust became more erratic than the last, taking me closer and closer to the edge of pure bliss.

"Edward," she cried as her eyes suddenly flickered with some unknown realization. Her hips started thrusting slightly meeting mine, drawing me further inside her than I thought possible. Her pussy was clenching my cock like a vice, making my balls tense for release.

"Can you come for me?" I groaned, knowing I was nearing my own release.

I tried to focus on my fingers as they rubbed harder against her clit. Suddenly remembering the little things her body responded to, I reached to tug on one of her tight nipples.

Fuck, she loved it… moaning and thrusting her hips, as her thighs shook with the need to come… she barely seemed to be in pain now, only wincing when I pushed really deep.

Just as I was about to spill my hot seed inside her, I felt her pussy contract wildly, gripping my cock and almost sucking me farther inside her.

"Edward… fuck," she gasped.

I opened my mouth to curse or say her name, but no sound came out - all I could think was that I was cumming harder than ever before.

Unable to support my own weight, I collapsed on top of her for a moment before rolling of and pulling her on top of me.

I felt my softening cock slip out of her as I cuddled her warm body against my sweaty chest.

"Are you very sore, baby girl?" I asked gently, stroking her soft cheek.

"Mmm, a little," she said quietly.

"Would you like to take a nice long soak in the tub?"

"Yeah… that sounds good," she almost moaned.

I chuckled before helping her up, and then lifting her into my arms. She giggled in response when I started playfully nipping at her neck. I was already getting hard for her again, but I ignored it. She would be way too sore for round two… maybe tonight.

I filled the tub and put in some girly bath stuff to make it smell nice and let Isabella slip in.

"Does that feel good, love?" I asked, brushing her tangled hair out of her eyes.

"Mmhmm… but aren't you coming in?" she asked with a disappointed pout.

I looked down at my stiffening cock, noticing the slight pink tinged tip - blood.

"Let me grab a quick shower and then I'll join you," I replied quickly. She nodded shyly and set about scrubbing her skin with a soft sponge.

Turning on the small shower, I took one quick glance back at Isabella. She looked as beautiful as ever, and though she was no longer a virgin, she still looked so innocent - precious, fragile. She could be hurt so easily, heartbroken because of her blind trust in me, but I wasn't going to let that happen. I was going to be good for her.

I rinsed off the remnants of Isabella's virgin blood before taking my cock in hand. Replaying the last hour in my head, I stroked myself till I was about to cum. Feeling eyes on me, I turned around in the shower only to see Isabella staring at me through the lightly tinted glass. I knew she could see most every detail - my tight fist as I stroked my rigid flesh, my eyes wild as I cupped my balls.

I shivered in response to her watching me and couldn't help rubbing my thumb against the pierced head of my cock. Our eyes stayed locked, intensely passionately, until I started cumming - hard - against the shower tiles. When I opened the door to the walk-in shower, steam poured out filling the room. Needing to feel her body against mine, I wordlessly slipped behind her into the large tub and wrapped my arms around her tight.

After a few minutes of soft kisses and washing each other, I brushed my hand down her chest between her breasts and over her stomach, down to her pussy.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, whispering hotly against the soft skin of her neck.

"I'm still a little sore… but I feel good," she replied distractedly as I began to slowly stroke her clit.

Knowing Isabella was mine was making me insatiable. I simply couldn't keep my hands off her.

"How was it? Did I make it good for you?" I asked as seductively as I could manage, but knowing good and well a bit of my anxiety showed though in my tone.

"Can I be honest?" she asked nervously. Instantly, my heart stuttered in my chest. I couldn't even let myself think about all the negative things she might possibly say. My body tensed, bracing for the worst.

"Of course… I want us to always be honest with each other, Isabella. We need honesty and to trust one another for our relationship to work," I replied guardedly, but gently. She nodded minutely.

"At first it hurt… a lot. It really burned, but after a few minutes the pain kind of began to dull until it just kind of ached, but umm… then it started to feel a little good, and when you… umm touched me it felt a lot better. I guess I'm just nervous that I wasn't normal… I don't know…" she rambled nervously.

I stroked her cheek lovingly, fairly certain that I understood.

"You made me feel so good. I hate that it caused you any kind of pain, but I'm glad to hear that you got past it. It shouldn't hurt like that again, okay?"

She nodded and relaxed against my body as I went back to lazily stroking her soft pussy.

The water started to get too cool, so I turned the jets on and let them work their magic. Isabella and I spent the next hour or so cuddling, talking, and touching. It was amazing.

I had toyed with the idea of collaring Isabella after we made love, and I still planned to, but I didn't want to collar her until I knew she was ready to be fucked. She was still too sore by the evening to even consider doing anything, so we pretty much spent the day watching movies and eating snacks and such. I even managed to get her to play the cello for me. Somehow it slipped my mind that she even played.

She was pretty damn amazing on the instrument too. If she wasn't already a phenomenal painter, I would have encouraged her to audition for an orchestra or musical group. As she played, though, a naughty idea formed in brain that I filed away for later when Isabella was feeling better.

As night fell, I couldn't help but replay the day, thinking about what a wonderful time Isabella and I had enjoyed together. Our lovemaking hadn't been ideal or even overly romantic, but it was perfect for us. I knew I could have covered the bed in rose petals or whisked her off to some remote island, but that wasn't me. I wanted things to flow naturally. I decided to save the theatrics for the playroom.

"When is Alice coming home?" Isabella asked curiously as I toyed with waistband of her cotton panties. I refused to let her wear her naughty lingerie when I couldn't possibly have her yet, but those innocent little cotton ones were almost worse. My cock was hard as a stone, and it was taking an immense amount of effort not to maul her. All I could think of was pulling the scrap of fabric covering her bare pussy to the side and plunging my cock into the juicy hot center I knew I'd find.

"Hmm?" I replied distractedly, staring at her perfect ass with lustful longing.

Isabella snapped her fingers in front of my face, breaking me from the trance I was in.

"My face is up here, pervert," she retorted jokingly, with a mock scowl.

"Sorry, baby," I replied sheepishly, kissing her on the cheek in repentance for being a horny bastard.

"I asked when Alice was coming home," she reminded.

"Oh… umm, well, Jasper's flight leaves Monday morning, so that gives us tonight, the weekend, and all day Monday, since Alice has to open the boutique. Alice also had Maria working the weekend so she could be with Jasper, so Alice is working every day this week to make up for it." Mentally I was calculating all the alone time I would have with Isabella, and now that Alice was aware of our relationship, there would be no sneaking around, and Alice wouldn't feel obligated to stay for Isabella's sake. She could go out with her spoiled, socialite club friends and leave Isabella and me to our own naughty devices. I didn't think it was possible, considering I was already rigid and leaking, but my cock got even harder at the thought of being able to fuck Isabella anytime, day or night.

"Wow… so we can like pretty much… umm… you know… anytime?" she replied, astonished.

"Isabella, if you aren't mature enough to say fuck, then I don't think you are mature enough to do it," I teased playfully, pinching her on the ass. She gasped, and her pretty cheeks turned a vivid shade of pink. "Besides, I've heard you say fuck before. Though, usually it's when my tongue is buried deep in that hot little pussy of yours, but we both know you can say it."

"Edward…" she whispered, sounding a little embarrassed. I let my fingers dance along the lacey trim of her panties until I reached her inner thigh.

"Say it…" I nearly growled "…out loud." I slipped two fingers between her soaked pussy lips and stroked her just gently enough to leave her wanting more.

"Edward… fuck," she whispered.

"Again… louder," I demanded, as I slowly started fucking her with my fingers.

"Fuck" she moaned loudly as I curled them against her g-spot.

"Mmm… I love that filthy mouth."

"Fuck," she cried as my thumb swept over her swollen clit, driving her over the edge.

Goddamn… I needed inside her so bad.

"How are you feeling? Still sore?" I asked, my voice tight with lust.

"Yeah… still a little sore," she panted, coming down from her orgasm.

"Can you suck my cock? I really need to cum," I groaned.

"Mmm… I'd love to, Sir," she replied coyly before sliding my sleep pants down my legs. My erection sprung free and smacked against my stomach, making her giggle. I ran my fingers through her hair, pressing gently, guiding her to my cock.

"Mmm… suck me off like a good girl," I grunted, feeling a little out of control with my lust.

She opened her inviting mouth, letting me slip my cock inside. I almost shot my load when she hummed around the swollen tip.

"Fuck… that's good. Take me farther in… fuck yeah… just like that," I groaned as Isabella pushed herself to take me farther.

It wasn't long before I was cumming down her pretty throat.

The smell of bacon woke me the next morning, but the aroma was too strong to be coming from the kitchen. I opened my eyes only to find Isabella completely naked, except for her silky blue robe, and holding a breakfast tray with a newspaper under her arm.

Suddenly, I was ravenous - but not for the scrumptious smelling food. It was the fucking delicious looking girl holding the food that I wanted to taste.

"Morning, baby - did you make us breakfast in bed?" I asked seductively before patting the empty space next to me.

"Just for you, Sir," she replied coyly, hinting that she wanted us to transition into Dom/Sub time. If one of my previous Subs had done that, I wouldn't have been too happy and I would have immediately put a stop to it, but the fact that Isabella was showing me she wanted to be that way with me at other times besides when were in the playroom - well… it warmed my heart. In that moment, all I could think about was collaring her and showing her how good she made me feel.

"Thank you, that's very sweet, but I want to make sure you've eaten as well," I replied sternly, feeling concerned.

"I already ate," she mentioned nervously.

"Oh… okay…" I was at a loss. So far, we'd had breakfast together almost every morning. I mean, I was a grown ass man and had eaten breakfast alone for nearly the last two decades, but that didn't stop me from being disappointed.

"I wanted to ask… umm… if it was okay for me to feed you. I'd really like to serve you that way, but only if it pleases you, Sir," she rambled, nervously averting her eyes.

Warmth exploded in my chest at the adorably sweet offer, and even though I'd never been interested in having a Sub feed me before, I wanted nothing more than to let my baby girl have whatever her precious heart desired - I was also fairly certain that the act of her feeding me could turn out be pretty fucking hot too.

"I would love that," I replied, pushing the blankets away from the spot beside me, so she could sit there.

Isabella positioned the tray in my lap, and I took inventory of the breakfast foods she'd brought me - hot black coffee, juice, a perfectly scrambled egg, perfectly cooked bacon, a couple pieces of toast with butter, jam and a bottle of honey, and to the side she added a small bowl of cut fresh fruit.

"This looks fantastic," I complemented as she handed me the morning paper, which I set aside in favor of providing her my full attention.

As Isabella went about feeding me, I tried to contain my need for her. Thankfully, I was actually feeling a little famished, or I would have thrown the breakfast tray across the room just to get to her. She fed me the bacon and eggs first, and then put a little honey on my buttered toast. The sticky liquid dribbled on my chin as Isabella attempted to feed it to me.

Her eyes grew hungry with lust, and my throbbing predicament under the sheets was trying to tell me something - fuck her NOW. Isabella must have sensed the urgency as well, because she hastily began grabbing pieces of fruit trying to get me to eat faster, but as the too large pieces were popped into my mouth, the sweet juice escaped my lips only to drip onto my chest. The sight of the honey and the juice caused her to look absolutely feral with need - so fucking hot.

I grabbed a piece of fruit and the bottle of honey and put the tray and newspaper down on the floor, so I could have complete access to Isabella.

"Mmm… baby girl, how you tempt me," I mused seductively before taking a small bite of the fruit, purposefully letting a little more juice dribble past my lips and onto my chin and neck.

"Oh… I've made a mess. Can you please clean me up?" I asked, my innocent words dripped with lust.

Her eyes went wide, and she tried to look over me at the tray on the floor, seemingly searching for the cloth napkin. Realizing she misunderstood, I clarified. "Lick me clean."

She bit her lip, barely suppressing a small moan before letting her little pink tongue peak out to lick the juice from my chest and neck. Her tongue was hot wet velvet, and it took sheer willpower not to throw her onto her back and fuck her into oblivion.

Once she licked me clean, I opened her robe, exposing her flawless breasts and grabbed the honey and fruit I'd placed on my nightstand.

"Woops… sorry," I apologized insincerely as I squirted a bit of honey onto Isabella's collar bone. I leaned over and licked the sweet substance and then squirted a little more on her nipples, so I could lick them clean as well. She moaned and writhed, making my cock pulse with need. I wasn't sure how long I could hold back.

"Open up… taste it…" I ordered, positioning the honey bottle above her mouth. She complied quickly, letting me drizzle it onto her tongue "…and the fruit." She ate the fruit and honey mixture, all the while humming with pleasure as my sticky fingers began hovering around her inner thigh. I watched her delicate neck contract slightly as she swallowed the fruit. It reminded me of when she swallowed my cock, and suddenly all my willpower evaporated.

I crashed my lips into hers, forced my tongue inside, and began slowly fucking her mouth with mine. My fingers reached her wet heat and quickly slipped inside. She was so hot for me that I could already feel her pussy contracting. She gasped into my mouth as she came almost instantly onto my fingers.

I pulled away from her mouth. "Are you still sore, Isabella?" I asked rather breathlessly, attempting to hide the horny beast inside that was trying to break free and fuck the hell out of her.

"I want you… need you," she moaned, sounding as desperate as I felt. That was all the answer I needed.

I carelessly dropped the honey bottle on the tray before opening Isabella's robe completely.

"Lay on your side, Isabella. I'm going to take you from behind, so I can whisper naughty things in your ear while I fuck you," I ordered seductively.

She bit her lip and turned as I instructed. Her perfect little figure conformed to mine as I held her close, my erection rubbing against her supple ass and lower back.

"Lift your leg for me, and rest it on mine," I directed. I repositioned my cock so that it rested between her hot folds. Unable and unwilling to stop myself, I began thrusting against her silky wet lips, knowing my cock was grazing her clit with each feverish pass. It felt like heaven, but I needed to be surrounded by her warmth.

"Are you ready for me?"

"Please, Sir," she moaned. I was only too happy to oblige.

With a sharp intake of breath, I pushed into her with one quick thrust. "Fuck," I groaned and then bit down gently on her shoulder. I held still for just a moment, simply luxuriating in the silky warmth of her pussy.

"Fuck… please," she cried. I pulled out almost to the tip before slamming into her powerfully.

"Yes… oh God," she gasped, giving me the green light to really fuck her.

With one hand, I restrained her hair, forcing her head back and exposing her neck for my mouth to suck and taste. With the other, I roamed her body, roughly tugging her nipples, gently grazing her soft stomach, then slipping between her folds to graze her clit and my cock as I thrust into her powerfully.

"Tell me, Isabella. What do you feel?" I nearly growled, my lips grazing the delicate shell of her ear.

"Ugh… your cock… so… fuck… so full," she panted as I pounded into her.

"Fuck, baby," I groaned and let my hand graze down to her knee. I pulled it back slightly, manipulating her body so I could thrust deeper. At that angle, I knew my pierced head was hitting her sweet spot something fierce.

"Oh… God… I need to come… please… fuck," she whimpered, her walls contracting around my cock.

"Almost." I was getting really fucking close, and I needed her to come with me. As each powerful thrust became more erratic than the last, I pulled Isabella closer and closer.

"I can't… I have to…" she whimpered again.

"You want me to make you come, baby?" I whispered hoarsely, on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

"Oh please, Sir," she cried out as she started to come.

"Fuck… fucking come, Isabella. Come on my cock," I ordered before my lips latched onto her neck, and I started cumming hard into her tight little pussy. Her inner walls milked me to the last fucking drop, leaving me in an exhausted state.

My cock slipped out of her, and I felt the bed shift as she turned to face me.

"Hey," she said shyly, making me chuckle at her adorableness.

"Hey, how do you feel? I wasn't too rough, was I?" I asked gently, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Her cheeks pinkened a little as she smiled shyly. "I feel good. You were good," she whispered before looking lustfully at my lips.

"Good, is that all?" I teased as my cock began to stir again, feeling insatiable for this beautiful girl.

"Mmm… more than good… I… I'm sorry… you were amazing. I've never felt anything like it," she admitted shyly.

"That's more like it," I growled playfully, nipping at her lips. She moaned, and I was completely hard again.

Fuck… I was ready to get her in the playroom - it was time.

"You please me so much, baby girl, and I am really happy with the way our relationship is progressing, which is why I plan to collar you this evening. Are you ready to be trained as my Submissive, Isabella?"


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