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Chapter 22

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 22 Touch

**Edward Cullen**

A feeling of loneliness, something I'd hadn't felt in a month, settled in as I awoke the night after the disastrous dinner. The whole evening had been bitter-sweet and would have been perfect had it not been for Tanya.

I had no idea what she told Isabella, and after waking up alone for the first time in a month, I was more than a little worried.

"Isabella," I called out to the empty room, not expecting an answer.


I slipped on a pair of cotton sleep pants and some socks, so I could look around for my baby girl. My chest ached at the thought that she might be upset or uncertain about her feelings after Tanya had most likely filled her mind with poisonous thoughts.

The first room I looked in was the office, assuming she might be painting, but the mural was covered and her brushes were dry. I frowned to myself.

"Isabella?" I called again, and still heard nothing.

I was about to try a different tactic and call out for Alice when I remembered she would be working today, getting geared up for some charity fashion show she was hosting next week.

If it wasn't that show it was the wedding. She and Jasper had finally set the date and would be getting married at the end of September. I'd even offered to let them have it on the estate since Isabella would be returning to school and I'd need the distraction from the loneliness I was going to feel when she left.


If it was even a fraction of the way it felt waking up without her beside me, it was going to be brutal when she actually moved out.

I scrubbed my hand over my face roughly, grimacing when I felt the stubble that had grown in overnight. I recently started having Isabella shave me first thing in the morning as part of our daily routine. Being so close to her as she stood between my legs, letting the razor glide over my skin, was often a highly erotic experience and usually had us so worked up we'd end up returning to bed - sometimes with my face still half-covered in shaving cream.

Those morning shaves were another thing I would miss when she was gone - as if missing her while she was still living here wasn't bad enough.

"Isabella?" I called out one more time as I entered the kitchen, trying not to sound like a petulant little boy who'd lost his favorite toy.

Isabella had thoroughly spoiled me.

Taking in my surroundings, I noticed none of the usual smells of bacon and eggs or pancakes and fresh fruit that normally permeated the room, not even coffee which Isabella usually made while I went for my morning jog.

Abruptly, a noise from out back caught my attention - a rather loud splash.

I poked my head out the door and caught sight of Isabella in her sexiest bikini as she climbed out of the pool. She shivered a little before climbing up the ladder to the diving board. I resisted the urge to call out to her as she bounced on the board once and dived in beautifully.

I was by no means a diving expert, but to me, her dive was perfect.

She climbed out of the pool again, and this time she noticed me watching her, and she waited patiently as I approached her.

We exchanged pleasantries, though the tension between us was palpable. In the back of my mind, I knew we needed to talk about what happened at dinner the night before, but my baby girl was just too irresistible. Everything about her seemed to intoxicate me. So, it wasn't long before she had us both standing naked on the patio with me all worked up, groping her like the horny bastard that I was.

Using my height to my advantage, I let my gaze travel down her back, keeping my eyes fixated on the shimmering beads of water that slid down her silky, pale skin. My fingertips itched to follow the downward trail as each drop slowed over the swell over her perfect ass.

I had no reason to deny myself…

Without further thought, I slid my hands down her back and grabbed her ass the way I wanted, spreading her cheeks apart, imagining my cock sliding into her tight ass.


"I need you…" I whispered against the dripping strands of her dark hair, my fingers seeking that tight, soaked entrance, slipping them inside, making her moan and shiver. I wasn't certain if it was only my touch that affected her or the slight breeze that swirled around us - maybe a little of both "…to get back in the pool."

At those words, I removed my fingers, holding them to my side with an air of finality. She wouldn't question it. She knew I loved to tease.

Frustrated, she huffed at me, making me smirk at her predicament. That didn't last long because the next thing I knew, she was quickly bending over to kiss the pierced head of my swollen cock, only to turn around and do a cannonball into the pool.

I simply stood there dumbfounded for a moment.

Only when her head bobbed up from below the surface of the water so she could laugh at my incredulous expression did I snap out of it.

"Isabella, you really shouldn't have done that," I growled dangerously low, making her giggle and dive back underwater.

Following her lead, I took a run and jump, wrapping my arms around my legs the way I had as a kid - knowing that position would achieve maximum water displacement, resulting in an enormous splash.

I vaguely heard Isabella shriek as my ass hit the water. By the time I came back up, waves were splashing from all side of the pool, and Isabella was nearby, sputtering slightly.

I slicked my wet hair back and wiped the excess water from my face before swimming toward her like some kind of predator.

Taking advantage of her weakened state, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her to the shallow end of the pool. She didn't fight against me, which I found surprising. She simply wrapped her long legs around my hips and nuzzled my chest.

Once my feet could reach the bottom, I moved closer to the side of the pool, pressing Isabella against the smooth marble wall until I could feel the heat of her soft pussy lips rubbing against my stomach.

I groaned - all signs of playfulness gone in a matter of seconds.

"No more teasing - I need to be inside you," I whispered.

She looked up at me, nodding wordlessly as she exposed her neck for my lips to latch onto.

Using the water to my advantage, I easily lifted her body higher till my cock was close to her entrance. She moaned in my ear and reached down to guide it inside her tight heat.

"Fuck," I growled with a shudder before moving to the steps that led into the pool.

I needed to reestablish our connection, see her - the pure need in her eyes - the love I craved.

"Ride me, baby girl. Show me how much you love my cock, how good I make you feel," I told her, my voice thick with lust and need.

"Yes," she whimpered sliding down farther till her knees rested against my hips, her ass on my thighs until she began a steady rhythm rocking back and forth taking me in, fucking me, loving me.

I couldn't take my eyes off her. It seemed my gaze was fixated, alternating between her depthless dark eyes and her soft bouncy tits, unsure which enticed me more.

"So good," she cried, her eyes rolling back as she impaled herself on my cock over and over again.

"Ughh," she shouted as her legs began to shake, her inner walls gripping my like a vice. I was about to fucking burst inside her, when she went limp, her body no longer keeping up the blistering pace that had pushed me so close to the edge.

"Fuck, I'm going to take you, baby. Hang on," I warned, knowing I was going to have to take control.

She was already too spent to work me up again, so I grabbed onto her hips, easily lifting her body till her back pressed against the smooth wall again.

Cradling her neck, I pressed into her more deeply, needing to be as close to her as humanly possible.

My fingers dug into the back of her neck and her thigh as I pulled her leg till she was wrapped around me holding me like I was life-preserver.

"Edward," she moaned, taking everything I gave her. It wasn't long till I was back on the edge, happy to feel her orgasm building again so we could climax together.

I tried to hold her gaze, wanting nothing more than to stare into her eyes as we got lost in our shared bliss.

"Don't ever look away," I commanded when her lashes began to flutter and break that intense connection. She fought the urge, obeying me, showing me her soul. So close to the edge, it wasn't long before she was falling apart in my arms, coming hard as I pulsed inside her, making me feel more at home than I ever had in my life.

"I love you, my good girl - so fucking much," I told her, my voice thick with emotion and the lust that remained for her even after our coupling.

"I love you too." She smiled happily, warming my heart even more.

As we both began to wind down from our shared climax, I was feeling a little tired from our activity.

"Let's try out the hot tub, okay?" I suggested.

"Mmm, sounds great."

Now that my mind wasn't as intensely clouded with desire, I remembered the conversation we needed to have about what happened the night before.

Suddenly, Isabella pushed past me and darted across the patio, her soft curves bouncing slightly with each spontaneous movement. My cock was beginning to stir again, and I had to fight off the lust that threatened to overwhelm me again.

As I got the tub ready for us, I made a mental note to keep my eyes focused on Isabella's once we got in, instead of letting them roam her supple body as I usually did - that should at least keep me from acting like the sex fiend that I was. Now just wasn't the time. There were pressing matters to be discussed, and I knew they'd never get resolved if I got all worked up again and fucked her in the hot tub.

"Are you ready to tell me what happened with Tanya last night?" I asked her as we settled in to the warm water, hating the way her expression soured as she turned away in response to my words. I hoped that now would be a good time to talk, that Isabella would feel more at ease. Comfortingly, I grasped her chin, encouraging her meet my gaze again. "You can tell me anything… I won't be upset with you."

"I know, but…" she began, her voice small and sad.

"But?" I hedged, wondering what her hesitation was.

"She wasn't… she said stuff, about you."

That wasn't entirely shocking. I had a feeling Tanya wasn't trying to intentionally hurt my girl. Whatever she said would have, no doubt, been something unsavory about me as a warning to Isabella.

I sighed, making a split decision to tell Isabella my history. I never meant to keep it from her, but I wasn't the same man I was before. Honestly, the girl was so amazing she nearly made me forget every bad relationship experience I'd ever had, but it was time. It was time she knew about the man who loved her.

Isabella already knew about my promiscuous college days and how, on a hunch, Emmett took me to a few play parties and munches, hoping I'd find something to satisfy my unfulfilled sexual urges and need for control. What she hadn't heard about was how being with Tanya had nearly broken my spirit and made me feel like I could never find someone to love me for me and not my money or power. Maybe if I pre-emptively told her about Tanya, it would help her better understand why she felt the need to bad-mouth me to my new girlfriend.

"You've seen her before, right?" I asked her, fairly certain that if she had followed my political career with as much interest as I assumed she had, it was likely that she'd seen the photographs of the two of us together at various social functions last year.

"Yes…Tanya Denali, the picture-perfect, leggy blonde who shattered the hopes and dreams of women across the country when she plucked the ever enigmatic Senator Cullen out of the realm of bachelor-hood," she replied, her voice laced with humor and a slight edge of bitterness. "…myself included."

"Tanya was just a place-holder, someone I thought I could settle for because I never imagined I'd ever find someone like you," I told her sincerely, stroking her thigh under the warm bubbling water. I could never seem to keep my hands off her. "She and I, well, we were… not a good match. I tried to have a completely vanilla relationship at first, but when that didn't work… well I'll spare you the details, but I will say that I tried to force my feelings, to grow for her and tried to make things work in the playroom. I handled everything all wrong, and I found myself pushing her too hard. My expectations were much too high for a beginner. It was like, I knew in my heart that we weren't right, so subconsciously, I'd set her up to fail."

I knew I was being a bit vague, but I wasn't about to elaborate if Isabella didn't need me to. The last thing I wanted her mind focused on were the few women who'd been in my playroom before her. I didn't want that tainting our time together.

"Did you… umm… did you hurt her?" she asked quietly, her voice filled with worry.

I furrowed my brow, wanting to tell her that I'd never hurt a woman. Honestly, I hadn't been any harsher with Tanya than I had on previous subs, but that was the difference - Tanya hadn't been trained as a sub - she'd merely been my girlfriend.

"Tanya and I… we didn't spend as much time as you and I going over limits and safety. It was… different, I thought, since she was my girlfriend… I felt like I could just read her body language and know if she was uncomfortable. I gave her safe words, but other than that, I treated her like I did my previous subs. Tanya wasn't trained, though - she didn't know what to expect. She wouldn't listen to my commands and would get impatient and frustrated with me, and it would make me upset and feel like I needed to punish her. She just didn't truly understand what we were doing, and I…" I trailed off, feeling like a huge piece of shit.

"It's okay, I understand," Isabella told me, climbing on to my lap so she could hold me close.

"I deserved what she said about me. What I did was wrong - I failed her," I admitted, my voice cracking slightly.

Her grip tightened, and I could tell she was crying. "The things she said, Edward, they were so cruel… You are so good to me. I just don't see how those things could be true."

"Tell me?" I requested, my voice wavering slightly.

She turned her head away, and this time I let her. I didn't particularly want to see the hurt or sadness in her eyes when she told her tale.

"I was just about leave when I opened the bathroom door and she was standing right there. It took me a minute before I recognized her, mostly because she looked so angry - I thought for sure she was about to start trying to tear my eyes out with her red claws."

Isabella looked nervous about finishing her story, so I gave her a sympathetic smile and squeezed her knee encouragingly. She began telling me everything - Tanya's incorrect assessment of her age, her accusations that I wasn't capable of being in a normal relationship, that Isabella would be nothing more than a sex slave. It just seemed to get worse and worse - it was like, the more she told me, the more disgusted and angry I felt. So, I was surprised to hear so much heat and anger in Isabella's words as she seemed to be just as infuriated by what Tanya said as I was.

"What really made me mad, though, was that she said it all in front of this other woman in the bathroom. I just couldn't believe she'd do that in front of a perfect stranger - someone who could run to the media and spread these lies that you abuse women and have sex slaves. I guess she never really mentioned you by name, but I'm sure there was no question that she'd been referring to you. Especially when you barged into the Ladies room and carried me away like my knight in shining armor," she said, her voice sounding exasperated but a bit grateful at the mention of rescuing her.

"I hadn't really given much thought to what that woman might have heard," I admitted, suddenly worried. I felt nauseated at the thought that, because of Tanya's anger for me, I might end up under public scrutiny or investigation. However, it was Isabella's opinion of me that I cared about most, and after all that, I was worried she might begin to see that I was defective, and her perfect image of me would be shattered.

I couldn't think that way… I had to focus on the fact that, even after her altercation with Tanya, she still clung to me in the night, dreamed of making love and being close.

I felt slightly mollified until I remember the empty sensation I felt waking up alone this morning.

Fuck… when did I become so needy?

"She didn't seem the type to run and gossip, but you never know, Edward. I'm so sorry I didn't think to mention it sooner, but you might want to prepare yourself," she suggested sagely, breaking me from my worries.

"Your right… I'll…" I was about to say that I'd contact my publicist, but I remembered that I no longer retained a publicist. "Honestly, I don't want to worry about it - it'll just make me crazy. I'll wait and see if she blabs, then I'll worry."

"See, what I'm really concerned about is you. I know you said you're okay, but you see me differently now… you're afraid of me?" I admitted, hoping my assumption was wrong.

"Edward…" she sighed, her voice small and sad. I froze, panicking that she didn't immediately deny my theory. I looked at her warily, feeling my pulse quicken and my heart pound painfully in my chest. "I trust you so completely, and I know you would never hurt me."

"Bella, baby girl," I replied affectionately, trying not to get too emotional. Words were inadequate, so I pulled her close kissing her till we were both shaking and breathless.


A week passed us by, and thankfully, I hadn't found my name plastered on any gossip rags or newspapers. It seemed that Isabella had been right about that woman not meddling in our affairs. The relief I felt was immense, but it was nothing compared to the way I felt when things seemed to fall back into place between me and my baby girl.

Alice's fashion show had gone extremely well, so she'd been in and out of the estate quite a bit filling orders and taking extra shifts at the boutique, leaving Isabella and I plenty of time to ourselves. It was time I desperately needed to continue proving to Isabella that I was the same man I was before the incident. I could tell she wasn't hanging on to any suspicions about me, but I still felt worried anyway.

Isabella's father wasn't allowed to have any outside contact while he was in rehab, but one of Esme's friends on staff at the clinic sent word that Charlie was responding well to treatment and had been making a lot of progress. When I told her, Isabella seemed to sigh in relief as if a great burden had been lifted from her shoulders.

Independence Day was coming up soon, and my dad and Esme were hosting the family barbeque this year. With Charlie in the hospital and most of Isabella's relatives living out of state, I invited her to join us on the 4th. I wanted her come with me to all future family events anyway because that's what she was - family.

I felt bad that she'd been so nervous about meeting my dad and step-mom, especially since my dad had only recently learned about my relationship with young Isabella and her father's struggle with alcoholism. She was so worried about making a good impression and felt that she already had two strikes against her because of her age and the differences in our social status, but I assured her my family didn't care about things like that.

She had nothing to worry about - I knew they'd love her.


I had just come back in from my morning jog when I spotted Isabella walking toward my music room. A couple weeks after she got here, I'd offered the room for her to store and practice playing her cello whenever she felt inclined. She rarely did, and only a couple times had I been blessed with the opportunity to hear her play. She was fantastic, as always.

Not wanting to miss hearing her play again, I rushed upstairs and took a quick shower, just long enough to wash away the sweat that clung heavily to my overheated skin.

Hurriedly, I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt before rushing barefoot down the stairs to the music room. A smile tugged at my lips as the most heavenly music began to fill my ears. I had no idea what she was even playing, but it was lovely.

As quietly as I could manage, I slipped into the room.

Isabella sat on the edge of my piano bench, her legs pressed against the sides of the wooden instrument, eyes shut in concentration. I loved watching her as she lost herself in the slow crescendo, letting it build and build till the music suddenly paused and wound down a bit before it swelled again with a fiery passion.

Isabella's eyes were so tightly closed that she didn't seem to notice me straddling the bench behind her, till my body pressed against hers. She faltered slightly, but picked back up again when I made no move to stop her playing.

"Keep playing, my love. I need to hear you," I commanded against the shell of her ear. She leaned into me slightly but kept going.

The song she played began to morph into something different, more intense - erotic. I knew she could feel my cock hardening against her back, and that she wouldn't be able to ignore it. Her playing faltered again when I placed my hands on her hips and began stroking her through the thin fabric of the sun dress she wore to stay cool on hot summer days.

The skirt was just loose enough that I could hitch one side of it up and slide my hand between her legs and the cello.

"Don't stop," I whispered harshly as my fingers slipped into her little cotton panties and found her sweet, bare pussy. After a few languid passes over her clit with my thumb, she was almost sopping wet. "Always so wet, aren't you, my good girl?"

I barely heard the whimper that escaped her lips in response to my words.

"Such a good girl… always ready for my cock and fingers," I mused, stroking her pussy slowly until my fingers slipped inside her hot entrance. She arched against me, striking a bad note on the cello.

Wanting to tease her, I removed my hand and lightly slapped her pussy, making her gasp and shiver.

"I thought you were going to be a good girl and play for me, Isabella," I told her, taking on a disappointed voice. "Do you not want to be rewarded?"

"I… I umm…" she stuttered, not understanding the game I'd initiated.

"Isabella… if you're going to keep messing up, I'm not going to let you come," I explained.

"Keep playing," I added, punctuating my statement by pinching her clit.

"Ugh… fuck," she moaned and started playing again. It was sloppy, but I decided not to be too hard on her. This was just for fun, after all. As long as she kept playing, I continued working her up, fucking her tight hole with my fingers, wishing it was my cock impaling her, but knowing she'd never manage a single intelligible note if I was there pounding into her.

"Yeah, baby girl - that's it," I growled, curling my fingers against her g-spot. Her whole body jerked against me as she came closer and closer to the edge.

She was on the verge of a powerful climax when she gasped and dropped her bow, letting it clatter on the marble floor.

"No," she cried petulantly as I swiftly removed my fingers and slapped her soaked pussy a second time.

"Don't make me spank that ass, little girl," I warned seriously, though I struggled to hide the amusement in my voice. Frustrated, she huffed slightly as she picked up her bow, and I gave her a small swat on the side of her leg. "Do you want me to make you come, or not?"

She was silent for a few seconds, probably trying to decide if she was more irritated or turned on by my teasing.

"Yes… please," she whispered and sighed in my arms as my hand slipped back inside her panties.

"Keep playing," I told her, nuzzling my nose against the soft skin of her neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent.

Not wanting to tease her too much, I picked up the pace, sliding my fingers through her slippery folds, simultaneously rubbing her sensitive clit with my thumb. The build-up was much faster this time, her playing even sloppier. I was just as eager for her to come now as she was, so this time when her bow fell to the floor, I picked up speed, fucking her hard and fast with my fingers, latching onto her neck with my hungry lips till she began to shake in my arms. My cock was hard as a fucking stone and twitching in my jeans, needing to get inside her wet heat.

"Fuck… Isabella… come... come now," I growled, loving that I could read her body's cues well enough to know when she was about to come hard.

"Edward… Master," she cried out as she climaxed, gushing on my hand and the piano bench.

I didn't mind too much that she called me Master outside the playroom. With us, the lines always seemed to blur, so I wasn't surprised at all. It wasn't a big deal - it was just who we were, how we made our relationship work.

"God… that was just…" she trailed off.

"So amazing," I finished her sentence, praising her softly. She sighed dreamily as I let her come down from the intense high.

"Mmm, that was hard, Edward. I'd like to see you try to play the piano perfectly while I… sucked you," she teased. It didn't matter that I just had my fingers buried inside her - I could still see the blush that spread from her face to her neck in response to her own naughty words and thoughts.

"I like the sound of that, baby girl. Though I don't think I'd be too happy if you stopped when I made a mistake."

At that she laughed loudly, the sound causing that familiar, pleasing flutter in my chest.

"Well don't dish it out if you can't take it, old man," she retorted playfully, wiggling her ass against my rigid cock.

"Now you've done it," I growled, wrapping a restraining arm around her and snatching the cello out of her hand. Not wanting to mess it up, I gingerly placed it on top of the piano before I attacked her with my ticking fingers. She was giggling between gasps when I stood to lift her off the bench and threw her petite body over my shoulder like I was some kind of caveman.

"Ahhh," she shouted, pretending to fight against me. I simply lifted the skirt of her dress till her cotton panties were exposed and swatted her on the ass, making her squirm in my arms.

"Hold still," I grunted, trying not to drop her. I considered myself to be pretty strong, but I wasn't fool enough to think I could haul her cute little butt all over the house. After several heavy steps, I deposited her on the loveseat, letting her watch wide-eyed as I unbuttoned my jeans, freeing my trapped cock from its denim cage.

"You want this?" I asked her, my brow arched expectantly as I grabbed my thick cock, holding it as though I was aiming it at her stunned face.

She blinked a few times before nodding emphatically, her hungry eyes practically glued to my erection.

"Where do you want it?" I rasped, unable to stop myself from pumping it a few times. "Your mouth… your pussy?"

I was really eager to fuck her ass, but she wasn't quite there yet. I knew it would be a few more weeks still before she made it to the largest plug and then she needed a few days with that before she could easily take my cock.

"My pussy," she begged. Whenever Isabella was presented with that choice, she always wanted my cock filling up her tight hole. I had absolutely no problem with that.

"Lean back against the back of the couch," I ordered her before approaching and placing guiding hands on her inner thighs, opening her legs so I could see her. She leaned back, letting me have my way.

Wordlessly, I lifted her legs as I leaned forward, placing them over my shoulders till my cock was pressing slightly against her hot entrance. I struggled not to cum from just the idea of having her tight pussy wrapped around my throbbing shaft.

"Ready?" I asked, holding her gaze.

"Need you," she moaned, looking like she wanted to jerk her hips but couldn't because of the controlling position I placed her in. With her long legs draped over my shoulders, she could do little but lay back and accept my thrusts as I chose how fast and deep - how hard I pushed into her.

In one smooth push, I impaled her slick pussy with my cock, filling her up, making us both gasp as the angle pushed me deeper than ever before. "Goddamnit, baby girl," I growled as the head of my cock pulsed inside her tightness. I could feel her clenching around me purposefully - she'd been practicing.

I never thought her pussy could feel any better, but she had to go a prove me wrong - not that I was complaining. Fuck no, she felt fucking amazing.

The smug look that covered her face only proved that she knew what she was doing to me. Not one to let my girl get the upper hand, I began swiveling my hips slightly with each thrust, making her want to watch as my thick, glistening cock slid in and out her swollen pussy. As soon as her eyes darted toward where we were connected, I used my free hand to rub against her sensitive clit, wiping that smug look away in seconds.

"Oh God…" she moaned, unable to look away as I fucked her and rubbed her, pushing us both closer and closer to the edge. I wanted to fuck her like this for hours and days, but she just felt too fucking hot and her pussy was about to squeeze the life out of my cock.

"Jesus fuck," I shouted as started cumming almost out of nowhere. Wanting her right there with me, I gave her a few more erratic thrusts from my softening cock, and finally she arched her back, her breasts pressing against my chest as she fell apart in my arms.

"So beautiful," I whispered as I came down.

"Edw… Oh… Eww," a ball-shriveling voice shouted from behind us.

"Get out," I shouted, closing my eyes as I tried to cover the evidence of our lovemaking, and feeling terrible when I caught sight of Isabella's panicked face.

"It's the middle of the goddamned day and in the fucking music room, no less," Alice shrieked, her voice becoming lower and lower the farther away she walked from the door.

"Fuck," I groaned, pulling out of her welcoming body. Isabella just kind of sat there looking mortified.

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly, stroking her cheek. For a second, I thought she was going to burst into tears, but instead she started laughing.

"You should have seen her face. She looked so confused and then really grossed out," she said, laughing hysterically. I tried to suppress my laughter. I was still pretty embarrassed myself, knowing that my sister had seen my naked ass and Isabella's legs draped over my shoulders as I pounded into her.

"She said she'd be gone all day or I wouldn't have… I would have taken you to bed," I promised her.

At that Isabella laughed even harder. I rolled my eyes at her, before smoothing her dress out and slipping back into my jeans. "I'll just… go talk to her," I replied.

"Good luck with that."


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