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Chapter 24

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 24 **Plans**

**Edward Cullen**

"So… what do you think?" I asked grinning as Isabella looked around the apartment. Honestly, I knew I didn't need to ask. Her excitement was obvious.

"Oh. My. God," she shouted, looking out the large floor to ceiling windows. Those windows were the big selling point when I bought the apartment a few years ago, and it was nice to see that she appreciated the view as much as I did. Her excitement was positively contagious.

"You like the view then?"

"Like it?" she said with a laugh "Wait… is there a playroom?"

Of course the girl was as single-minded as I was - sex on the brain - constantly.

"Uhh… actually no, but I was thinking I could just bring the essentials from the estate if you want. We can also drive back out there on the weekends, or anytime you want." I figured it would be nice to save the more involved scenes for the weekends and we could just have our perfect little mix of casual and vanilla during the week. Well at least when Isabella was home and not working on projects.

Honestly, I knew I was going to be missing out on a lot of time with her when school began, but as long as I could at least hold her at night when we slept, I could handle the rest.

"That would be nice. You know I was really going to miss living at the estate when I left. Of course I would miss you way more, but now I don't have to."

Thank fuck for that.

She skipped over and wrapped her arms around my neck before planting a big kiss on my cheek "I just don't think I could ever be away from you," she whispered, relaxing in my arms as I held her close.

Me either, baby girl.

I had been so certain that I was going to lose her at the end of the summer, but she'd went and shocked me by agreeing to stay. I knew I couldn't take her for granted though either - I was an old guy compared to her and she was going to be spending a lot of time with young artists her age - a lot of which would be horny fuckers trying to get in her pants. Not that I thought she would cheat on me, but I didn't like the idea of other guys coveting my girl - at all.

"You don't know how good it makes me feel to hear you say that," I groaned, hoping like hell she meant those words. Isabella was it for me - there would never be another girl I loved as much as her.

She licked her lips, her sparkling brown eyes looking up at me from beneath those long black lashes, making want her more and more. I would always want her.

"I think I feel it…" she whispered cupping the straining bulge in my slacks.

With a sharp thrust of my hips I replied "You think?" pretending to sound offended.

"Oh God… yes I can feel you… so hard."

Goddamn right I was hard. She made me that way - always wanting her - it would never stop.

Unable to resist the temptation of her body, I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the counter where I proceeded to take her, not once but twice, pounding into her, making her mine again and again until she was screaming my name.

Thankfully we would be the only residents living in the penthouse level of the building or I might have felt guilty for making Isabella cry out so loudly. Well, I probably wouldn't have really felt guilty, but whatever.




"Conner, I need you to go ahead and arrange for the movers to be here next Monday. Isabella and I will be moving into my penthouse in Seattle for a while and I need our things brought over," I told my assistant, as I sat at the kitchen table. Without the use of my office, I'd been conducting my business there for the last few weeks. Today, however, I was making the final arrangements for our move to Seattle and planning a nice trip for Isabella as a surprise before she began school in three weeks.

"Sir? Miss Swan?" he asked warily. His reaction caught me off guard - it was weeks since I'd last thought about the way others saw our age difference, so it hadn't occurred to me that having Isabella move into my apartment would be anything but normal.

Well, I certainly didn't pay Conner for his opinion.

"Yes, Miss Swan - she's going to be staying with me indefinitely," I told him with an air of finality. It wasn't his place to question my decisions - who I chose to love.

"Yes, Sir. I'll take care of it," he replied, his tone carefully neutral.

After I ended the call with Conner, I went back to planning Isabella's trip. I was fairly certain she was going to love it.

"Edward?" I faintly heard my girl calling from down the hall. I closed my laptop, not wanting her surprise to be spoiled.

"In here," I called out.

"Hey… sorry are you busy? I can come back…" she rambled nervously.

"I've always got time for you, baby girl."

Always wanting her close, I had no qualms about motioning for her to come and sit in my lap. Under my touch, she always seemed to melt, leaning in closer, practically purring.

Stroking her hair, I waited for her to tell me what she needed. When she didn't answer, I chuckled a little, brushing my lips against her ear whispering seductively "You wanted me?" She whimpered a little and I could feel her skin prickle slightly in response. Happy that I could still elicit such a reaction, I took it a bit farther "Tell me… tell me what you want," I told her, my voice rasping slightly.

I nuzzled her neck and I could tell she was having difficulty speaking. Panting and moaning, she finally managed to gasp "The umm... the umm painting…"

"What about it?" I replied distractedly, kissing her soft skin as my fingers inched playfully up her thigh.

"It's… it's… fuck… it's finished."

Suddenly paying a bit more attention I asked "Really?" She'd been telling me all week that she was nearly done, but I hadn't actually thought it would be this soon.

"Don't stop," she moaned grinding a little in my lap, rubbing against my erection in the most delicious way. The girl loved my cock, and knew just how to distract me.

Shifting my hips away from her teasingly I whispered "But I want to see my painting."

"Maybe if you do something special for me I'll let you see it," she said, her voice coy - the lustful tenor of it made me twitch in my slacks.

"So you want to play games, huh?"

"No… I just want you," she admitted seriously before sliding her tongue up my neck, sending jolts of pleasure straight to my cock.

"Fuck… Isabella," I grunted "You want me to fuck you?"

"Yeah," she practically whined, losing all sense of self-control. I loved having her as desperate for me as I was for her. It always made our love-making so fucking raw and passionate. Perfect.

Quickly, I moved the chair so she could easily stand up again "Strip," I commanded, certain that we wouldn't have any surprise interruptions, since my sister was staying at Jasper's for the weekend.

As I slid my slacks and underwear down, Isabella stood and began taking her clothes off. She quickly stripped down until she was wearing nothing but a pair of soaked panties and the silk scarf she was using to keep her hair pulled back. "Those too, and give me that scarf… Come back and sit on my lap again."

With a look of pure lust in her eyes, she climbed back on my lap facing me.

Rather than straddle me as she usually did, I had her sit up on her knees, so she had more room to move. Once she was in position, I pushed into her with a low groan of pleasure, being reminded that nothing had ever felt this good.


Isabella immediately began moving - her hips rising and falling taking me deeper every time she sank down on my cock Fuck, she was gonna make me cum so hard. "Wait, baby… slow down," I told her, making her pout a little. I wanted this to last longer than a few minutes.

I know you want to be fucked hard, sweet girl... Just wait.

With the scarf in my hand, I gathered Isabella's arms at her side before restraining them behind her back. Once she realized what I wanted, she held still, letting me bind her, wrapping that silky scarf around her arms, seductively asking "You like that?" My mouth was hot on her neck, sucking and biting, while Isabella whimpered in response to the pleasure I was giving her. Needing to taste her lips, I captured her mouth with mine in a heated kiss.

Once I had her bound nice and tight, I grabbed onto her hips, using the strength in my legs to thrust up into her, loving the way she seemed to bounce in my lap, crying out as I hit her deep and hard. She tried rocking her hips, but my restraining arms mostly kept her still, as I pushed inside, using the powerful muscles in my legs to keep the perfect pace "You love it don't you… you love being helpless in my arms with nothing to do but let me fuck you as hard as I please?" I practically growled.

"Oh… God," she moaned again, and I could feel her pussy getting even wetter because of the dirty words I said.

"Fuck… you feel so fucking good." I pushed up into her erratically, knowing I wouldn't be able to hold out much more - knowing she was just as close to finding her own release. I had to give her that final nudge over the edge, needing to be sure she was right there with me "Yes… that's it," I gasped, loving the way she started shaking as my thumb found her clit.

"Oh Edward," she screamed, falling apart in my arms, soaking my balls more and more with every thrust.

Fuck… gonna cum so hard.

"Isabella… God," I shouted, pumping into her erratically until I was cumming inside her - filling her, marking her as mine.

We took a few minutes to get cleaned up since I knew Isabella had come down to find me so she could show me my painting, not get her all sexed up in the kitchen "Can we go see my painting now please?" I asked in a seductive tone, leaning down so I could kiss the soft skin on her arm, over her shoulder, and against her collarbone and neck.

"If you don't stop that, we'll never make it up there," she replied swatting playfully at me, but I could tell by her husky voice that my kisses had quite an effect on her. She couldn't resist me for long - the girl was just as insatiable as I was, maybe even more so.

Knowing she was making a supreme effort not to throw me against the wall for round two, I kept my hands safely at my sides as I followed her up to my office. I really did want to see my painting, and I knew we'd never make it if I kept fucking her every chance I got.

Once we rounded the corner stopping at the entrance to my office door, Isabella stood in front of it, her lower lip firmly encased between her teeth as she worried. "Don't be nervous, baby, it's going to be fantastic," I reassured, rubbing her arm soothingly.

"Edward… please promise me that you will give me your honest opinion on this, and not let my girlfriendstatus affect your assessment of it," she pleaded, looking into my eyes intensely.

"Of course I will," I replied honestly. I knew I'd cherish what she did no matter what it looked like, but for the sake of her pride, I would put aside my role as the loving boyfriend and become and unbiased art critic.

Nervously, she began opening the door, moving slower than molasses. I was so excited to see what she'd done, that I was just about ready to pick her up and throw her over my shoulder like a cave man just so I could get in there faster "Isabella, open the door," I ordered using my Dom voice.

So maybe that was a cheap shot, but it seemed to do the trick, snapping her out of the panic she seemed to be succumbing to. "Oh… don't look yet," she said running around to place her hands over my eyes.

I chuckled a bit, letting her guide me into the room "Don't let me run into anything, baby," I warned her.

"Okay… you can look now," she whispered, taking her hands away from my face.

"My God…" Those seemed to be the only words I could manage in response to what I was looking at. It was magnificent - beyond any expectation I'd ever had. It was almost a tragedy that this stunning piece was stuck on my office wall because it belonged in a fucking museum. "This…" I shook my head trying to sort through my muddled thoughts and actually say something that made sense - some way of verbalizing the way this piece was making me feel.

There was nothing I could say that would be sufficient.

"You hate it - it sucks… doesn't it?" she muttered sadly, taking a slightly defensive tone.

"Fuck no it doesn't suck… I just can't put into words how much I love it… It's just… amazing… more than that. I feel unworthy to have something so beautiful in my private home. I feel like I'm going to need to set up tours though my house so the world can see this, appreciate what you've achieved."

"It can't be that good…" she mumbled, blushing redder then I'd ever seen her.

"It is… trust me," I replied distractedly, barely able to take my eyes off of it. "It's perfect."



In celebration of Bella's achievement, I decided to take her out to dinner. I was looking forward to telling her about the surprise trip I had planned for the following week, and could hardly wait to see her reaction.

"How are your scallops?" I asked taking a sip of hot tea.

"Really good," she replied with a grin, before slipping one into her mouth.

"So… I have a surprise for you…" I began, trying to contain my excitement.

She swallowed quickly, making it obvious she was eager to ask me about it "Really?" she replied, her eyes wide and curious.

"I was thinking you might like to accompany me on a little trip next week before you start school," I hinted, loving the way her eyes lit up.

"Where are we going?" she asked, her voice filled with excitement and interest.

"It would be a damn shame for my baby girl to start her first semester of art school having never been to New York or Italy…"

"Are you fucking with me?" she asked loudly, making several couples and servers around us turn in our direction.

"Calm down," I replied laughing at her disbelief. "No I'm not fucking with you Isabella - though I will be later." She ignored my suggestive words, choosing to focus on the trip I planned for us. I went over all the details - telling her about our stop in New York where we'd stay at my loft for a couple days and then we'd be off to Italy for a week, returning a couple days before she'd be set to start her first classes.

She was thrilled to say the least.

"Do you think I could visit my Dad before we leave?" she asked quietly, her voice small and sad.

It was an improvement though, and the first time she'd even mentioned wanting to see him since my father and I helped him into rehab a few weeks earlier. It was obvious Charlie was a mess and had been even more upset when he learned that Isabella had no intention of seeing him the last time he'd been allowed visitation.

"I think that would be really nice, baby," I told her, giving her hand an approving squeeze.



Isabella was thoughtful the entire drive home and I knew it was because of her father. I wondered if she'd be too distracted to scene tonight. It was very important that I have her full attention for what we were going to try and if she was focused something else - I could end up hurting her.

"Would you like to just go to bed when we get home?" I asked her, brushing my fingers over the bare skin of her thigh before shifting gears a couple times as we turned onto the road leading to the estate.

My touch seemed to refocus her, making her turn her attention back to me.

"No - I'm sorry, I just got a little lost in my thoughts, but don't worry I still want to do the scene tonight," she replied, giving me a shy smile.

"Are you sure?"


After hanging up our coats, I led Isabella up to the playroom. My original plan had been to do this in my bedroom, but I wanted her to relax as much as possible. She needed to feel as if I was in control and in the playroom where I was her master, she trusted me implicitly. That knowledge was all I needed to make my decision.

As soon as we entered the room, her entire demeanor changed. She really was the perfect sub for me - always so eager and responsive, willing and trusting. She gave freely and without asking in return, though she never needed to ask - she could have anything, everything. Though it might have seemed like I was about to take something from her - I wasn't. This experience was going to be equally pleasurable for us both, just as I intended. Tonight I'd be serving Isabella - whether she realized it or not.

"I want you to relax and let me take care of you tonight," I murmured, slowly unzipping the back of her dress. "I'm going to make this so good for you, my love."

As the soft fabric of her dress skimmed her shoulders, sliding down to pool at her feet on the floor, I swallowed thickly, trying not to become too hasty. 'Cause I really just wanted to rip the fucking thing right off her tight little body.

As more and more of her bare skin was revealed to me, I began placing sensual kisses on her delicate neck. She sighed, breathing heavily as I began worshipping her with my fingers and lips.

"Come lay on the bed," I whispered guiding her with my hand placed on the small of her back.

When she was laid out before me, the soft curls of her hair fanned around her face, I hovered over her for a moment before kissing her deeply. It took every shred of will-power I had not to take her right then.

Patience - this is about her, I reminded myself, shaking off the selfish urges.

Needing to help her relax as much as possible, I told her I'd be right back and walked over to grab some warming massage oil. Her eyes seemed to dance with delight when she saw the bottle in my hand. She knew what kind of pleasure I could bring with nothing but this bottle and my talented fingers.

Not wanting to make a mess of my suit, I slipped out of it, thrilled by the way Isabella watched me, withholding nothing - least of all the unbridled lust in her dark eyes.

Once my clothes joined hers on the floor I climbed up on the bed so I could get my hands on her the way I wanted. After squirting a bit of the oil into my palm, I rubbed my hands together, getting it nice and warm.


"You look so beautiful, baby." She did, laying there wanting me and the pleasure I would give her. It was almost too much.

Slowly, I slid my hands from her waist up to her breasts, rubbing massaging, making her moan. Knowing it would drive her wild, I rubbed and pulled at her sensitive nipples until she was arching her hips, angling them toward my hard cock - seeking.

"Relax," I soothed, rubbing the oil into her shoulders and neck, before sliding slowly down to massage her silky thighs. "Open." She did as I asked spreading her legs wider for me. I dribbled a few more drops of the oil in my hand before I began firmly massaging her inner thighs.

"Please," she whimpered unable to control her need. It was clear to see that she was positively aching for release and I didn't wish to deny her - an orgasm would only make her relax more.

Using my fingers to frame her clit, I spread her open so I could delve my tongue inside her, lapping up the delicious nectar her body made just for me.

"Master," she gasped, thrusting her hips forward against my mouth.

Fuck… I wanted inside her so bad.

"God you taste so fucking good, baby," I mumbled against her pussy before sucking on her clit. I knew she loved it when I swirled my tongue around, so I did just that. She rewarded me with a sharp thrust of her hips and her legs shaking as she climaxed.

"Turn over," I rasped as she slowly came down.

No hesitation. Perfect.

The sight of her perfect supple ass set my teeth on edge, making me want to bite her pale flesh, mark her with shallow crescent shaped indentions - but tonight was all about pleasure - no flogging, no spankings, no orgasm deprivation - only pure sinful, sensual, pleasure.

More oil.

My hands spread the slippery liquid over her lower back working their way up to her shoulders then down again, massaging her tempting ass. I will definitely be getting back to that in a few minutes.

She kept moaning and sighing, her body completely relaxed "Does that feel good, baby?" I whispered kneading her thighs.

"Yes, Master," she breathed, practically melting into the bed. While she was in that lazy state, I took a moment to relax myself, knowing I'd need to be patient and gentle for what was to come. Using my knee to spread her legs, I had her open and ready for me. In preparation of what was to come, I had to have her nice and slick, so I coated my fingers with more of the oil, and began rubbing it into her tight little ass.

"What color, Isabella?"

"Mmm… green."


Once, I had her slick and ready for me, I eased in a finger coating her with the oil. My heart thundered in my chest at the feel of her. All girl, velvet and tight heat - I could hardly wait till it was my cock inside her ass.

Then another finger, stretching and rubbing, preparing her - making her moan at the intensity of it all.

"More?" I asked her knowing she was almost ready for me.


A third finger then I repeated my technique, massaging her till she was gasping, her body begging for my cock and the relief only I could give her.


"What color?" I asked again, breathing hotly against her ear as my cock grazed her thigh.

"Green… please," she moaned.

"And you're ready?" I need to know - I refuse to hurt her.

"Yes, Master."

Removing my fingers, I used them to coat my cock with some lube and then rubbed a bit more into her ass, feeling my legs shaking at the thought of entering her. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be nothing short of amazing. "I love you," I told her, needing her trust, needing her to know I would never hurt her.

"I love you too," she replied, her voice muffled slightly by the mattress, just as I began to press the head of my cock against her tight opening.

I could feel her tensing slightly for a moment, but I soothed her, kneading her soft curves, willing her to relax underneath me - let me inside. The moment my tip slipped passed that tight ring of muscle, we both gasped simultaneously, shocked by the intensity of it. My need to thrust hard and fast was shoved to the back of my mind so that I could take it easy, slowly fill her "Oh… god," she breathed and the sound went straight to my cock, further testing my resolve.

I hadn't even begun to move inside her and already I felt like I was about to explode.

"Are you… okay… green?" I asked through clenched teeth.

She gasped and nodded, but seemed unable to speak. I understood - I barely got the words out myself. I took another moment to steel my resolve before pushing forward at an agonizingly slow pace, loving the tight, velvety heat of her body.

Her breath continued to come out in gasps, but she didn't seem to be in pain - which eased my worries. Pulling almost all the way back, I had her moaning and quivering around me. Bracing her hips, I moved her, pushing and pulling until she was the one fucking me.

"Jesus." She felt so fucking good, I never knew….

I didn't think I could last much longer. "Can you come, baby?" I asked her wondering if she was capable from this kind of penetration.

"Edward," she cried, her voice almost completely muffled by the mattress. For a moment I thought I'd hurt her, but then she screamed the words that changed everything "Oh my…. Fuck… I'm gonna fucking cum."

"Yes… come, Isabella," I nearly growled as my cock pulsed inside her. I couldn't hold on any longer and came crying out her name.

It took me a moment to gain my composure before I could slowly pull out of her. She took a shuddering breath as the head of my cock slipped past her tight muscle.

"That was… so… God." Apparently when I shot my load, I also lost a few brain cells because I was bit dumbstruck. It took me a moment before I was coherent enough to ask her "Are you okay, baby girl?"

"Mmm," she murmured before snuggling against me. I was pretty sure she had fallen asleep.

"Let's take a bath," I suggested, lifting her exhausted body into my arms, so I could get us both cleaned up.

It was nearly midnight before Isabella and I made it to bed, and it didn't take long before we were fast asleep.



The following morning I awoke with a start, vaguely hearing my phone ringing from another room. Remembering that I'd left our clothes in the playroom - my phone included - I slipped out of bed and rushed trying to get to it before whoever was calling hung up. About halfway there the ringing stopped, but by the time I plucked the phone from my coat pocket it was ringing again.

Glancing at the screen I felt slightly confused, too tired to recognize the unfamiliar number, but I answered it anyway "Hello?" I asked questioningly, my voice still gruff from sleep.

"Yes, this Arthur from Woodridge Medical Center. I'm trying to reach Mr. Cullen," the man's anxious voice asked.

"This is Edward Cullen," I replied, concerned that the rehab center would be calling this early in the morning. There was definitely something wrong - I could hear it in the man's voice.

"Yes umm… I'm sorry to give you this news over the phone, but I was told to call and… and I umm… I'm supposed to tell you that Charles Swan is no longer with us," the man said solemnly, struggling to get the words out.

What did that mean? Feeling a sudden tightness in my chest, I sat down.

No… surely he wasn't… "Did he leave the center?" I asked hoping that was all that had happened and not something as devastating as... I couldn't even bring myself to think it…

"Umm… no he passed… Mr. Swan… he umm… he took his own life last night."


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