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Chapter 27

*^*A Taste of Honey*^* ~ SoapyMayhem
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Chapter 27 Unfortunate Meetings

*~Bella Swan~*

My eyes became heavy at his dark demand, lashes fluttering against my cheeks as I drowned in a wave of lust.

It felt like so long since we were last together, and my body was simply aching to reconnect. Looking up at him, I bit my lip, eyes slowly traveling over his torso, watching as he bared himself to me, commanded me.

Even though only a few days had passed, I'd closed myself off from him in every way imaginable. He was hurt, but until now I hadn't capable of giving him what he needed. He seemed to truly understand that fact and proved it every day since I lost my...

Now was not the time to think about the pain. I needed to focus on Edward, on showing him that I still wanted him, needed him.

Seeing him standing in front of me, naked and hard at the end of my childhood bed, looking at me with that animalistic gleam in his eyes, I was lost. There was nothing I wanted more than him.

As he commanded, I opened my legs, feeling the cool air brush against the wet desire clinging between my thighs. I was completely soaked and almost painfully empty, and only he could take away the aching need.

With ease, he climbed up my body, bracing himself above with one hand on the sturdy oak headboard, as his other mindlessly jacked his leaking cock, driving me insane with every fluid stroke.

"Look at me, baby," he demanded "Look how hard you make me?"

God... he was so long and thick - just fucking perfect.

"Can I have it?" I begged, unable to tear my eyes away from the erotic movement happening between our overheated bodies. "Please."

"Wrap your legs around me," he whispered, nudging the thick head of his swollen cock against my slit. I complied immediately, unable to deny.

The motion forced him inside, filling and stretching, making me moan and come hard immediately.

"Edward - so big." My words escaped in a breathy gasp, leaving me shocked by the overwhelming fullness of his heavy erection as he slid fluidly through my sensitive folds - so much better than I remembered, and everything I needed.

"Your tight little pussy feels so good, baby…" he groaned, sounding almost as dazed as I was "…so good."

Once he was fully seated inside me, he pulled out most of the way till it was just the tip sliding slowly, teasing with shallow thrusts, making me clench around him, so needy and desperate. "Hold on tight."

My hands found his muscular back, flexing and rippling as he nailed me into the mattress over and over, the headboard slamming hard against the wall, banging out every powerful arch of his rolling hips. "Ohh, God," I whimpered, feeling helpless as he fucked me, knowing I could do nothing but lay there as my body quivered with spasms of pleasure. "Don't stop. Don't ever..."

"Fuck, you're such a good girl, taking my cock so hard. You want more. Don't you?" he growled against the soft skin of my neck, his breathing heavy and moist, sending an electric jolt of lust throughout my body.

It wasn't long till he needed me closer, moving so he was pressed against me, his muscular chest against my breasts. The length of our bodies aligned as he pushed into me with measured thrusts, not as fast as before, but with just as much desire and intensity.

"You gonna come for me?" His lips brushed against my ear simultaneously as he shifted, driving in deeper than ever.

I only nodded, unable to find the words as my climax began, igniting in my belly, pressure building and building, the urge to just let go and come so overwhelming.

"Yes," I hissed out, my body arching against his, spurring him faster and harder, loving the way he fucked me without restraint. The knowledge alone was enough to send me over the edge.

"That's it, baby," he whispered, his voice filled with loving warmth as I clenched around him, gripping his cock as I quivered endlessly.

He continued his perfect pace, our sweat-slickened chests sliding against one another as he moved powerfully inside me. I couldn't help but watch enraptured as his face scrunched slightly in concentration - he was sexy as hell.

"Oh fuck… you're making me cum," he shouted suddenly just as his hips began to pump erratically, his thick cock twitching as he emptied himself inside, filling me.

Wordlessly, he sighed, turning us over, keeping his arms wrapped around me.

"I love you, Edward," I whispered against his damp hair.

"Love you too, baby," I heard him say just as I began to drift to sleep in his arms. It didn't matter whether we were in our new apartment, the estate, or even the place I grew up - as long as I was in Edward's arms, I'd always be home.



"Dad, I just wanted to do something nice for you - for your birthday…" I whisper sadly, tears streaking down my cheeks.

"We don't have the money for you to be throwing it away on a fucking birthday cake. Do you understand?" he shouts pointing at the small, two-tier chocolate cake. I'd barely spent seven dollars on the mix, icing, and eggs - the rest was made from stuff we already had around the house. At the time, it hadn't seemed all that extravagant, but according to my grieving father, it's still too much.

He's been incredibly depressed all year, but he isn't the only one who lost Mom. Sometimes, it's like I lost both of them.

Lately he's been drinking more than ever, and his temper has gotten really short. I thought it was just another stage in the grieving process, but now it's starting to seem like more...

It just feels like something's wrong.

"I'm going out," he hollers, leaving me alone with an entire cake I'll never eat. I watch as he walks toward the door, wearing jeans and a thermal, and I can't remember the last time he put on his uniform. It's been at least three or four days since he's been to work, and I don't know how he expects us to make it if he's not earning a living.

I start my senior year in two days, and then he'll have no one to watch out for him, do his laundry, make his dinner, spend four fucking hours trying to make his fucking birthday cake in hopes it might just cheer him up a bit.

"So am I," I scream back the moment he closes the door. I know he hasn't heard me, but there's nothing to stop me from leaving too.

Before I head upstairs to pack, I toss Charlie's cake in the trash.


As the morning sun peeked in through the shades of my bedroom window, I blinked up at the ceiling, thinking back to the night of his birthday, I remembered packing up all my stuff for school and then driving to Port Angeles two days early.

Luckily, several other students had arrived early as well, so I didn't feel like the biggest dork alive for being there when I should have been enjoying the last few days of summer vacation like most normal kids my age.

I wasn't sure why that memory stuck out so much. Maybe it was because it was one of the last few times I saw him. Sure, I came home for a couple days around Christmas, but he was drunk the entire time, and we barely spoke a word to each other. There were no exchanged gifts or Christmas dinner, just a drunk and the daughter who couldn't wait to get back to a school she barely tolerated.

After that, I spent spring break at the academy working on my paintings for the art show and didn't see him again till he showed up for my graduation ceremony. Even then, I hadn't really expected him to come.

Once Charlie and I made it back to the house after graduation, I spent less than twenty-four hours at home with him before Senator Cullen came and swept me off my feet like Cinderella's prince.

Maybe it was a bit over-dramatic to compare myself to an abused slave girl from a fairytale, but Edward certainly fit the bill of a prince - a dark, sexy prince.

I sighed softly, glancing over at him. He was one of the few good things to happen to me - that and the scholarship his family provided. I needed to make sure I thanked Carlisle for sending his son to present it to me. Otherwise, I had no idea what kind of shape my life would be in now.

A life without Edward wasn't anything I ever wanted to imagine, and if there was truly good in this world, then maybe I wouldn't have to.

Glancing at the clock, I saw it was still early. Knowing he would sleep awhile longer, I got up so I could have breakfast ready before he woke.

It felt so strange to be back in this place.

Everything seemed so much smaller since I was last here, and though Edward had hired a cleaning crew to make it look nice, the place still appeared shabby and was in a sad state of disrepair.

Once in the kitchen, I looked through the fridge, expecting to find groceries or something acceptable to prepare, but found only leftovers from yesterday's gathering. Things like eggs, bacon, toast, and even cereal were nowhere to be found, and though I knew he'd never complain about eating the leftover casserole or stew, it was fact that Edward enjoyed a full breakfast, and I intended to have one for him.

So he wouldn't be worried, I jotted down a brief note, letting him know where I'd be, and left it on the bedside table if he woke before I could get back.

I quickly went through my closet finding some older clothes I could wear out.

Once I stepped out onto the porch, I realized my predicament. Edward hadn't put my name on the rental car as a driver.

When my family was desperate for cash, both of my parents' cars had been sold, so the only choice was to drive my truck.

I grabbed the keys and made my way out to the backyard where it must have been parked after I left. I was almost excited to see the old girl again, at least until I actually got a good look at the state she was in.

The red chevy had obviously not been started up or moved in quite a while, and in just the span of two months, the tires and front and rear bumpers had already become overgrown with climbing vines. I held out hope that I might be able to get her going, though. After knocking away the vines that had grown over the door handle, I slipped inside and was nearly choked by the musty scent of mold. It was then I noticed passenger side window was cracked about two inches. Just enough to let in rain everyday.

By that point, I was certain my old truck was a hopeless case. I didn't even bother putting the key in the ignition, choosing just to foot it to the grocery store that was a little less than a mile down the street.

I was sure I'd be back within the hour.




By the time I got to the general store, my feet were already aching with fresh blisters. In hindsight, I realized it was pretty stupid to have worn my Converse tennis shoes without socks, but I hadn't had much of a choice since every pair of socks I'd owned were at the estate, and I couldn't very well borrow a pair from his room.

The idea bothered me more than I cared to imagine.

The general store was empty except for the young clerk, a teenage boy who was probably no more than sixteen. He was perched behind the counter flipping through a comic book, seemingly oblivious to anything around him. He never once looked up as I perused the aisles. Had I been a dishonest person, I could have robbed the place blind and the boy wouldn't have noticed.

Shaking my head in mild irritation, I tossed a small block of cheddar into my basket along with the eggs and sausage I'd already picked up. The next aisle had bread, and I wanted to get some for making toast. After grabbing a loaf, a glass jar filled with bright red, strawberry preserves caught my eye. Edward would love that.

I bent forward to pluck it from its place on the bottom shelf with a smile of satisfaction.

It wasn't until I straightened that a prickle of fear caused the hair on my arms to stand on end.

"Miss Swan," a deep, masculine voice came from behind me, sounding much closer than I felt comfortable with.

I abruptly turned, finding myself face to chest with the very large Jacob Black, his menacing height and the scent of his too strong cologne only intensifying the fear that already set me on edge. "Ahh... Mr. Black... good morning," I said pleasantly, hoping my tone masked the anxiety his presence caused.

On instinct, I slipped my free hand into my pocket and fingered the edge of my cell phone, thinking of it as as a sort of safety net - my only connection to Edward in the event that I found myself in danger. I held no hope that, if my meeting with Jacob came to blows, the gangly teen would lift a finger to protect me against this wolf of a man.

"Getting breakfast, I see," he surmised, taking a quick glance into my cart.

I nodded my head sharply before turning back to my shopping. Not wanting to risk him following me out of the store, I continued moving up the aisles, anxiously tossing random items into my cart without care. I wanted this man to leave me alone, yet he trailed me empty-handed not even bothering to pretend like he wasn't hovering over my shadow.

I didn't enjoy being intimidated, and though I wasn't normally this confrontational, I felt the need to say something. I just wanted him to say his piece and leave me alone.

"Mr. Black, it seems like you're following me," I accused, staring him down, my brow raised in hopes that my defensive stance was at least slightly menacing.

He simply grinned in response, eyes dancing with humor as he stood there unaffected by my demeanor. "You're not wrong," he admitted casually, baring his gleaming white teeth in what meant to be a smile, but to me looked more like a show of predatory dominance. At his admission, I was truly starting to become afraid. Panic nipped at my heels, and I was on the verge of running.

Calm down.

"Did our business not conclude yesterday? I wasn't aware we had anything further to discuss," I told him stiffly, feeling an ache in my hand. Realizing I was gripping my shopping basket a bit too firmly, I switched hands, flexing my tense fingers in response to the sudden pain.

"Why, Miss Swan, I thought I made it clear I needed to speak to you in private."

"And I made it clear that I wanted my boyfriend included in any conversation we have, so if you don't mind, I'd like to be on my way. If you have anything further to discuss, then please contact me through appropriate channels," I snapped irritably and then turned on my heels heading toward the counter.

As soon as the kid finished ringing me up, I planned to go to the diner next door and call Edward to explain what happened. That way, I could wait for him to pick me up, but before I could move two steps, a firm, calloused hand was gripping my elbow tightly, causing me to yelp in pain.

I spun around to face the large man, fear clearly etched on my face. In my hand, I clutched my phone, wondering if I'd ever get the chance to use it.

"Let me go," I whimpered, trying to pull away. He surprised me by releasing his grasp, but his eyes held a warning, and all traces of humor were gone.

"You listen here, you little bitch. Your piece of shit father owed me money - a personal loan. I told him too many times if he didn't pay up, we'd come after his precious little girl. Seems he didn't care too much about your welfare, or he would have found a way to protect you before took the coward's way out."

Jacob's words swirled around in my head. Who the fuck was this guy? Was he a member of some podunk small town mafia or part of an offshoot for a larger organization? "I thought you were his solicitor," I said with a quiet sob.

"I am. What does that have to do with anything?" he sneered, looking at me with annoyance. "Fuck… it doesn't fucking matter. What matters is that now that your sorry excuse for a parent is dead, the bill falls to you. I don't care how you get the money - just fucking get it."

"How much did he owe you?" I whispered, hoping I could just give him some of my college money and be done with it.

"He still owed about fifteen grand, but for you, lovely Miss Bella, we'll make it an even twenty."

"What? You said he owed fifteen," I cried out, causing the clerk to look up for the first time since I walked into the store. Briefly his eyes flashed with interest, but just as quickly he looked back down, distracted by the pictures on the page.

"Shut Up. There's interest to consider. Now, if you want to come to an arrangement, you can pay me fifteen and the rest I'll just take from your tight little ass, if you prefer," he whispered sharply, his words sending another jolt of fear throughout my body.

"I'll get you twenty. How long do I have?" I replied, my voice quiet and defeated.

He glanced at his watch. "I'd say about four hours."

"I can't get that much money in four hours," I replied, stunned by his ridiculous demand.

"Maybe not, but that rich boyfriend can."

I nearly asked him what was to stop me from just skipping town after he left, but I figured he was just stupid and hadn't thought of that.

"Where should I meet you?" I asked him sounding defeated. Hoping he'd hear the acceptance in my voice.

"Don't worry. I'll find you. After all, I know where you live."

His tone sounded threatening and I had to wonder if he'd been spying on Edward and me since we got here. Did he watch as Edward and I as we made love in the night?

Had my stomach not been empty I would have vomited all over his shoes.

Finally, Jacob walked away, his retreating form stalking out of the small general store, giving me a much needed chance to relax and breath.

As soon as I was certain he was truly gone, I snatched my cell phone from my pocket and dialed Edward's Blackberry. It rang twice before he answered.

"Isabella?" he said sleepily with a laugh.

All I could do was cry. It wasn't like Jacob hurt me, even the insults he threw at me were nothing I hadn't heard before, but there was just this bad feeling, lurking on the surface, telling me that his threats were real. I had no idea what he meant to do if I didn't give him the money.

"Bella, honey... what's wrong?" he sounded panicked now. "Where are you?"

"Edward, I'm s-sorry. I just need you to come pick me up," I told him, feeling incredibly stupid. He was going to be so pissed when he found out I walked here. "I'm just at the general store down the street."

"Gimme five minutes and I'll be there, okay baby?"


After getting off the phone with Edward, I went over and paid for the stuff in my basket, most of which was stuff I hadn't even remembered putting in there. I just tossed it in in an attempt to ignore Jacob.

Once I was paid up, and had successfully resisted the urge to slap the young cashier, I left the store, choosing to sit and wait on the curb for Edward's rental car to come around the corner.

The moment he pulled up and stepped out of the car, I was in his arms, tears streaming down my cheeks.

I felt his gentle hand in my hair, brushing it to sooth me.

"Let's go back to the house, and then you're gonna tell me what's wrong, okay?"

I nodded silently, nuzzling his chest, breathing in his delicious musky scent, feeling safety and comfort rather than desire.

Once we were situated in the car, I found Edward's hand gripping it tightly in mine.

He gave me a worried look, but kept his eyes on the road until we pulled into the driveway.

Before I could slip out of the car, Edward turned to me, his eyes anxious and searching. "First, I want you to tell me what has you so spooked."

At the thought of Jacob, the ache in my arm began to flare again causing me to look down at it reflexively. Edward's eyes must have followed mine because the moment he locked onto the angry red mark he took a sharp breath of anger.

"Who the fuck did that to you?" he growled, nearly frightening me with the murderous edge in voice.

"It's just a little sore. I'm fine," I lied.

"You're not fucking fine, Isabella. You're shaking like a leaf. I need you to tell me what happened."

I really didn't want to tell Edward about my confrontation, because as soon as I mentioned Jacob's name I just knew he'd fly off the handle, and to be honest, I wasn't entirely certain that he wouldn't hunt the man down and tear him limb from limb.

Unfortunately, I had to tell him. I had no other choice.

"I was just grabbing a couple groceries, some stuff for breakfast. Jacob was there and he said he wanted to talk to me in private. He umm... he said my... Charlie owed him a lot of money. He thinks I should pay him now that Charlie's dead," I whispered, unable to meet Edward's eyes.

Yet again, Edward was stuck dealing with my ridiculous family drama. Would this be the final straw for him, would he just get tired of having to come in and save the day. First it was Mom's medical bills, then Charlie's rehab and funeral, and now Jacob Black tells me I owe him twenty thousand dollars.

I know Edward would give me the money if I asked, but if he wasn't around to help there was no telling what Jacob would have made me do to earn it back. I had no idea how Charlie got mixed up with a scumbag like Black. He must have been extremely desperate.

"He told you to pay him?" Edward sneered. "That fucking creep... how much did he want from you?"

I shifted in my seat a bit, feeling anxiety swelling in my gut.


"Twenty... twenty thousand?" he nearly choked. "Mother fucker. He's not getting a cent from you, baby girl."

"I think we should just give it to him, Edward. I want him to leave us alone," I whispered.

"Did he threaten you?" Edward hissed, his eyes sharp and deadly.

I shook my head looking at my lap "Not really, he just kind of insinuated. He told me he wanted the money in four hours and I asked him where we should meet. He said he'd find me."

Suddenly, Edward slammed his hand on the dashboard, his anger becoming out of control.

For a moment, he just sat there, his eyes wild and full of hate. I'd never seen him so angry and crazed.

"He did that to your arm?" I nodded, worried even more by his calm voice.

"Alright then. Let Jacob Black find us."



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